All animal and plant species can be found with common search engines. Hits at Wikipedia are likely to be listed first and will probably be accessed. Discovering information about the extinction of the species and/or the degree of endangerment in the sometimes very detailed explanations may require an additional search. Finding information directly at the online encyclopedia can sometimes end without result because of the sorting of the species by their Latin names and not always available translations. Without a doubt, other websites, mostly limited to the interests of the operator, also offer well-prepared information that is often well worth a look.

Unfortunately, mankind is increasingly accelerating the destruction of its environment, so species are dying out before they are discovered. So how do you know they existed? At some point in time, someone will find remains somewhere that do not match any known species, which can then be analyzed and assigned using the technical methods available today.

All endangered species end up on a red list that can be viewed by everyone on the web. For simplification the stock has now been made searchable. Whether an easier search can save species is debatable, but perhaps it will raise awareness and attention in one's own actions.

The ecosystem is not there for our benefit, but it is our life. Will we ever understand this?

Species search engine

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Warnings about climate change and its consequences have been issued since the 1980s. The oil giant Exxon knew about the negative effects of its industrial sector since the early 1970s through a self-commissioned study. What has politics done about this? They consequently paved the way for every step that contributed to accelerate and intensify the overexploitation of the planet! In view of the now unavoidable impacts, governments only felt obliged to address the issue through a steadily growing youth movement. Planned measures aim to be effective between 2030 and 2050, late enough to have no impact on the political or subsequent economic careers of the responsible politicians. Up to 70 years since knowledge was not only given away, but everything has worsened considerably. Instead of driving the cart head-on into the wall at 300 km/h, it is slowed down to 290 km/h. What a perversion of intentions!

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Although it is always being claimed that humans are tough – preferably testosterone-flooded individuals – at the end they are just biological organisms. Despite his domination preciousness, even the largest mouth ape must bow to this fact. Human nature is confronted with far more harmful influences than is good for her. However, we have abilities and possibilities to keep dangers away from us.


It happened in 1998, when the acting minister of the environment stated that she would not introduce a CO² tax. She trusted in the voluntary commitment of the industry, which promised a 3l car. Already at that time a reduction of CO² by 25 % until 2005 was decided and experts advised the tax. 21 years later it was announced from the ranks of the CDU that they did not want to rush to simple solutions. The perversion of intentions revealed itself in the name of the former minister: Angela Merkel.