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from veer66

In this meetup, we

  • Trained new translator by collective translation
  • Learned about roles and job description for each role
  • Learned about a code of conduct
  • Defined our responsibility assignment matrix
  • Defined our onboarding process for new contributors
  • Planned to experiment with translating in cross-checking mode
  • Updated our style guide and move it from old wiki page to GitHub and reformat it to Markdown
  • Planed about meetups and applying Mozilla products and projects in educations
  • Talked about how to improve Pontoon in the way that could help us work faster
  • Identified L10n related bugs, which crucial for Thai speakers

Wannaphong is our new translator. He works mainly on localizing Common Voice website. All Thai speakers in the meetup help him review his translations together at once, to demonstrate how to improve our translations.

We collectively reviewed the translations

Now our community has three roles, i.e., contributor, translator, and manager. In brief, everyone can translate at least by making a suggestion. A translator is supposed to work on reviewing other people's translation too. And a manager should manage to build a healthy community, and communicating between all participants.

Mozilla L10N is one of the most culturally diverse free/libre/open source software projects that coordinate contributors around the world for supporting their local languages. IMO, having a code of conduct, namely Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines is vital for making sure that the community does not discourage any demographic group of people from participating. Mozilla has simplified the Community Participation Guidelines, so it should be easier for us to practice.

We also defined our responsibility assignment matrix, and our onboarding process for new contributors, which is supposed to be published later.

For improving translation quality, we planned to experiment with translating in cross-checking mode on Common Voice project first because at least we have more than two translators working on this project. By having more than one translator, we can suggest the translation and another translator can cross-check by reviewing it. However, for trivial translations, cross-checking by making suggestion instead of translating in one step should be avoided.

We updated our style guide in Thai and put it on GitHub. To avoid editing to many suggested translations and make our translation consistent. The style guide is essential for anyone who wants to contribute.

We were updating the style guide, and defining the onboarding process

To have more participant and make more impact, we plan to invite people to talk about other topics rather than L10n in the meetup. We used to talk about Rust, and it went quite well.

About Pontoon, we agree that it is the best localization platform, which we have ever use. And it can improve even further by retrieving existing translations of terms in a long or short string that we about to translate. Moreover, enabling Pontoon to search only on Thai strings in particular patterns can detect errors, without looking at a translation unit one by one.

We believe that language features are critical for the competitiveness of Firefox and related projects among Thai language speaking users. So, we wish #1423593 and #425915 will get fixed soon.

  • Thank Opendream and @kengggg@twitter for offering the meetup venue for free.
  • Thank Wichai Termwuttipreecha for event planning.
  • Thank Peiying Mo, Delphine Lebédel, and @pompoko35@twitter, Teerapat Taechaiya for planning and organizing.
  • Thank Can Udomcharoenchaikit, Nattapong Ekudomsuk, Thanatip Sriviroonchai, Wannaphong Phatthiyaphaibun, Hassadee Pimsuwan, and Densin Roy. for contributing.

Almost everyone

Vee Satayamas


from pzd

So this is a bit of a project in a project here.

To put it simply, I don't like Sonic Forces.

Like, at all. Just looking at cutscenes, there's so much wasted potential for what could've been the anniversary game that Sonic could've gotten. To be honest, when even LEGO Dimensions has a more engagaing and “anniversary celebration” type of story, *you have very much f$@%ed up. Royally.*

So, for this, my attempt is to make the Sonic Forces story we should've gotten from the beginning. One that (hopefully) can be put on the same level as SatAM, the best of Archie, Secret Rings and Black Knight.

For this bit, this is a part of my attempt at a retelling of Episode: Shadow. One idea that's not as explored as it should be (to me, anyway) is the idea of the Phantom Ruby; a device capable of creating vivid hallucinations and (apparently) tampering with reality itself. And when you have a character like Shadow, one who's entire arc in SA2 is built on premeditated, posthumous mental manipulation (By the man who created him, no less)... well, yeah, you see where I'm getting at with wasted potential

Anyway, here's some setup: Basically, Infinite has used illusions of Maria (again, SA2 spoilers and all, though I should be assuming you've played that lol) a couple times to screw up Shadow, and our beloved(?) anti-hero doesn't take that too well, as we join him during Infinite's third (and final) attempt, using Maria to try to prevent Shadow from killing Infinite in one of those what-you-are-in-the-dark-type things....

