"what else could we be doing with writing, if not this?"

vivement 2022?

car dans cette fin qui n'en finit jamais:

le rythme de notre galère

est =(syncope;fatigue;anxiété;in loop) donné(es) =(comme “data:extracted from:us”) par =(mais qui l'agit?)

une drame machine

human + machine cognition = distress

impostor syndrome: guilt: never enough: eyes wide open at night

impostor syndrome feat. hypnogram

discomfort:mine & image manipulation:

and do we still believe that we cannot be saved?

doomscroll me out of this dystopia

(if) apophenia is the new paranoia:

Philip K.'s gone, Strindberg's Inferno a nice dream

(and in that dream someone far away was singing verses that sounded like this: “despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage”

and you wake up [but: is it really happening to you?] to no rat:you've become the


[here: just: alienated void]


Away, who may (instructions for a possible end)

Drink in / pass out (get high and/or manipulate the language)(so you forget those beauties)

Lay down / keep up (don't know if I can do it – unquote, deny, fall asleep)

Astray, I say:

] the eyes of a white dog in the summer heat

thoughts of a (possible) me

[pass out? don't wake

Narra[c]ting the unimaginable

Even the most hypothetical of the stories we tell ourselves – regardless of the medium – : ('quantic parallel universes') ('non-linear time dimensions') ('aliens') ('add your own')

are: traced back to what we can imagine what our brains can manage with: no escape from mimesis (or: should we abandon the representational paradigm?)

How can we narrate what we can't yet conceive? How to find a way beyond?

Is asking ourselves about unimaginable narrations a way to get the unimaginable closer?

Note to explorers: liminal spaces threshold worlds: start with a dream?

teen screen sleep (loop)

reoccurring illusions on a gulliverized screen tiktoking your remediation identity away

you/when the image's faded, what's left? you/when the screen is black, what does exist? you/when you see your own reflection on that deep darkness what's hidden in it?

if you = only in your mirrored image on the palimpsestic screen doubt 'self-(un)consciousness (as “disconnected lost and pitiful”)' else exhibition. fatigue. repeat. exhibition. fatigue. fatigue.

Nothing exists outside the infinite text so:

Oh!bleak? reading: keep falling in(side) my head:lost in this infinite ('pages', 'screens as palimpsests', 'bibliographies', 'databases as geographies', 'heterocosmos')

(I did it my)wayback machine

...far away, on an alternate internet...

frag(me)nted deflections of experience creating a netscape (do you remember?) of

missing links [here] [down here] missing jpgs missing me [everyware]

those pasts pasted on a flat screen lock (all the possible) me out
into this locked-in locked-down present in which someone asks: “are personal ucronias escapism?”

∞ or: knowledge as an infinite hypertext my rabbit hole

This, but no White Rabbit around so it's me saying:

“Oh, read! Oh, read! I already am too late!”

(is it possible to be late in chasing books and articles that lead to other books and articles that lead to other books and articles that lead to no end?)

(yes I guess)

Bbof! (error message: Brain Buffer OverFlow)

Error message: Allocated me-mory(i) can not store more information can not remember more (not even that (i), which recalls that memento)

if code and programming too are subjected to différance ask('is my brain a computer?') answer(' ') print('internal tensions')