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Joshua Ziminski fired the first shot.

He was charged, but undercharged and some of the charges may have been inappropriately dropped. This case needs to be handled properly.


They gathered this critical footage that may help save Kyle's life at great danger to themselves.




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[2020-10-13] Charges against Joshua Ziminski appear to have been dropped except for the misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct charge (link)

[2020-10-13] Joshua Ziminski, 35, has been charged with disorderly conduct and use of a dangerous weapon for firing his weapon during the incident on August 25. (Cassandra Fairbanks for The Gateway Pundit)

[2020-10-13] Kyle Rittenhouse won’t be charged for gun offense in Illinois. Antioch police determined that his rifle was purchased, stored and used in Wisconsin—not in violation of Illinois law. (source)

[2020-10-09] Video: livestream of the rally to support Kyle outside the courthouse (link)

[2020-08-26 21:23] Coverage Thread, Video: [short thread from here until about midnight. tail chunk of a multi-day thread.] Things are pretty quiet right now outside the Kenosha County Courthouse after Trump announced more federal officers and National Guardsmen would be deploying to the city. We’ll see if it remains calm tonight. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-26 18:11] Video: In #Kenosha there are dozens of destroyed buildings the corporate press has paid little to attention to as if they didn’t exist. So I set out to capture more of what the “mostly peaceful protesters” accomplished in the last 3 nights. Entire city blocks have been devastated. [punctuation added] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-26 14:30] Link: The Wisconsin Governor's Office disputes this tweet, telling me they spoke to the White House today and the offer for “federal assistance” was declined for a second day in a row, citing an increase in the deployment of STATE resources. (Omar Jimenez)

[2020-08-26 14:22] Image: From all of what’s happened, how do people think I’m the Kenosha shooter? This is a direct message to me and shows just how easily people get confused and spread disinformation online (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-26 13:59] “Yesterday I had a person call me and say why don't you deputize citizens who have guns to come out and patrol the city of Kenosha? And I'm like oh, hell no. And What happened last probably the perfect reason why I wouldn't.” -Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth (Omar Jimenez)

[2020-08-26 13:55] Image: Kenosha Chief of Police address the media “When things become violent the message of the protesters is lost.” “We are here to protect all people in Kenosha”. (Gideon ? (twitter: @GidTruth))

[2020-08-26 13:43] #Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth says tonight the curfew will move to 7pm, with the hope of dispersing the crowds in daylight. (Lauren Linder)

[2020-08-26 13:29] Image: Kenosha Mayor addresses the media “Violence to our community is unacceptable. (Gideon ? (twitter: @GidTruth))

[2020-08-26 13:29] Image: More National Guard troops headed to Kenosha, Wisconsin to help with unrest over police shooting of Jacob Blake. Governor Tony Evers sending an additional 250 troops after request from local officials. Kenosha County board sent a letter asking for 1,500. (Vi Nguyen)

[2020-08-26 13:11] Image: “We are not Portland” – @KenoshaCounty Board Chair says the unrest in #Kenosha does not have to do with politics. He’s frustrated @GovEvers didn’t take action sooner but appreciates him now increasing @WI_Guard, federal presence in the city [punctuation added] (Lauren Linder)

[2020-08-26 13:05] Image: @KenoshaCounty board talking about their efforts to request the help of 1,000+ @wi_guard members to #Kenosha to protect the city and businesses. @GovEvers just announced he’s sending more guard members here. (Lauren Linder)

[2020-08-26 13:05] Will be on BBC News in a half hour to discuss Kenosha. Live around 2:30 EST. (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-26 13:00] Image: .⁦@GovEvers says he’s sending 500 members of ⁦@WI_Guard⁩ to #Kenosha tonight to deal with unrest (Lauren Linder)

[2020-08-26 12:30] Link: The complaint states that Rittenhouse “fled the state of Wisconsin with intent to avoid prosecution for that offense.” per Daily Dot. (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-26 12:49] @antiochilpd say 17-yr-old male from Antioch has been taken into custody in Lake County for fatal shooting in #Kenosha last night. Pending charge of 1st degree intentional homicide for at least 1 of the 2 deaths. Will have extradition hearing to transfer to WI (Lauren Linder)