Well, as far as Infinite is concerned, anyway....

Shadow takes one more look at her; seeing the kind of look Maria would have in this sorta situation, an innocent face that would never realize what Shadow has seen... or done....

“Fool me once: shame on you...” Eyes closed, Shadow doesn't even hide his anger as he turns away from her.

“Fool me twice: shame on me....” He raises an open hand towards Maria, the three in the room realizing this time what's going on. All Maria can seemingly muster is a worried “Shadow?”

Under his breath, Shadow mutters the words “Forgive me....”, words intended for neither Infinite or Maria. Or, at least, the Maria standing next to him....


A small sliver of green lightning races to Maria, and thus through her.

In a long moment, her suspended body disappears, illustrated through traces of red cubes.

Shadow opens his eyelids, focus sent towards Infinite with furrowed brows. Infinite isn't too fazed. He doesn't even realize what he's done.

But we do, don't we? ;)

“Now, Shadow, what's this all about?” Infinite asked smugly, almost teasing. “I don't think Maria would allow you ever murdering her....”

“A fair assessment,” Shadow retorted, “but I doubt Maria would be as accepting of being puppeted around like little Georgie with his paper boat.”

“I'm flattered.” Even without the mask, a smile could be sensed on Infinite's muzzle.

Shadow almost seems to reciprocate. “You want flattery? Let me tell you the story of one Professor Gerald Robotnik....

“Gerald lived on a colony in space; a top-secret, government project, doing other top-secret, government projects. He lived alongside his grand-daughter Maria, a kind, creative soul; but a terminally ill one, suffering from a rare, dangerous disease. Gerald created a creature — facilitated from the animal-like beings below, and other, more alien beings from above; with intelligence, awareness, a will of their own — to help his Maria, and potentially the world itself — for better, or worse.

Infinite almost seemed to be enjoying this, as Shadow continued on.

“Naturally, this creature found the most trust in Maria. She wasn't a scientist; hell, she had just as much experience with them as the creature would. Meanwhile, the government wasn't enjoying what Gerald was doing, so they sent their military to shut the whole colony down... and everyone else within it. Sending the alien creature in a nice little pod, and to top it all off, gunning down his kind granddaughter.”

Infinite starts to grow bored over this story, as he starts sitting — suspended in the air crossed-legged, tapping a finger on his lower leg — wondering when he'll end

“Soon enough, Gerald didn't take too kindly over Maria's death, and in his grief-fueled rage, started to reprogram the creature's mind; blocking out certain memories, and replacing many of them with thoughts of rage, and revenge, as well as reprogram the colony to fall on the planet below, so that even if he died, his creation, his child... could fulfill his new wish, and give the people who took away his only reprieve... what he believed they truly deserved....”

Infinite stands up — or rather, unhooks his arms from his legs and lowers the latter to the floor. “I fail to see your point in this unambiguous sob story.”

Shadow bows his head. “Two things,” he states. “First: one of those alien beings were known as the Black Arms.”

He walks towards Infinite. “An important factor, as second: you've used Maria to manipulate me just as Gerald posthumously used her to manipulate me.”

He stops, a mere two feet separating each other. “In any other situation, I would be merciful. But now, with what you've committed...”

He raises his head, revealing a fire burning in his eyes with equal parts passion and pain.

”...you deserve *all the mercy of the Black Arms.”*

Well, that was something. Don't even know how this'll go, or what I can make out of this. Maybe throw this around with a few people with some story-telling experience? See if they notice any of the in-jokes? I dunno. I'll see how this goes. Anyway, stay puzzled.

