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from Vidy of Gemes: The Blog

So anyway, I've been playing solitaire in real, on and off.

If I have some free time to actually game on the job, it'd either be my Arduboy with the whopping three games I've uploaded on it (the collection's called Atomic Puzzle Pack, if you're curious), or my deck of cards I bought at a Flying Tiger store. Both are highly pocketable, but I'm certain our boss will not like me as much as staring into this thing.

Though from the two times she came closer to my table, I don't think she minds me playing cards that much.

After trying to do a few rounds of Klondike, I understood there is one quality-of-life improvement the computerised card games usually have: they draw cards so that the player could actually win the game (with some luck, of course). The IRL Patience isn't always like that: you don't know where the cards are and the possibility of painting yourself into a corner rises by, like, a tenfold, especially when it turns out the ace you've been looking for this whole fucking time was actually at the tail end of the long pile of cards.

Speaking of which, kings are assholes and also why I can't get always rid of the damn pile.

At least real life lets you cheat and not feel too guilty about it. After all, placing all of the cards takes a hot minute, so yo, why let that go to waste? Just flip everything and keep looking into the stock a million times! Really, if you're on your lonesome, who cares.

...oh yeah, and I've been trying to practice this funky way of shuffling the deck. You know, the one where you take both halves of it and just slowly flip the cards one over another. It's kinda difficult to do when what I've got is only 40% smaller than the normal deck, especially when I need to throw both piles into one and there's a few cards that just bumped into each other and can't be pushed further.

TIL cards can bump into each other and not be pushed further.


from Vidy of Gemes: The Blog

Man, every time I wanna cover a video game in a more relaxed manner, I keep remembering I've been wanting to actually lie down AND play a video game for weeks now.

I've kinda told myself the same whenever I wanted to sit down and read a book.

Oh well.






select anonymous donation option to reduce doxing risk

it's stated that funds here will be transferred to the fightback.law fund as per the instruction of Kyle's mother. (see update #1)

Your employer may be willing to match donations if you ask, depending on your employer.

privacy.com may help get around controlling credit card companies.


Insider comment

Jacob Wells, GiveSendGo's founder, told Insider that his team had verified the campaign for Rittenhouse and the disbursement of the funds. He said the organizer asked to remain anonymous. (insider.com)

That would mean that the givesendgo account is legitimate, and that they really do want all the funds transferred to the fightback fund. If we trust Insider and Jacob Wells that is. I haven't heard about any scandals involving GiveSendGo. The little copyright notice on the site says they've been around since 2014, which is long enough for something or other to pop up.


GiveSendGo linking this campaign in a tweet

More About GiveSendGo and This Campaign


Other Discussions






  • make sure to specify it's for Kyle's fund
  • donate by paypal, credit card, cryptocurrency, or mail
  • if there is an option to, select anonymous donation to reduce doxing risk
  • Your employer may be willing to match donations if you ask, depending on your employer.
  • privacy.com may help get around controlling credit card companies.


about FightBack

  • Just weeks before the events in Kenosha, Wood and Pierce formed the nonprofit in Texas. It was originally aimed at crowdsourcing funds to sue the “fake news media” and “check the lies of the left.” (link)

About the fund for Kyle

  • @FightBackLaw is raising money for his [Kyle's] criminal [as opposed to defamation] defense costs. (Lin Wood, twitter)

  • 501©(4) #FightBack Foundation is receiving donations for defense of Kyle Rittenhouse & needs of family. I am in charge of expenditures & 2 signatures required for all payments. Mine & Board member who was tax accountant for Ted Turner for decades. (Lin Wood twitter)

  • “There are many scam & self-serving donation sites seeking money on many issues. I am always skeptical myself. All I can tell you is the truth. Every dime donated to @FightBackLaw earmarked for Kyle will go to his defense costs. Thanks for your help. God bless you. – Lin” (link)

  • Lin Wood stated on twitter that “There will be total transparency on part of #FightBack Foundation” (tweet)

Pierce is representing Kyle

  • “The #FightBack Foundation legal team is heading out to meet with Kyle & his family. Several great local & national lawyers have joined team led by John Pierce @CaliKidJMP. Michelle Malkin @michellemalkin is also hard at work. True Patriots. Thanks you for outpouring of support.” (Lin Wood, twitter)

  • statement from Pierce Bainbridge about Kyle Rittenhouse (twitter)

