I hope some luck was found on a small scale during the year – with you here or you back there. Really, from the bottom of my heart I wish everyone positive influences, experiences and developments.

But looking at the big picture leaves a face distorted with pain. Tormented by the discrepancies between weel and woe, because woe is praised as weel and weel is ostracized.

Three thematic blocks dominated the spectrum of attention: climate – naturally –; increasing segregation and isolation, with a resulting increase in aggression; and the ongoing attempt of ruling castes to square the circle by squeezing freedom and security into the same drawer.

Above all, the rampant loss of our individual, unique and distinguishing feature hovers: Humanity. Characterized by the growing legitimization of inhuman behavior. Under the cloaks of freedom of speech and economic viability, manners have established themselves to which human values are alien.

Selfishness is nothing new for humans. However, placing this above the preservation of our race crosses a red line. Traditionally, we find external influences difficult to recognize or take into account. Not mentioning their consequences.

The world is burning and corrupt governments continue to protect the booty of thieves from the stolen.

Political failures, such as German Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer or Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner, gloat over their authority, unable to assume responsibility and detect incompetence. The lack of self-awareness, defined in the Dunning-Kruger-Effect, does not exclude elites.

Among themselves, all interaction becomes rough and raw, politically encouraged by the withdrawal of the power of enlightening institutions. Cutting off the water from critical associations by depriving them of their non-profit status is infamous and an abuse of power. This year it has been more public than ever before. Positions profiteers and lobbyists preferences become openly apparent and are only half-heartedly invalidated by those involved.

To elect our incompetent, former minister of defence Ursula von der Leyen as Europe's boss against all odds stinks for miles. Despite the pretense of democracy, unconsciousness is spreading across the country and awakening needs for support. Staggeringly, people are susceptible to melodious promises that are not further questioned. According to the well-known wisdom, after all, one is always smarter, protects equally common saying, from mistakes one learns, no repeat offenders. A hot plate is something everyone understands by touch, not by warnings.

Unfortunately, we fulfill the wish, our daily poison give us today, with growing enthusiasm. More and more chemistry we stuff into ourselves – voluntarily, because it makes everything cheaper. We don't realize that this makes the ground beneath our feet unbearable. Fortunately, we only see how well everything burns in news broadcasts. So it does not affect us and we Europeans are not involved anyway.

The fact that we eat plastic from the weight of a credit card every week does not bother anyone either, because it has no negative effects and, above all, because it happens unnoticed.

We are increasingly spraying a colourful bouquet of poisons verbally. Sinking inhibition thresholds reveal deep gaps within our race. The damage is devastating, especially since it is increasing. Nobody can imagine how this will end and certainly does not want to.

Worldwide, people seem to agree on only one thing: Amputate brain mass, ergo reduce thinking capacity and make it less complex.

In 2019 switches have been set, whether more or less than before is irrelevant. Decisive is that they were set in the direction of the ram, which is now clearly visible and shining from afar. While the outcry by #FridaysForFuture may at least be perceptible, it is still too quiet on the one hand and comes much too late on the other. The participants should have learned something about motional energy in physics lessons, despite truancy on Fridays. Still connections remain cloudy. Acknowledging misbehavior by parents and grandparents – at least – resists the ability to assign blame to the family. In this respect, there are no conclusions that promote the goal. Nutella is so good for the soul and Nespresso so incredibly practical...

To specify and show all of this year's failures exceeds available capacity – which does not mean the space here. The review is therefore neither comprehensive nor fulfilling and merely sketches the stale taste of failure. Perhaps 2019 will one day be called the year of brilliant failure. As the year in which we raced past the last exit against our better judgment. Overall, it was a shameful year. According to the law, worse always goes, the next, new decade will have a colossal false start.

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(Deutsche Version)

{Translated with the help of Deepl}