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from SpencerRuiz

The greatest porn resource

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from Reflesiaarlane

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from IsauraSloan147

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from escritos

Fue noticia en Colombia la estatua derribada por los indígenas Misak. Sebastían de Belalcázar fue un conquistador español. Uno más de aquellos que cometieron el genocidio y la aculturación de lo que empezó a llamarse América en el 1500.

A quienes lo hicieron los acusan de revisionismo histórico. Querer negar la historia es lo que he leído, como si esa estatua no fuese un insulto, no solo a los indígenas, sino a América Latina, un territorio colonizado y que sigue siendo una semicolonia de los países opresores.

Les dicen vándalos y destructores de patrimonio. Lo cierto es que, como sucede con cada acontecimiento del país, podemos ver las distintas ideologías en puja. Las ideología fascista, con tanta fuerza en este país que hasta coloca presidente, rechaza el hecho. Acomoda el discurso para desviar la atención del simbolismo del hecho.

Los indígenas siguen presentes, y siguen siendo una nacionalidad oprimida. De los pocos que en este país siguen resistiendo y no se plegan a las tonterías pacifistas que tanta promueve. Como si fuese un discurso recíproco. El gobierno reclama pacifismo al mismo tiempo que usa la violencia contra el pueblo. Relaciona las protestas con el terrorismo o con el vandalismo al mismo tiempo que promueve el terror estatal con los grupos legales como la policía y el ejército, y con ilegales, como los paramilitares.

Otros, sin acusar directamente a los indígenas titubean en sus posiciones. La única posición consecuente es apoyarlos en un reclamo justo. Ojalá el resto del país pudiera hacer más acciones de este tipo.

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from kittybecca in English

I've got a new design at Redbubble and Teepublic that features Meme Man (the Stonks Guy) with some bloody medieval text saying “BLOOD FOR THE STONKS GOD”, appropriate for 2020. And speaking of capitalism, I've also turned my answer to the ultimate question into COMMODITIES which I've placed at Redbubble and Teepublic for your CONSUMPTION!

Apart from that, I've put the first line of the lyrics to “Zog nit keyn mol...” above and below a Molotov Cocktail, also purchasable at Redbubble and Teepublic. Another recent Judaism-related design of mine says “Benjamin Netanyahu is a great enemy of the Jewish people” in Yiddish; you can find it at Redbubble and Teepublic. Not to mention a Yiddish version of “Bernie can still win 2016”, found also at Redbubble and Teepublic.

If you're looking to tell people in English that you don't speak any English, while telling them in Spanish that you speak fluent English, you can now acquire things that say this at Redbubble and Teepublic.

Finally, it's important that everyone understand that tankies are wannabe cops; if you want to let people know this, I have a design for this at Redbubble and Teepublic. These are far from all of my new designs, though! See my newest Teepublic designs and newest Redbubble designs for all of them.

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from kittybecca in English

There's no “historical Jesus,” there's just a Roman historian who repeated a Christian belief without bothering to look into it.

The “evidence” for him is really bad. Even Tacitus normally cited sources, but neglected to do so in the case of Jesus, obviously not finding the matter important enough to look into. The contempt with which he treats the Christians makes it highly likely he was annoyed by even having to talk about them, let alone research their claims. He was writing about the fire of Rome as part of a longer history of Rome; he wasn't a historian of the various cults who were in Rome at the time.

With regard to Josephus – an extremely unreliable historian due to his being enslaved by the Flavian gens that was waging a war against Judea and then freed in exchange for service as an informant against the Jews – there are two passages that mention Jesus, one of which has been thoroughly discredited (the one that calls him “the Messiah”). The other talks about “James, the brother of Jesus, who was called Christ”. If he's referring to him as a biological brother of Jesus, that would certainly be a strong testament to the idea of a “historical Jesus” who was fundamentally different from the one talked about by Christianity, and therefore cast into doubt everything believed by Christians – but there's no reason to believe this description was literal, since describing someone as “ἀδελφός” in a non-literal sense was completely normal. And if it's non-literal, this is not an attestation of Jesus's existence at all, especially since the passive participle is similarly vague here: did he mean at the time of James, or during the alleged life of Jesus?

So this is the hill I'm dying on: there's no more “historical Jesus” than there is a historical Dionysus. Call me a pretentious weirdo pseudo-historian all you want, but also, look into the claims yourself, and see if they actually make any sense. I dare you.

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from escritos

Siento una tremenda indignación e impotencia por lo que ha sucedido recientemente en mi país. Una persona fue asesinada por la policía colombiana. Hay vídeos que graban los hechos y los dos uniformados involucrados ya fueron atrapados y otros fueron suspendidos.

El problema es que la brutalidad policiaca es cosa frecuente, lo que generó protestas en varias partes del país. La respuesta fue una mayor brutalidad policial y del ESMAD. En varias partes protestas pacíficas fueron disueltas a punta de gases lacrimógenos y bolillo. En otra partes, la policía respondió disparando a la población civil.

