"what else could we be doing with writing, if not this?"

(I did it my)wayback machine

...far away, on an alternate internet...

frag(me)nted deflections of experience creating a netscape (do you remember?) of

missing links [here] [down here] missing jpgs missing me [everyware]

those pasts pasted on a flat screen lock (all the possible) me out
into this locked-in locked-down present in which someone asks: “are personal ucronias escapism?”

∞ or: knowledge as an infinite hypertext my rabbit hole

This, but no White Rabbit around so it's me saying:

“Oh, read! Oh, read! I already am too late!”

(is it possible to be late in chasing books and articles that lead to other books and articles that lead to other books and articles that lead to no end?)

(yes I guess)

Bbof! (error message: Brain Buffer OverFlow)

Error message: Allocated me-mory(i) can not store more information can not remember more (not even that (i), which recalls that memento)

if code and programming too are subjected to différance ask('is my brain a computer?') answer(' ') print('internal tensions')

What if the auto-correct in my smartphone intentionally mislead me?

What if that machine had an unconscious? What if this unconscious lied in the cracks and shades of the code it is running on? What if this unconscious were acting upon an apparently innocent word suggestion, time and time again? What if, in doing this, it were intentionally hacking and hijacking my unconscious? What if this hacking and hijacking moved from my language-written-on-the-phone-screen to my spoken word and then to my brain? What would my language be, then? Would I say – if the phone let me – that the phone unconscious is speaking through me? Would it say that? And what else would it say? Imagine that.

Narrative viruses as hyperstition (or is it in re:verse(s)?)

Towards digitalthinking – not two words – on the presentliving: from the internet to reality [too real IT?] But Not Back: not a (third) place anymore: from meme to me: where are we?

The line between inner and outer landscapes is breaking down. Earthquakes can result from seismic upheavals within the human mind.

(that's the where)

From a Latin finger to the digit, from our hands to abstraction – digital [dig it all?]

(that's the how)

if “The Message is Murder” does the medium matter?

(do you have any why left? be:cause)

I, in between

Dunning-Kruger effect vs Impostor syndrome

(solution: “the only winning move is not to play”) (paradox: the game already started)


For dust thou art,

And unto dust shalt thou return

Anthropocene. A(n)sht(h)ropocene.

( NH(3)? [precursor to: food and fertilizers: life?] )

more: tròpos-cene: a new (kainos) way to get out of the: literal


Also possible as: Ant(h)ropocendre. Antropocenere.

To do list for a confused present-future:

  • learn Python & start coding
  • write more
    • (write again, write better)
  • befriend what lies behind the screen
  • be plural: create: divert
  • read faster and forget less
  • hack:
    • objects
    • language
    • food
    • myself