If you are offered a free candy, which you don't like, are you doing what? Spit it out and accept no more or bravely suck it to the end and reach for another one? Can I take the first one? Fine.

If you are the owner of a business, there are sometimes a few helpful hints that can't be dismissed. But you would probably resist massive interference or even regulation, wouldn't you? As long as you act legal, you want to run your business the way you want, right? Fine.

Basically, nobody can force anyone to do something against their will, because we don't live in a dictatorship – at least not yet. Are we compliant so far? Fine.

Then why do you, as a user, lament and moan about the business practices of others and even call for policy to be regulated from there? Nobody's forcing you to eat the disgusting candy. Established and at least equivalent alternatives already exist. But then you come up with flimsy excuses to justify your addiction and inability to change. Most popular is the argument of missing mass elsewhere. Which makes you a dim-witted addict for whom even irrational reasons are not cheap enough. Awkward. Kinky.

If you waste your energy with stupid jabbering and not invest it in a change, no mass can be built elsewhere. The current top dogs were also boring and empty in their beginnings. So stop complaining about data collection and other unpleasant side effects, but reorient yourself. Right now! That' all!

#Dependent #Fools #Lethargy #Privacy #Unable

(Deutsche Version)

{Translated with the help of Deepl}

Want to cause trouble where they can, but just don't get in trouble themselves. Not to articulate an opinion, but punish others for theirs. Avoid debates because they do not pacify inner aggression. No interest in understanding, only in violence. Fear and destruction are the only points of view. Anything that deviates must be brought to its knees. Who can't deal with themselves and the world, has to leave out pain from boredom and inferiority complexes on others, who are practically blamed for it immediately. Discussions are undesirable, because there is nothing to represent, only to tread down. It is understandable that one does not want to show off one's miserliness, which is why cowards disguise themselves.

His face shows who holds a position and stands up for it.

(I refer to violent rioters who also present their sparse vocabulary on the Internet. Especially those who rebel against injustice and have to protect themselves against attacks through anonymity are not meant.)

#Fears #Violence #Unable