Tengo que decir que no me sorprende. Es cuando estas cosas suceden que el verdadero carácter de la policía sale a flote. No son un grupo que nos protege, como nos lo quieren vender. Forman parte de un Estado que no está al servicio del pueblo.

La respuesta del presidente fascista, quien sirve sin tapujos a Uribe, fue respaldar la institución. Decidió no ir a un homenaje a la víctimas y heridos que dejó la policía al disparar y apareció disfrazado de policía y dando ronda por los CAI para mostrar su respaldo. En todo momento señala que la brutalidad es cosa de unas cuantas manzanas podridas.

Y ahora el discurso es que las marchas fueron planeadas por grupos del ELN. No pueden tener más descaro los que están en el poder. Tristemente, sin una verdadera alternativa, el pueblo pagará con su sangre. La indignación, incluyendo la mía, pasará, o se dirigirá a un nuevo suceso. La única esperanza que albergo es que todo cambia, y muy seguramente, la situación, de una u otra manera cambiará, más no estoy seguro si será para bien.

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from quoulcha

Simple Facts About Selecting SD-WAN Products Explained

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What should he be charged with?

Well he at least arguably tried to kill Kyle. He had a gun pulled out. He knew Kyle was going to the police. His friend said he regretted not killing Kyle.

So, in non-technical-ese:

  • trying to kill kyle
  • endangerment? was he being responsible with that gun?
  • what about just HAVING the gun?

and isn't he an organizer?

  • recklessly endangering EVERYONE involved in rioting
  • organizing rioting
  • what was he doing in Kenosha? He's a Wisconsin resident, yes, but why in Kenosha?

Grosskreutz should be removed from his university

it's what they try to do.

but which one is it?

Grosskreutz is a senior at Northland College in Ashland and has an anticipated graduation date of December 2020, according to the registrar’s office at the college. (link)



More comments & info

  • “He should be arrested but he wasn't a convicted felon. He was charged with a felony and took a guilty plea that lowered it to a misdomeaner. He claims to have a permit. Either way that was a blatent execution attempt for an agenda.” (twitter)

from aerialgear

Aerial Rig

Aerial Rig to inaczej stelaż do akrobatyki powietrznej. Aerial Rig można nazwać również przenośną ramą, która dzięki swojej konstrukcji zapewnia zawieszenie sprzętu aerial w dowolnym miejscu: w domu lub w przestrzeni otwartej. Jednocześnie warto wspomnieć, że aerial rig to wygodne i bezpieczne podłoże do ćwiczeń aerial. To rozwiązanie sprawdza się w różnych warunkach, dzięki czemu jest tak często wykorzystywane przez osoby, które ćwiczą aerial.

Przyrząd, jakim jest aerial rig spodoba się na pewno zarówno osobom, które ćwiczą już od wielu lat, jak i osobom początkującym. Montaż aerial rig na własny użytek tworzy możliwość treningu o każdej porze dnia. Na stojaku czy przenośnej ramie do ćwiczeń możesz zawiesić koła aerial hoop, szarfy wertykalne i hamaki. Dzięki temu będziesz mógł ćwiczyć aerial jogę i aerial silks.

Aerial Rig to konstrukcja, która dzięki swojej prostocie jest bezpieczna i wygodna. Jednocześnie jej ogromną zalerą jest mobilność. Aerial Rig to przenośny stabilizator, który można składać i przemieszczać. Warto też wspomnieć, że aerial rig rozkłada się bardzo łatwo i szybko, co stanowi jej dodatkowy atut.

Aerial Rig – dla kogo?

Poza osobami, które są zawodowo związane ze światem aerial, aerial rig zainteresuje na pewno również osoby, które interesują się akrobatyką powietrzną. Wynika to z tego, że konstrukcja aerial rig świetne sprawdza się do podwieszenia kółek gimnastycznych i innych treningowych przyrządów. Aerial rig może być również bardzo dobrą konstrukcją dla osób, które posiadają dzieci i chcą im zapewnić odrobinę aktywności. Stelaż dobrze sprawdza się także jako miejsce podwieszenia huśtawki dla dziecka.


from Frontier Voyager

Stargazer and LCARS say: Watch It, Begrudgingly 2/5 Janeways.

In which the titular starship gets tossed 70,000 light-years away from home. Hilarity ensues.

Reasons to Watch It's the first episode, introducing a lot of great characters. Establishes early conflicts, such as the Kazon and tensions with the Maquis (which won't last long, so enjoy it while you can). Fun DS9 cameos.

Reasons to Skip It's a two parter, and Star Trek rarely does a good job with multi part episodes. Tom Paris' casual sexual harassment and light racism. More introductions are made later in the show. The amount of screen time given to Tom Paris is truly embarrassing. If you know the basic premise of the show or are familiar with the characters, skip this one with a clear conscience.

What We Remember That it's really bad.

“You Have Made an Enemy Today”

There are three things that Star Trek predictably fails to do well: shot-on-location episodes, multi-part “event” episodes, and the pilot for a new series. And this is all three. So as Stargazer said to me: buckle up, fuckos, we're gonna get through this.

