"what else could we be doing with writing, if not this?"

différance (the digital machine bursts on the scene)

the ubiquitous screen showsays: is GPT-3 aut.of(r)iction aut.onomous th e(e) possible of(f) the machine in vent i on


it writes lies (from the imagined lives multiple,but,binary

and between a 0 and a 1 the critic lies, unwritten, in the shapeshade of a


Les possibilités du qui?

between me&me: a meme

Forcing a fork of(f)/on myself?

if fork for human is possible: # for human and machine are on a continuum fork (me into multiple selves so my I is less me) # rizhomatically becoming plural else: forkbomb! # what's the :(){ :|:& };: for human?


s'il n'y a pas de hors-texte

que suis-je? (et ce je est le jeu entre le moi qui écrit et l'écriture qui se dit)

un mot perdu

qui vient d'où?

(car tout est réécriture

) [<– cet espace vide: aussi: faites-le durer 4'33”]

[hypothèse en hypertension] CRISPR* comme évolution ultime du word processor

mot-gène : langue parfaite : code absolu (

vivement 2022?

car dans cette fin qui n'en finit jamais:

le rythme de notre galère

est =(syncope;fatigue;anxiété;in loop) donné(es) =(comme “data:extracted from:us”) par =(mais qui l'agit?)

une drame machine

human + machine cognition = distress

impostor syndrome: guilt: never enough: eyes wide open at night

impostor syndrome feat. hypnogram

discomfort:mine & image manipulation:

and do we still believe that we cannot be saved?

doomscroll me out of this dystopia

(if) apophenia is the new paranoia:

Philip K.'s gone, Strindberg's Inferno a nice dream

(and in that dream someone far away was singing verses that sounded like this: “despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage”

and you wake up [but: is it really happening to you?] to no rat:you've become the


[here: just: alienated void]


Away, who may (instructions for a possible end)

Drink in / pass out (get high and/or manipulate the language)(so you forget those beauties)

Lay down / keep up (don't know if I can do it – unquote, deny, fall asleep)

Astray, I say:

] the eyes of a white dog in the summer heat

thoughts of a (possible) me

[pass out? don't wake

Narra[c]ting the unimaginable

Even the most hypothetical of the stories we tell ourselves – regardless of the medium – : ('quantic parallel universes') ('non-linear time dimensions') ('aliens') ('add your own')

are: traced back to what we can imagine what our brains can manage with: no escape from mimesis (or: should we abandon the representational paradigm?)

How can we narrate what we can't yet conceive? How to find a way beyond?

Is asking ourselves about unimaginable narrations a way to get the unimaginable closer?

Note to explorers: liminal spaces threshold worlds: start with a dream?

teen screen sleep (loop)

reoccurring illusions on a gulliverized screen tiktoking your remediation identity away

you/when the image's faded, what's left? you/when the screen is black, what does exist? you/when you see your own reflection on that deep darkness what's hidden in it?

if you = only in your mirrored image on the palimpsestic screen doubt 'self-(un)consciousness (as “disconnected lost and pitiful”)' else exhibition. fatigue. repeat. exhibition. fatigue. fatigue.