[2020-08-26 12:26] Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, has been charged with first-degree murder in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Labelled as a “fugitive of justice”, according to Lake County, Illinois Clerk of Courts public records first obtained by the Daily Dot. [punctuation added] (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-26 12:19] We will NOT stand for looting, arson, violence, and lawlessness on American streets. My team just got off the phone with Governor Evers who agreed to accept federal assistance (Portland should do the same!)... ...TODAY, I will be sending federal law enforcement and the National Guard to Kenosha, WI to restore LAW and ORDER! (Donald J. Trump)

[2020-08-26 12:14] Live with Anderson Cooper in 5. (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-26 12:00] Link: The Kenosha County Board sent a letter to Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers asking him to send in 1,500 National Guard troops with police power to help with unrest. They’re encouraging him to visit Kenosha to get firsthand look at destruction. (Vi Nguyen)

[2020-08-26 11:51] Video: At the shooting scene from lastnight in #Kenosha . The shooting resulted in 2 fatalities, 1 injured. Investigation still ongoing. County leaders urge Gov. Evers to send in 1,500 National Guards to quell riots. Stay tuned for updates later on. [punctuation added] (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-26 05:23] Video: WHAT WE KNOW: the shooter was from 1 of 2 possible groups who: 1. Stated their intention to protect property 2. Offered support/help/solidarity to BLM rioters WHAT WE DON’T KNOW? 1. Are the two groups connected 2. Are they groups or like minded individuals (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-26 04:49] Link: 2 fatalities now reported by Kenosha PD after tonight’s shootings. There were 3 initial victims, one who was shot in the arm, another apparently in the head, and a third unconfirmed. [punctuation added] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 night?] [posted 2020-08-26 13:45] Video: last night rioters began to fire explosive projectiles at occupied homes in #Kenosha (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-26 03:44] Link: As of right now no arrests have been made (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-26 03:42] 1 dead, 2 injured in #Kenosha shootings. “I feel very confident we’ll have him in a very short time,” per Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth, police looking for man armed with a 'long gun' (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-26 03:13] Didn't see the handgun [Grosskreutz's handgun] cause I did not take the video that showed his wounds, I moved away from the scene. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-26 02:38] Reports indicate three people were shot tonight. One is dead. (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-26 02:06] What my team knows about the shooting in Wisconsin. #1. The kid showed up alone #2. Claimed to be with Indiana Militia #3. Did not work with ANY of our teams already there #4. Unclear who shot first. Small arms sounded first. Rifle fire was second. #5. Kid ran. Being pursued. One man chasing him pulled a handgun. Kid opened fire in self defense. Multiple down. #6. None of our bois know him or were with him at the time of the incident #7. #proudboys unloading in the area as we speak #8. All boog bois have been ordered to leave as i tweet and as far as we know we've gotten almost all of them out #9. Rolling gunfights have occurred between store owners and looters #10. Our guys had been welcomed by many but are now withdrawing totally #11 Most of our guys were over a block away from where the incident happened. #12 The kid is not a boogaloo boi but we are attempting to find out who he is and where he's from #13 Any more details are appreciated, still would like to know what started the initial exchange. (Mike Dunn twitter:@MDfreedombooms)

[2020-08-26 01:52] Link: Washington Post dishonestly calls these people “protesters.” At the time of being shot they were destroying cars with metal bats, hammers, and boulders. They were openly rioting, vandalizing, and WaPo intentionally lies to the public. Evidence below. [punctuation added] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-26 01:50] Update: Officers all over the place. Multiple people shot. We’re okay & really lucky. Richie was feet away from the shooting & I was lucky to be 10 seconds late meeting up. Things could have been very different. @ElijahSchaffer & @Julio_Rosas11 were also there and are ok. (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-26 01:24] Image: [image of someone claiming a protestor was killed by a “white supremacist”] He a member (maybe unofficial) of a group to protect BLM from the government. While also protecting private property from criminals. If this gets turned into a race issue or some sort of white supremacist lie. Just know I won’t be surprised by the dishonesty (Elijah Schaffer) (may by referring to this tweet)