The beginning of the episode can't quite decide who or what to focus on, so it smears into a bewildering series of events. First we have Chakotay, B'Elanna, and Tuvok as Maquis on the run from a Cardassian warship. Then we meet Tom Paris, whose hair looks a little too perfect for a man ostensibly in prison, even a Federation prison. And then, finally, Kathryn Janeway, Voyager's captain.

After a short cameo from Quark and Morn aboard DS9, everyone is sucked into the Delta Quadrant some 70,000 light-years from home. We're treated to some transparently evil faux-southern holograms who put on a “Welcoming Bee” for the crew, and then some sexualized medical trauma before we learn that a god-like alien from another galaxy called the Caretaker is behind all these shenanigans. We'll also get the first of many baleful Harry Kim screams.

Let me just say that it's pretty weird to have this episode built on the idea that a god-like alien being uses advanced technology to transport two spaceships 70,000 light year so that it can :squints at notes: irritate the hell out of some people at a fake Green Acres.

Back in the story, Kim and B'Elanna have to escape what appears to be an underground community college before the rubber sores glued to their arms and face finally kill them. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew encounters Neelix, who cons then into rescuing his girlfriend Kes from the Kazon—an alien species that reminds Stargazer of birds and me of Burning Man attendees after a few too many days on the playa. Or maybe that “it's aliens” guy from the History channel.

The two stories link back up in the ancient fire escape the Caretaker used to move Kes' people, the Ocampa, underground in millennias past. Our heroes wind their way to the top, and escape. Back safe in space, shit goes sideways and Janeway is forced to choose between sending her crew home and detonating the Caretaker's space station to prevent it from being taken over by the Kazon and used to destroy the Ocampa. Janeway decides to stay stranded and, surprisingly, everyone goes along with it.

As an aside, it always struck me as a bit unfair that the writers made Janeway consciously choose to stay, rather than making it the product of circumstance.

“Set a Course for Home”

When Stargazer and I started our rewatch, I paused the opening sequence to get up and do something. By chance, the still frame was a shot that showed the underside of Voyager's saucer section.

Right in the middle, there's an outline there that looks a lot like a winged spaceship. That's because technically there is another spaceship there. The team that designed the Intrepid class ship for the show added something called an Aeroshuttle—a small craft that can detach from Voyager and fly off on other adventures. (Fun fact: the Enterprise-D has a similar craft attached to its saucer called the Captain's Yacht.)

It's never used in an episode and never, to my knowledge, even mentioned. But it's there the whole time, in plain sight, for seven seasons. An unfulfilled promise.

It struck me in that moment, that this whole pilot was just like the Aeroshuttle. The events and characters are going to stay with us for seven seasons, but many of the threads are just going to be dropped, and forgotten.

It starts promisingly, with the show defining how different it's going to be. It hints that it will break Gene Roddenberry's cardinal rule: that there not be any conflict among the crew. Not only are so many personalities in the crew in opposition, it's also full of people (Tom, the Maquis, Neelix) who are outside Starfleet. It's ripe for conflict.

While Voyager starts on DS9, we are quickly swept away to some strange new worlds with new life and new civilizations. While Voyager has an overarching story similar to DS9, it's going to be boldly going and not just orbiting Bajor.

Voyager is also meant to be Star Trek without Starfleet. They have (allegedly) limited supplies, and are without backup. More importantly though, they are far away from any real consequences. The central dilemma of the show isn't “will they get home.” We're pretty certain that they will. It's “can this crew hold on to its beliefs?” In dire straits and so far from home, will it compromise itself?

Janeway actually sums all this up in her final speech of the pilot. It's a wonderful, character-defining moment where she itemizes all the challenges they face, internally and externally, and promises that the crew will overcome all of them with their morals intact. It's classic Star Trek optimism in the face of insurmountable odds. She concludes with her command, “set a course for home.” Her gravitas gives me chills.

There's another, shorter speech that embodies the other facet of Voyager. It comes from Jabin, the Kazon warlord who harries our heroes throughout the episode. After taking a beating in a starship battle, he hails Voyager to say “You have made an enemy today,” before abruptly hanging up. Along their journey, the Voyager crew will often be a very un-Starfleet agent of chaos, upsetting existing social orders often without even intending to. They will make a lot of enemies.

What undercuts all that is my foreknowledge of where the show is going to go. I know that the conflict with the Maquis is going to abruptly fade out. I know core characters from the early seasons get relegated to the backbench. I know that Kes is going to be written off after being underutilized for her entire run. I know that there's going to be another Caretaker, who is hinted at in the pilot, but she's going to be little more than a monster of the week. I know that the last episode won't do the series justice and is, on balance, some of the worst Trek. I know that Voyager won't get any movies.

Voyager makes a lot of promises in this first episode in a way that is more intentional than other Trek series, and while it grows in some lovely ways, so much will go unrealized. Like Voyager's Aeroshuttle, there are ideas that are there at the start, but never get to fly.

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