— pzd —

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#pzdstory #somethingforces #inmedianres #sonicforces #episodeshadow #fanrewrite


from veer66

ผมสงสัยว่าทำไม laptop pc ที่เปิดตัวค.ศ. 2019 ยังใช้ Pentium N5000 ที่เปิดตัวตั้งแต่ค.ศ. 2017 อยู่

Pentium N5000 เปิดตัวค.ศ. 2017 TDP 6W ราคา 161 USD

Pentium 4417U เปิดตัวค.ศ. 2019 TDP 15W ราคา 161 USD

benchmark แบบ multicore แล้ว Pentium N5000 เร็วกว่า จาก spec ราคาเท่ากัน กินไฟน้อยกว่า ยี่ห้อเดียวกัน 🤣

ถ้าใช้ core เดียว Pentium 4417U ดีกว่า อีกอย่างคือใส่ RAM ได้ 32GB มากกว่า Pentium N5000 ที่ใส่ได้แค่ 8GB พอไปดู spec เครื่อง laptop ที่ทำมาขายกันก็ใส่ RAM มาแค่ 4GB ทั้งสองเบอร์

เดี๋ยวนี้ web browser ทำงาน multicore ได้แล้ว Rust compiler ก็ได้ PostgreSQL ก็ได้ โปรแกรมผมเองก็ยังทำได้เลย ก็คิดว่าการที่ยังใช้ N5000 อยู่มันสมเหตุสมผลมาก


from veer66

  • ช่วงค.ศ. 1996 ผมคิดว่าน่าจะเปลี่ยนไปเขียน Java ได้แล้ว
  • ช่วงค.ศ. 2002 ผมคิดว่าน่าจะเปลี่ยนไปเขียน Ruby ได้แล้ว
  • ช่วงค.ศ. 2017 ผมคิดว่าน่าจะเปลี่ยนไปเขียน Clojure ได้แล้ว

ถ้ามองความเป็นไปในโลก Java กับ Ruby ในยุคที่ผ่านมาก็มีคนเอามาทำเว็บเยอะจริง ๆ เรื่อง Java นี่ใคร ๆ ก็เดาได้ ส่วน Ruby นี่กว่าคนจะใช้เยอะก็ช่วงค.ศ. 2006 แล้ว ผมก็แปลกใจนิดหน่อยว่าในที่สุดก็มีคนใช้เยอะจริง ๆ

ผมเขียนหลายภาษาที่ไม่ได้อยากเขียน ถึงจริง ๆ มันก็ดีนั่นล่ะ เช่น Logo Perl Python Prolog Pascal C C++ Awk JavaScript PHP xBase SQL SPARQL Rust พวกนี้เพราะว่าคนอื่นใช้ หลาย ๆ ภาษาผมก็ยังใช้อยู่ด้วย

ผมลองเขียนนิด ๆ หน่อยแต่ก็ไม่ได้ใช้อะไรจริงจัง ผมอาจจะจริงจังแต่มันไปไม่ถึง และไม่คิดว่าอยากจะเปลี่ยนไปใช้ เช่น Haskell OCaml Lua Erlang Kotlin Crystal Objective-C

ภาษาที่เข้า 2 กลุ่มนั้นไม่ได้คือ Go ซึ่งผมอยากเขียนเอง เคยใช้จริงจังแล้วแต่ก็เลิกไป Common Lisp และ Racket ก็เคยใช้จริงจังอยากเขียนเอง แต่คิดว่าเขียน Clojure แทนก็ได้


from veer66

เป็นอันนึงที่เลือกนานมากคือสีวงลบของ Emacs ใช้ rainbow-delimiters 😅

 ;; custom-set-faces was added by Custom.
 ;; If you edit it by hand, you could mess it up, so be careful.
 ;; Your init file should contain only one such instance.
 ;; If there is more than one, they won't work right.
 '(default ((t (:family "Noto Mono" :foundry "GOOG" :slant normal :weight normal :height 120 :width normal))))
 '(rainbow-delimiters-depth-2-face ((t (:inherit rainbow-delimiters-base-face :foreground "SeaGreen3"))))
 '(rainbow-delimiters-depth-3-face ((t (:inherit rainbow-delimiters-base-face :foreground "DeepPink1"))))
 '(rainbow-delimiters-depth-4-face ((t (:inherit rainbow-delimiters-base-face :foreground "SteelBlue1"))))
 '(rainbow-delimiters-depth-5-face ((t (:inherit rainbow-delimiters-base-face :foreground "orange red"))))
 '(rainbow-delimiters-depth-6-face ((t (:inherit rainbow-delimiters-base-face :foreground "DarkGoldenrod1")))))


from pzd

warning: pointless first post just to test out Markdown and think about how I should handle this

spoilers: going with quote tags instead of italics for the author's notes since you can barely tell the difference between regular and italic text on here

Should I try a whole Ben Hurst type thing? Basically, to give context, Ben Hurst (RIP) tried to do a whole thing about putting out ideas for a season 3 of Sonic SatAM (or a SatAM movie, whichever he could score first), and he basically did putting in his thoughts (or author's notes, if you will) in italics.

