Supporting Kyle Rittenhouse


This post is a work-in-progress, last partially updated Oct 20

Note: While so far it looks to me like this is a clear-cut case of self-defense, it isn't kind to distort the truth to “help” someone if it turns out they really did do something wrong.

*Kyle thanking supporters*

Advice for helping:

Criminal Charges against Kyle

See also information about the charges, legal team, case progression, etc

See also my attempt at evidence collection here

Charging Kyle's Attackers

This is important.

It's more than the usual slandering of a minor and trying to hang an innocent person.

They're trying to cover up an attempted murder.

Moral Support

Civil Charges

Page about this


Stuff that happened to follow up on maybe:

what happened to funds?


other unfair treatment?



Maryland Gov't


discover card:



On the topic of payment processors, Stripe continues to hold several hundred thousand dollars of our funds hostage and we are coordinating with #FightBack to seek remediation of this politically-motivated hack-job. We encourage our donors to express their displeasure with Stripe, if they feel so inclined, by sending an email to (Update #4, GiveSendGo campaign)


remember who helped

Stop supporting groups doing wrong things: