Profit demands human subjects and sacrifices

Every cancer is terrible and usually leads to premature death. Even if many things can apparently be combated and at least an extension of life is faked, there is always no comparison with a healthy life course. All statements about the disease are therefore doubtful.

However, it is obvious who the winners are. One person's suffering is another person's joy. Everybody depends on his own life and is willing to do everything for every extension, but above all to pay every price. It is well known that these future investments are only limited to one's own life and are not intended for future generations, even if they are one's own children. This paradox proves the current climate discussions.

When it comes to the price of life, on the other hand, the pharmaceutical industry is getting bright eyes. They effortlessly turn the price screw upwards, which apparently knows no end. Moral and ethical brakes were abolished by neoliberalism. The same goes for reason and decency, with which no profit can be made.

It is only stupid if these expensive therapies are not worth their costs and it even turns out that more natural methods achieve better results, even if they are impudent enough to be cheaper. In order not to let their own profit sponges degenerate into trickles, the powerful industry is not squeamish. After all, there is enough capital to crush every objection, every doubter the bud. Paid in by patients hungry for life, who may be putting themselves on their own feet. If they are prevented with their money from discovering alternatives that may be more effective, they pay their shortsightedness twice as much.

Today, to use the word health in this context borders on mockery. It is a disease industry that, following the profit maxim, needs an increase in sick people. If the supply is not sufficient, then help is needed. In this respect, the sick system of neoliberalism fits perfectly, whereby these two should have never come together.

In the end, everyone had dug into this pit and had to swallow the bitterest pill.

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