...Actually wait, did he actually do that? Crap, now I need to go check.

checks the thing on Saturday Morning Sonic

Okay, it's right. It's italics lol

Actually, since I'm on that subject, I wonder how this looks with the quotes tags. Also, I should probably put up some normal text, so here's something from a Lorem Ipsum generator.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus condimentum cursus arcu aliquam auctor. Nulla quis ipsum euismod, sodales turpis sit amet, dictum quam. Nam sit amet efficitur justo. Pellentesque diam turpis, suscipit et pulvinar non, eleifend nec justo. Donec ultrices odio sit amet tempus tincidunt. Proin vitae ex eu felis tincidunt cursus et eu quam. Sed pretium nec risus et aliquam.

Proin maximus leo non purus aliquet aliquet. Sed malesuada ex eget vestibulum porttitor. Suspendisse eu metus facilisis, pharetra nulla ac, scelerisque diam. Phasellus sit amet condimentum enim. Aenean vehicula libero lectus. Nulla neque nisl, dictum ac felis at, imperdiet tempor massa. Phasellus quis ipsum et ipsum rhoncus varius ac ac elit. Praesent interdum sapien neque. Aliquam suscipit velit eu enim pharetra ornare. Ut aliquam tincidunt urna ac euismod. Nam ut lectus a est mattis blandit. Proin pretium lorem vel lorem imperdiet, a varius nulla fermentum. Mauris eget ante congue, convallis diam vitae, dictum arcu.

Cras semper enim vitae nunc elementum mattis. Nullam quis molestie enim. Vivamus ultrices tristique cursus. Cras vulputate enim vel vestibulum posuere. Donec molestie condimentum varius. Nam dolor tortor, porttitor sit amet volutpat in, consequat ac nibh. Etiam posuere congue orci non pharetra. Morbi accumsan sed enim at egestas. Nunc vitae molestie ligula. Phasellus interdum ut odio eget pellentesque. Morbi semper quam a magna pharetra, at consectetur nisl laoreet. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Vestibulum vel arcu sapien. Nulla ex neque, interdum nec dui ut, porta iaculis mi. Sed vestibulum.

Well, that seemed like a pointless first post.

Ya think?

— pzd —


from nick

Thirteen years after my first blogging experience -which was pretty brief- I have reached the point where I need to make a change.

I have being trying to start a blog at least for a couple of years and I just can't make it.

Sometimes I don't know what my content will be, other times I struggle with the technical aspects of it. Hosted or not, static or not and other pointless questions.

A few days ago, I quit my latest attempt and today I'm ending up into this beautiful platform.

Only the words count.


from Qua info

I've updated the instance to revision fb5340 which is release 0.9.1 of writefreely.

The upstream announcement has all the details.

There are no relevant user visible changes in this release, only for site managers. See the upstream announcement for details.

However, as I neglected to log the 0.9 release separately, that one has a few user visible changes which warrant a few lines: (see also the 0.9 changelog )

  • [FIXED] viewing on iOS mobile devices, there is a standard icon that is requested (Apple Touch Icons) These were missing and are now provided. This just affect iOS clients.
  • [FIXED] when rendering highlighting for multiple languages and the last language identifier was invalid, all blocks on the page would stop highlighting instead of just the invalid one.
  • [FIXED] futured dated posts would be federated as they were moved from draft to post status, instead of on their scheduled date

from veer66

AFAIK Generating UUID and Xid needs the MachineGuid, so I looked around how to obtain it.