  • 2nd-hand? Update Sept 17: “Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyer John Pierce tells me, “we have the entire defense team in place now, including very experienced criminal defense lawyers in Wisconsin and Illinois.” (source)

Other funding has been directed here:

  • GiveSendGo: “Wendy has instructed me to transfer the money from GiveSendGo's holding account to the #FightBack Foundation, set up by Lin Wood. All of the money donated through both their website, and this effort, will go to Kyle's defense, as it is likely to be an expensive and protracted affair.” (source, under Update #1)
  • National Foundation for Gun Rights: “The funds from NFGR will be deposited in the Kyle Rittenhouse trust fund administered by his attorney, John Pierce, and will be used at the sole discretion of Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother.” (link)

Concerns about FightBack, Lin Wood, and John Pierce (raised by attorney Robert Barnes and others)

attorney Robert Barnes (who it should be noted has some degree of negative personal history with attorney Lin Wood) raised concerns that this money may not be enough under the control of the Rittenhouse family, and that the people running fightback.law might not be the ideal people to be handling funds like this in his opinion.

comments from Barnes:

  • “Easy solution: Give the \$ raised FOR Rittenhouse TO Rittenhouse, so he can pick his own defense team. John Pierce (massive \$ issues; major lawsuits; no criminal trial experience) should not be anywhere near this case, least of all near any of the \$ fundraised for the kid.” (twitter link)

  • “Neither has any known experience in criminal trials of any kind, or in Wisconsin, ever. Both are seen very negatively by key Wisconsin defense lawyers happy to help Kyle. Their actions are hurting Kyle's defense while they hoard the $ raised for him & refuse to give it to him.” (twitter)

  • Exchange b/t Barnes and Wood: Name them [Other lawyers on the legal team for Kyle]. You including the kid lawyers with no trial experience? Including Pierce, who is NOT an experienced criminal defense atty? Why won't you give the \$ raised for Rittenhouse TO Rittenhouse? Why are you giving the \$ to fraudsters? Is that your definition of “transparency”? (link)

  • For those who don't know, Wood's entire law firm had to sue him for him defrauding them (while he now raises lots of $ “for” Rittenhouse that he refuses to give to Rittenhouse). They have the proof: transcripts, recordings, texts & emails. Read the suit: https://lawandcrime.com/lawsuit/defense-attorney-for-kyle-rittenhouse-sued-for-fraud-and-breach-of-contract-by-former-colleagues/ (twitter)

claims Lin Wood is being intentionally deceptive with FightBack fundraising and using this as a publicity opportunity

  • “Wood and Pierce both used Kyle's name on Twitter and linked to fightback, which encouraged you to donate to their general fund, that can be used for many non-Kyle purposes. ALL this money deceptively raised should be used for Kyle.” (link)
  • LinWood is grifting the QAnons. Stop giving your money to their #FightBack “foundation”. They got plenty of money after representing Sandmann, they don’t need your money in order to help Rittenhouse. (link)

Other comments

  • anon: “You liar. The Family has stated you have not given them any money. That is fraud....” (twitter)
  • Someone: “I already was part of a successful effort make Pierce back off.” (link)
  • Call to unite: “Gentlemen: America needs BOTH of you in these desperate times. Lin @LLinWood and Robert @Barnes_Law please consider where you agree and stand together for your country. Thanks to each of you for what you have defending American heritage and liberty.” (link)

comments from Lin Wood:

  • “I am aware of accusations being made against me by @Barnes_Law & a few others. I have not lost any sleep over them. Robert is wrong. I know who I am. I know what I am doing & why I am doing it. Robert Barnes does not know me. Truth.” (twitter)
  • “I don’t know Robert Barnes personally. I do not judge him. I gave truthful explanation of “dispute” in Q & A portion of my remarks at Mercer Law School in January of this year. Please listen if you feel an explanation is needed before judging him or me. https://youtu.be/rrkeWYZ-CSE" (twitter)

More About FightBack.law


Other Discussions





For starters, money for bail:

Kyle's bail has been set to \$2 million in Wisconsin. He is being held without bail in Illinois. (non-primary source, tweet source) His extradition hearing is on Friday, Sept 25th. (source)

Known funds raised as of early Sept 20: $1,154,364 from 24,149 donations Estimated funds raised as of early Sept 20: \$1.54 million

  • FightBack.law: $605,550 from 11,254 donations (as of Sept 1) (source)
    • estimating current funds based on GiveSendGo:
      • GiveSendGo had raised \$302,231 from a total of 7007 donors as of Aug 31 evening. (source)
      • GiveSendGo raised \$196,583 more since then, or 65% of the Aug 31 amount.
      • 65% of Sept 1 FightBack.law amount is \$393,607 more, bringing estimated Sept 19 amt to \$999,157
  • GiveSendGo: $498,814 from 11,895 donations (as of Sept 20) (source)
  • National Foundation for Gun Rights: $50,000+ from 1,000+ donations (as of Sept 17) (source)

Even considering that more has probably been raised at FightBack.law by now, Kyle's defense likely needs significantly more money, both for bail, and for legal expenses and security on top of that.

Places that are accepting donations:

Your employer may be willing to match donations if you ask, depending on your employer.

privacy.com may help get around controlling credit card companies.

There may be some risk involved in sending money, people were trying to dox donors to one now-closed campaign.

Places that were accepting donations:

More who have donated

  • $50,000+ from the National Foundation for Gun Rights (link)
  • $5,700 so far from College Republicans United at Arizona State University (link)


  • Sept 2 source: Kyle Rittenhouse Legal Defense Funds Have Raised Over $900,000 (link)

from yourchoice

Quoted:“Rather than giving up our rights, we have a responsibility to Sabah and, therefore, offer ourselves as an option to the voters”

Sabah Independent Candidate Alliance Facebook

They Need Your Support And Vote Them To Serve You. Thank You

Independent Candidates For-Likas N.19,Luyang N.21,Tanjung Aru N.22,Inanam N.18,Api Api N.20 亚庇各选区候选人

“Hope For Sabah And For A Better Tomorrow”


from markhogue

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  • Attorney John Pierce twitter: @CaliKidJMP
  • Attorney L. Lin Wood twitter: @llinwood
    • “I represent Kyle Rittenhouse on potential defamation matters (there will be many), not as criminal defense attorney. I helped to assemble team of 5 excellent lawyers for his criminal defense. @FightBackLaw is raising money for his criminal defense costs.” (Lin Wood, twitter)
  • Wisconsin Attorney Mark Richards: joins team, profile

More info

  • Sept 5: Total fake news. Pierce Bainbridge P.C. has zero debt. I have stepped off the #FightBack board to avoid any potential conflict. Of course the firm will have to be paid for some of its work and expenses so we can keep the lights on. – John Pierce, twitter
    • Sept 5: FYI, just stepped off official #FightBack Foundation board to 100% focus on freeing Kyle and avoid any appearance of $$ conflict. All good. – John Pierce, twitter
  • Sept 1: #FightBack Foundation has engaged 4 lawyers for Kyle & will need 1 more in Illinois. All must be paid but are working at discounted rates. John Pierce @CaliKidJMP is lead attorney. Will need investigators & experts. We are going to fight hard for this boy & his family. Promise. (Lin Wood twitter)
  • Attorney Robert Barnes comments on this case on twitter


  • Extradition hearing delayed (link)

from Carolinblake

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from tamaneducation

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from tamaneducation

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from 1Te blog

Hivatalos videó egy 2005-ös Pentagon kutatásról, melyben arról beszélnek, hogyan lehet kiölni az emberekből vakcinázással az Isten-gént, vagyis a lelket, hitet. Itt: https://frama.link/EEUFQBgq

Érdekesen egybevág Rudolf Steiner figyelmeztetésével:

“A jövőben a lelket orvostudománnyal fogjuk kiiktatni. Az 'egészségvédelem' ürügyén lesz egy oltóanyag, mellyel az emberi testet minél korábban, közvetlenül a születés után kezelésbe veszik, úgy, hogy az emberi lény a lélek és a Szellem létezésének képzetét ne tudja kialakítani. Materialista orvosokat bíznak meg az emberiség lelkének eltávolításával. Míg manapság az embereket különféle betegségek ellen oltják be, a jövőben a gyerekeket olyan anyaggal fogják oltani, melyet pontosan azzal a szándékkal állítanak elő, hogy az emberek ennek a vakcinának köszönhetően immunisak legyenek a spirituális élet 'őrültsége' iránti fogékonyságra. Az ember rendkívül eszes lesz, de nem fog öntudatot kifejleszteni, és épp ez a célja egyes materialista köröknek. Egy ilyen vakcinával könnyen el lehet érni, hogy az étertest belevesszen a fizikai testbe. Amint az étertestet leválasztották, az univerzum és az étertest kapcsolata rendkívül instabillá válik, és az emberből automata lehet, mivel az ember fizikai testét ezen a Földön a spirituális akarat csiszolja. Így az oltás egyfajta ahrimáni erővé válik; az ember nem tud többé megszabadulni egy adott materiális jellegű érzéstől. Szerkezetileg válik anyagivá, és nem tud többé felemelkedni a spirituálishoz.” (Rudolf Steiner, 1861-1925)

