If the official announcements about a national event are not convincing and even arouse further doubts, alternative theories about the course of events will quickly rush into these gaps. Just as quickly, such theories are discredited as alleged conspiracy theories. State institutions in particular react extremely sensitively and irritably, their statements are questioned. Usually, however, the blame lies with the political leaders themselves, as they are constantly working on their own incredibility.

Restricting at the last moment the eagerly awaited release of the presumably decisive documents on the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 is not exactly conducive to building confidence in the vehemently advocated official statements. On the contrary, this process represents something that should actually be avoided: it reinforces opposing views.

Especially in the case of Kennedy, this is more than clumsy, nobody believes in the claims of individual perpetrators any more. All statements in this regard have been refuted in the meantime.

With the current postponement, many truth seekers will probably no longer know the contents because they simply died. Perhaps further waves will have smoothed out by then, which does not mean that any interest will ever fade. Of course, all advocates of divergent interpretations are happy about this unexpected support. Although this surprising decision does not confirm them, it weakens the government's positions immensely. This is similar to a classic own goal.

If there is hardly any need for clarification regarding the attack itself, the background and the ordering party or at least what has been determined and is therefore regarded as official evidence are naturally of interest. As a hypothesis, it has been widely accepted that the arms industry is behind the attack – which will not be discussed here. Their power and influence has rather increased since then, which is why their largest lobbyist association, the NRA, could have had a hand in it.

However, it is also possible to speak volumes. The silence of the files (de) is therefore an exciting examination of these aspects.

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