And this is the solution, which I'm not sure if it will work on every Windows machine. 😅


use winreg::RegKey;
use winreg::enums::*;
use std::io;

fn main() -> io::Result<()> {
    let hklm = RegKey::predef(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE);
    let cur_ver = hklm.open_subkey("SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Cryptography")?;
    let guid: String = cur_ver.get_value("MachineGuid")?;
    println!("MachineGuid = {}", guid);


name = "mach_guid"
version = "0.1.0"
authors = ["veer6"]
edition = "2018"

winreg = "0.6"

from Enable URL Rewrite in IIS

How to Enable URL Rewrite in IIS 8.5/8/7?

URL Rewrite option allows the web administrator of

Windows Dedicated Server

in easily building the powerful rules by using the powerful rules using the rewrite providers which is written in the .NET regular expression pattern matching, as well as wildcard mapping for examining the information on both the URLs and other HTTP headers as well as IIS server variables.

Here the rules can be written for generating the URLs which can be easier for the user in remembering. It is also simple for the search engines to Index and then allowing the URLs in following a consistent as well as canonical host name format. The URL rewrite option further simplify the rule creation process as it supports for content rewriting, rule templates, rewrite maps, rule validation and importing of the existing mod_rewrite rules.

Enabling URL rewrite option in IIS

For enabling URL rewrite option in Windows Server you need to use

Microsoft web platform

for installing URL rewrite module.

Once the installation is completed you will be able to find the URL rewrite option which is under the HTTP featuressection in the IIS settings.

Now you will be able to add your own rewrite rules. This will allow the importing rules like from .htaccess.

Enabling the Application Request Routing

You might also require enabling the application request routing with the rewrite module. IIS application request routinggives the accessibility to the administrators of creating a powerful routing rules which are based on the URL, HTTP headers as well as server variables in determining the best web application server for each request. You will be able to

configure the IIS

to work as the load balancer by using this module.


from elementary-indulgences

An Irregular Encounter, Part 1

Elementary characters: Gay, Ms. Hudson

Elementary Characters: Gay, Ms Hudson

Edith Hudson let herself into the brownstone, keys clattering against the doorframe, her supplies and such in a brown mop bucket over her other arm. She was never sure what she’d see when she got in...once she had seen Holmes standing on his head in the drawing room, and another memorable morning he’d been naked, three attractive call girls providing him their services at once. Edith had caught herself staring, in fact...at all of them. She’d half been tempted to say something, see if she couldn’t join in with...whatever it was they were attempting. But finally, she’d been too shy, embarrassed really. What would any of them have found attractive about her, after all? She had never really been hounded by throngs of suitors; just chasers who weren’t interested in hooking up, just bent upon harassing her. And she’d been quite interested in that one blonde’s tattoo...couldn’t quite read what it said… Honestly, though, she found Dr. Watson a lot more appealing. Not that the feeling was mutual, though. Edith pretty much had her pegged as much too straight for her own good. Today, though, there was no sign of the doctor or the consulting detective. And nary a police officer in sight…. Instead, she saw nobody at all. A bit of a letdown, all in all, she thought as she put her things down in the foyer. Ah, well. There’s plenty here to tidy up. Never mind the photos all over the wall, including...wait, surely that was Jake Terry, the star of that cooking show…? Well, never mind. None of her business, after all. She was ready to get things straighted up, so to speak, and privacy put her in a singing mood. With a smile and a song, and all that… she started humming to herself, something from Cole Porter, if memory served...and now for the melody… So in love….so in love...so in love with you, my love...am I….. Her emotional strains, inspired today by the memory of her ex, now a two-year-old memory, were here interrupted by a call from upstairs. “Hello?” Now who could that be? “Who’s there, please? Sherlock’s out today…” They met on the stairs. Edith was staring up at … well, honestly, the woman of her dreams. She got a bit flustered, smiling up at the girl as prettily as she could, sizing up her chances and figuring that they were not all that great, though she imagined this lady was most probably gay...which might be to her advantage… “Hi!” Edith called up. “Good to meet you, I’m Edith Hudson, I come in once a week to tidy up for the boys.” “Tidy up. Well, you do a hell of a job, Edith.” “Umm...well, Sherlock doesn’t like me to touch most of his stuff, so there’s only so much I can achieve…” “Shit, I know, just giving you a hard time!” She had a really cute laugh. To Edith’s surprise, she realized that the girl on the stairs was smiling at her, and giving her the once over...and now her grin was getting bigger.” You dating either of them? “Me? Good Lord, no!” Edith realized she had started to blush.” I mean, Sherlock is quite a looker, but he’s really such a..beast, after all. No manners.” She decided to press her luck a bit more. “And honestly...he’s not really my type.” Edith smiled broadly as she stepped upwards a few more steps, watching the girl’s eyes to see how she would respond to a line like that... too obvious, Edith, you always were… The girl was now within arm’s reach, having stepped a bit farther down the stairs. She reached out for Edith’s hand and shook it strongly. “Well, as for me, I’m really...gay!” Edith really wasn’t quite sure what to make of that remark, but the girl retained pressure on her hand, so she decided to wait and see what happened. The woman at the top of the stairs finally released Edith’s hand, still smiling with an ironic look. “And it’s my name, too.” Edith was blushing again, if anything even harder. “Well, that’s pretty handy… and a pretty hand, too, I must say!” OK, this time she must be pressing her luck, but on the other hand, she seemed to be getting some fairly clear signs, in all fairness. Gay seemed a trifle embarrassed, now, too, and pressed on. “I’m a scientist, myself, I study rivers and erosion and fun stuff like that. Sherlock called me up to look into these developers. Come on, take a look...it’s in the bedroom!” The bedroom? Well, well…. it was probably nothing after all, but Edith willingly followed Gay and her cute backside upstairs. Not one of those skinny lesbians, she was thinking. But that’s really all the better, to my taste. Lovely lips… and I’ll bet… Edith’s train of thought was derailed as she saw that Gay had plopped down on the edge of the bed, facing an array of computer monitors showing erosion patterns and other such scientific rigamarole...she was less than interested in that kind of display, but then Gay was patting the space next to her on the bed, and Edith simply could not resist...despite a stifled case of the giggles... for maybe she'd get a different kind of display to admire...the way Gay was looking at her lips...

