can we change? if not, it's a shame and really poor.

With all the intelligence and the arrogance we have annexed with it, have we managed so far to define human value through work?

And because we cannot (want to) solve the self-created, smouldering conflicts in ourselves – for this we would have to acknowledge them – do we hold others responsible for them?

How pathetic. How pathetic. How narrow-minded.

Pant precious stupidly after the money, you don't understand range of humankind anyway.

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The greed for profit of the economy is immoderate, which is why dishonest methods of increase have overtaken. On consumer side, greed for one's own overreaching turns off all reasonable action. Consumers know that alleged bargains are overpriced nonstarters. Despite this annoyance, they act as repeat offenders. This is why companies are not afraid of damaging their image. Already with the next offer all lie themselves again in the arms. Which, by the way, is a common behavior. Shameful.

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Full of enthusiasm we fall for the created technology. Taken up by ourselves, every innovation arouses our fascination and is immediately appropriated without criticism. Feelings of addiction and dependence do not arise, because the use is subversively forced from outside. Without technology, participation in the current way of life is complicated and automatically puts you in an outsider position. This development is becoming more and more acute. Our penchant for comfort is too great to recognize dangers. In addition, they are talked down, faded out and, if necessary, suppressed under massive use of all available means. The primary goal of all efforts and the main component of every strategy is to prevent doubts from arising in the first place.


Insurance companies do everything they can to get our money and pay nothing, even if this is their original raison d'être. In the most adventurous way they try to avoid their obligations. No fantasy is too cheap for them, no trick too bad, no pretext too abstruse to steal from responsibility. The suffering caused to policyholders rarely receives enough attention to cause the hardened vultures to give in. They walk unscrupulously over corpses. Although the business model is empathetically based to a large extent, companies lack every human trait. Empathy is only used to capture trusting souls. Too late, the horned realize that they have fallen for a split tongue.

In principle, insurances are a meaningful institution. Their repugnant behavior and possibilities to destroy existences should be finally abolished however – to the emergency by law, if they do not stop their dirty machinations from alone.

A portal, on which all badness of the insurance companies is collected and thus the clenched ugliness is demonstrated, would be desirable. My search for something adequate remained unsuccessful. If I overlooked something, I am pleased about appropriate information. I suspect, however, that such plans are being nipped in the bud by the industry or may already have been.

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Want to cause trouble where they can, but just don't get in trouble themselves. Not to articulate an opinion, but punish others for theirs. Avoid debates because they do not pacify inner aggression. No interest in understanding, only in violence. Fear and destruction are the only points of view. Anything that deviates must be brought to its knees. Who can't deal with themselves and the world, has to leave out pain from boredom and inferiority complexes on others, who are practically blamed for it immediately. Discussions are undesirable, because there is nothing to represent, only to tread down. It is understandable that one does not want to show off one's miserliness, which is why cowards disguise themselves.

His face shows who holds a position and stands up for it.

(I refer to violent rioters who also present their sparse vocabulary on the Internet. Especially those who rebel against injustice and have to protect themselves against attacks through anonymity are not meant.)

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I don't know why I just stumbled across it now. But I'm very relieved that there were others who had a longing for a clone. Many people might want a well-functioning, easy-to-use, mature, proven and versatile blog system, as Wordpress used to be until version 5. It's very reassuring that some of the competent developers were also very much against the grain with the scrap that was now being offered, and they decided that a self-managed offshoot would be less painful than automatically surrendering itself to the gang of Wordpress developers.

All my blogs were converted within a few minutes. Without sperenzias or hidden complications. Only the precautionary intervention in the functions.php of the activated Theme weeks ago turned out to be a blockade. But if the functions were briefly commented out or deleted, the change went smoothly.

Now switch to ClassicPress!

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Brainwashing has been intensified over decades to vaccinate paternalism into human consciousness as excellent and advantageous but this has the loss of independence in its luggage, which is the primary aim of economy. Therefore people have to be permanently busy because they are trained to get their incentives from outside. If that stay out, they stumble through the area disorientated and threaten to fall into dark holes. Although the comfort is promoted, boredom must not occur under any circumstances, then they know nothing about themselves. If this occurs, a jam arises in their emotional world that seeks to be unloaded. Because the formed pressure is negatively polarized, its discharge can also only be negative. For this, violence is an ideal, proven and uncomplicated vehicle. Whether physical or verbal, does not matter, the main thing is to make it easier.


In the tendency of people to rise above others and use them to their own advantage up to the pain threshold, behavior of New Economy is neither surprising nor unexpected. In each one of us there is a tendency to slavery and to consider others worthless enough to take full control of them.