“In the future, we will eliminate the soul with medicine. Under the pretext of a 'healthy point of view', there will be a vaccine by which the human body will be treated as soon as possible directly at birth, so that the human being cannot develop the thought of the existence of soul and Spirit. To materialistic doctors, will be entrusted the task of removing the soul of humanity. As today, people are vaccinated against this disease or that disease, so in the future, children will be vaccinated with a substance that can be produced precisely in such a way that people, thanks to this vaccination, will be immune to being subjected to the 'madness' of spiritual life. He would be extremely smart, but he would not develop a conscience, and that is the true goal of some materialistic circles. With such a vaccine, you can easily make the etheric body loose in the physical body. Once the etheric body is detached, the relationship between the universe and the etheric body would become extremely unstable, and man would become an automaton, for the physical body of man must be polished on this Earth by spiritual will. So, the vaccine becomes a kind of arymanique force; man can no longer get rid of a given materialistic feeling. He becomes materialistic of constitution and can no longer rise to the spiritual.” (Rudolf Steiner, 1861-1925)


from Les mots de la fin

Nous savons que vous préféreriez nous entendre vous dire que vous allez terminer le changement à la fin de cette année civile, ou que tous les bons humains vont être ramassés par des vaisseaux spatiaux et emmenés dans un endroit bien meilleur. Mais ce n’est pas ce pour quoi vous vous êtes engagés, ce n’est pas le voyage de l’humain éveillé.

Le voyage que vous faites en ce moment est un voyage qui inclut tous les êtres, et c’est un voyage où vous pouvez créer votre expérience de votre propre ascension.

Au lieu de chercher le point de vue de quelqu’un d’autre sur ce que sera votre ascension et quand elle aura lieu, nous vous suggérons de commencer à vous sentir plus créatif. Prenez vos responsabilités. Démontrez-vous que vous êtes capables de créer votre propre chemin, un chemin qui inclut le pardon des autres, la guérison du plus grand nombre possible et la compassion dans votre cœur pour tous.

Sinon, comment vous prouverez-vous que vous êtes une Source d’énergie dans la chair ? Si quelqu’un ou quelque chose va tout faire pour vous, et que vous portez tout votre ressentiment, tout votre jugement, toute votre colère sur vous dans la prochaine version de la Terre, alors vous ne vous serez pas donné l’opportunité d’évoluer. Lien

En savoir plus...

from kittybecca en Esperanto

Mi lernis manieron trankviliĝi dum ekpanikoj; eble ĝi helpos vin.

  1. Unue, sidu aŭ kuŝu ie, kie vi povas senĝene fari la ekzercon. Vi eĉ povas stari, se mankas alia maniero aŭ se tio estas komforta por vi.

  2. Imagu kvadraton antaŭ vi. Vi kopios la kvadraton, strekante ĝiajn liniojn, ĉu per via imago aŭ via fingro, dum vi faros la ekzercon.

  3. Unue legu la instruojn, poste provu la ekzercon, relegante se vi devos. Gravas fari la ekzercon kun ia ritmo kaj sufiĉe malrapide.

  4. Komenciĝu en la maldekstra-suba angulo de la kvadrato. Enspiru kaj streku la maldekstran linion de la kvadrato – moviĝante de la suba maldekstro supren.

  5. Elspiru kaj streku la supran linion de la kvadrato – moviĝante de la supra maldekstro dekstren.

  6. Enspiru kaj streku la dekstran linion de la kvadrato – moviĝante de la supra dekstro suben.

  7. Elspiru kaj streku la suban linion de la kvadrato – moviĝante de la suba dektro maldekstren.

  8. Ripetu kelkajn fojojn – kvar estas, laŭ mi, sufiĉe bona kvanto kaj facile memori. Sed vi povas decidi pri kiom da fojoj.