~more to come~


from loveletter-indulgences

Our first visit—You and me, part 1

Dear dreamsweetie,

The time we’ve been planning for all these months is finally going to happen! I can’t wait to see you, love. After so many times chatting back and forth, FaceTiming, and whatnot, we’re going to be in each other’s arms this Friday! I can hardly believe it!

Well, as you can imagine, I’ve had this in mind a whole lot recently. I’ve made all sorts of plans...more than we can possibly complete in our first brief visit, I’m afraid. But I’m going to keep the faith… that we’ll have many more visits!

I have some time before my 1 PM class, so i thought I’d just get to work describing how our first visit might start out. . . Day One! I’m so glad you’re arriving pretty early in the day. I know you’ve never shied away from intimate descriptions of our times together in chats, so I thought I’d get into some detail here. Of course, we don’t have to stick to any of this...but if it gets your imagination going, that’s a good thing, right?

And I’m fairly sure that I know what will happen as soon as we get together by the arrivals gate. I’m gonna make sure you won’t regret your decision to come see me! Girlfriend, that first hug, that first kiss...let’s make them memorable. Ooh, I feel a little tingle in my tongue just thinking about our first smooch!! And...not just in my tongue, either! But first things first.

I think we can skip over the next few bits...like putting your luggage in the back, holding hands as I drive you home (we’ll have the place to ourselves, it’s all worked out!) … Do you think you’ll feel shy? Honestly, I don’t think I will be. We can just snuggle on the couch at first, that seems about right to me. And I will want to start out lying on top of you as we start to make out. Honey, I just can’t wait. This is going to be amazing! I’ve pictured this a thousand times, but I mean, damn...feeling your tongue stud moving on my tongue...feeling your nipples start to get hard against mine (I’m not planning on wearing a bra for this, girl). And you’re going to get some love marks on your neck...at least….

But as I straddle you, what I’m looking forward to first is feeling your hen under me, coming to life...as I respond by grinding hard against your boner. This will be my very first test drive, baby...now that I’m all recovered from bottom surgery. I’m really glad you’re gonna have your hen still for this first time!! A little farewell party for us girls.

Babe, I’m already getting wet just writing this letter to you...here, smell in this circle… a little preview…

And my thoughts race forward a bit. I know your left boob is your favorite, and I’m going to be giving it my full attention, you know I will! As my hand slips down to caress you through your panties...And I’ll lift my skirt up for you to touch me for the first time. You’ll be the first ever, you know. That’s pretty special, if you ask me! Just like you! Babe, touch me… touch my ass. I don’t think I’ll even care about getting to bed with you this first time. Right there on the couch, with the picture window wide open...you’re gonna feel my hand on your hen as I guide you into my brand new pussy. I just won’t be able to wait! You won’t mind, love, will you? ;–)

I wonder how many times we’ll be able to get together at my place, or even yours, before you have your GRS? I don’t know if your family will be there for you at the hospital but I hope I can be there, holding your hand….we can try and figure that out while you’re at my place, over breakfast! Oh god I want to kiss you!!

And later on, well I know you’ve seen some pictures, but I’m going to give you a full guided tour to my new pussy. You’ve gotta eat me out, OK? I know you’ll say yes...if your mouth isn’t too occupied at the time! I love my clitty, you know I’ve always wanted one and this came out so cute!! Pussy, too, of course...doctor Craig is a real artiste! I kind of wish you’d had the chance to sample me before the big change, but it’s really okay. This is more like the real me, anyhow.

Oh, wait, I forgot to mention one really important thing: babe, I’m so in love with you, you know that though! :D

OK so I feel like it’s time for a little sharper focus, I’ve got like 45 minutes before class. I’ve got this great skirt for today, and some brand new tights. And I bet you can’t guess what cute cartoon character is on my T shirt? Obvious, I know, but that’s what I’m gonna wear when I pick you up, too...I’ll send you some pics before class!

So here’s how I see us getting ready for bed. We’re gonna need a nice long sleep after what I’ve got planned, lady! So we’re all showered and clean after dinner and whatever sweat we’ve worked up during the day, and it’s about ten thirty at night. I’ll be wearing my favorite nightie, you know which one! And since I don’t know what you’ll be wearing, I’ll have to make up something for you so I can get into more detail...I know! You can wear that hot burgundy piece of lingerie, I love that!

Well, then. To business! I’ll be on my bed, open to you, and I’ll call you over to get things rolling. I’m sure I’ll have some suitable things to tell you as you come over, you’re so adorable! Anyway, I am sure we’ll want to have some chat and kissing at first, that’s always a good start. Well, as we do that, I’ll grab your ass and pull you tight against me. You know how much I love that booty, girl! And because I’m just so ready, I’m gonna ask you to lie down on your back so I can get a good taste of your big ol’ hen! But first...hickies on your thighs… that’s important. I’ll lick your asshole, too, I’ve been dreaming about that. As I start sucking on your thighs and licking your balls, I’ll going to start fingering you...just one at first, but I bet I’ll be able to get three in there fairly soon. I have a bit of a surprise to share with you once we get past that stage, babe; just let your imagination wander! Now I know it’s possible after all your titty skittles, you won’t be able to penetrate me, but don’t you worry about that. I know how to make you real happy...imagine my tongue sliding up from your balls and slowwwwwly up all the way to that little flap that feels so damn good… watch out, I might give that area a little nip! But I’m not gonna hurt you, sweetie! Just for fun. I’m grabbing your ass and getting you all the way up into my mouth, my throat...that’ll feel nice, won’t it? And I won’t mind a bit if you end up cumming right up in me… I’ll swallow every little drop! And then we’ve gotta kiss, so you can taste yourself… that is, if you want to! Oh, I forgot to mention the moment when I told you to get out of that sexy lingerie! Whoops! :D

So that’s how we can start out. We can try a little bit of everything, babe...and that’s just the first night!

I’ll write you tomorrow, my little coochiepie, and keep the story going! I hope you liked it!

I love you, write me back, baby!

~Your slutty little girl~



from pixtolero

Une nouvelle série qui a débutée sa diffusion a attiré mon attention. Il s'agit de Doom Patrol. Cette série relate les aventures d'un groupe de super-héros mais qui sont un peu des loosers. En fait certains personnages ont été introduit dans le quatrième épisode de la première saison de Titans dont j'avais écrit un article il y a quelques temps.

Nous avons donc Niles Caudel alias le Chef, interprété par le célèbre Timothy Dalton, qui est une sorte de scientifique qui recueille des parias munis de pouvoirs. Le groupe se constitue donc de Cliff Steele alias RobotMan, ex pilote de Nascar mort et dont le cerveau s'est retrouvé dans le corps d'un Robot, Rita alias Elastic-Girl, ancienne star de cinéma des années 30 dont le corps se déforme, Larry alias Negative Man, ancien pilote d'essai de l'Air Force frappée par une force cosmique lors d'un vol, Crazy Jane, fille ingérable avec ses 64 personnalités différentes, et, enfin, Cyborg, mi-homme mi-robot (le personnage est apparu dans le film Justice League).

Alors on regarde ? Perso, ce que j'ai aimé dans les personnages c'est leur coté looser, qui les rend attachants au passage, on a vraiment du mal à les imaginer sauver le monde. Du coup, c'est une série avec beaucoup d'humour. Dès le premier épisode, la voix du narrateur avec son ton ironique n'est autre que celle du grand méchant et c'est aussi assez original.

Bref, si vous aimez les super héros DC avec une bonne dose de rigolade, Doom Patrol devrait vous plaire. Et en plus le générique est sympa:


En savoir plus...

from pixtolero

Nouvelle série qui a attiré ma curiosité. Même si je me méfie des séries diffusées sur les gros networks comme Fox, j'ai donné sa chance à The Passage. Cette série est tirée d'un roman à succès que je n'ai pas lu pour ma part. Le pitch, afin de trouver un vaccin aux maladies de type Ebola, SRAS...etc, le projet Noah a été mis en place. Pour cela, les scientifiques analyse un virus trouvé au fond d'une forêt en Bolovie. Le problème c'est que ce virus peut guérir de tout mais change l'être humain en sorte de vampire. L'agent fédéral, Wolgast, qui n'est pas au courant de tout ce qui se passe au sein du projet Noah, est chargé d'aller chercher des condamnés à mort afin que l'équipe scientifique s'en servent comme cobayes pour le recherche. Seulement, voilà, un jour on demande à Wolgast de ramener une jeune fille, Amy Bellafonte, et là cela en est trop pour lui, au lieu de la livrer, il décide de la protéger et de se rebeller face à ses supérieurs.

Moment nostalgie, le héros principal, Wolgast, est interprété par Mark-Paul Gosslaar, c'était Zach Morris dans -Sauver par le gong_, les trentenaires comprendront :-D

Ce qui m'a attiré c'est le coté vampire mais plus dans le style horreur qu'histoire d'amour à la Twilight. Le plus intéressant n'est pas forcement les moments Wolgast-Amy en mode fuite mais plutôt ce qui se passe au projet Noah. Sans trop spoiler, les cobayes dont le patient zero sont retenus dans des cellules au sous-sol et plusieurs évènement étranges commencent à se passer. Le patient zero peut exercer une forte influence psychique sur les autres sujets et même les humains qui passent trop de temps près des cellules. J'ai apprécié certains flashbacks dont ceux sur certains cobayes. Ils ont été condamnés à mort par la justice mais on comprend mieux avec ces flashbacks le passé de Babcock et de Carter par exemple.

Alors on regarde ? si vous aimez les vampires et un peu de frisson, je dirais oui. Après je vous rappelle que c'est une série de Fox, certains raccourcis scénaristiques peuvent laissent à désirer et j'ai un peu peur d'un effet à la Prison Break, c'est à dire, une première saison intéressante et captivante mais que se passera t'il dans la saison 2 ? Surtout si les viruls (vampires) arrivent à s'échapper et qu'Amy se transforme... je pense que j'aurais moins d'engouement à regarder cette série.


En savoir plus...

from rethink

With all the intelligence and the arrogance we have annexed with it, have we managed so far to define human value through work?

And because we cannot (want to) solve the self-created, smouldering conflicts in ourselves – for this we would have to acknowledge them – do we hold others responsible for them?

How pathetic. How pathetic. How narrow-minded.

Pant precious stupidly after the money, you don't understand range of humankind anyway.

#Dull #Society #Lethargy #Slave

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