[2020-08-26 01:23] Video: Just spoke to a witness at the scene of the [drive-by?] shooting in #Kenosha moments ago. (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-26 00:56] Video: More damage outside of a car mechanic shop near 63rd and Sheridan. A car is on fire. This is across from Froedtert South where we hear a shooting victim was taken. (Tony Atkins)

[2020-08-26 00:51] Just interviewed a witness from the crime scene #Kenosha. Uploading it now. (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-26 00:51] Video: Reporting live from the crime scene where a man was shot in the head and taken to the hospital during the #Kenosha riots . His condition is currently unknown but will provide those updates as they come. Police finding rifle casings on the street. (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-26 00:47] confirmed there were multiple victims in the shooting at the car shop including one who had his arm mangled by the impact of the munitions. I viewed images from photo journalist Alex Lourie that confirmed more victims. Drive by shootings also occurred. [punctuation added] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-26 00:45] Video: I’m safe, but departing Kenosha now. Multiple shots fired, police confirmed a man is in critical condition at a local hospital and they do not have a suspect in custody yet. Multiple shooters reported. (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-26 00:42] ADDITIONAL INFO: the alleged shooter was defending the property. Rumors are another man was shot in the arm but I cannot confirm via another journalist. I was there when the shots were fired, they were aimed at the vehicle. I filmed the victim within seconds of being shot. [punctuation added] (Eljiah Schaffer)

[2020-08-26 00:35] It appears an armed citizen was defending the car dealership and opened fire on the rioter who was attempting to vandalize or burn the dealership down. Before this shooting took place, the rioters were planning to burn down their “next car dealership. [punctuation added] (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-26 00:22] Video: CONTEXT: 14th and 60th, where officers found the gun, is where a @KenoshaPolice officer was shot by a car burglary suspect three weeks ago. (Tony Atkins)

[2020-08-26 00:21] Video: Multiple people just got shot. Blood on the street (Brendan Gutenschwager) {things that Gaige Grosskreutz had?}

[2020-08-26 00:16] Video: Arsonists have set a car on fire at the car dealer where the rioter was shot in the head. The rioters were about to torch the property in retaliation but police showed up in time to stop them. [punctuation added] (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-26 00:15] Video: The gun has been removed from the grass. Officers have it, and us, surrounded as they take it away. We are working to learn more about the shooting itself and confirm what we are hearing. (Tony Atkins) {gun that Gaige Grosskreutz had?}

[2020-08-26 00:14] Video: Police have moved into the scene of the first shooting in Kenosha. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-26 00:14] Official witness making a statement to officers that it was the boogaloo boy militia protecting a business that was being destroyed. A second witness told me the same account off camera. That is what I thought I saw too but I had to confirm. Details can still change. [punctuation added] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-26 00:14] Video: A car is on fire across the street from the Kenosha hospital. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-26 00:12] Video: Officers now canvassing area... .... they’ve just found a gun as I began this tweet. After a shooting. (Tony Atkins)

[2020-08-26 00:10] Hearing reports mutiple people have been shot. One reporter told me people were doing drive-by shootings. I'll keep you updated as soon as we get more information on the ground. (Ventura Report)

[2020-08-26 00:05] Video: [Rosenbaum being carried to a car] The victim is at the hospital. @RichieMcGinniss is there (he’s okay). Said he believes a second gunshot victim just arrived (Shelby Talcott) {Joseph Rosenbaum}

[2020-08-26 00:03] Video: More armed indivduals defending another local gas station (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-26 00:03] Video: Officers finally have cleared much of the area. (Tony Atkins)

[2020-08-26 00:01] Video: Armed individuals defending a local gas station (Jorge Ventura) {fire extinguisher 1}

[2020-08-25 23:58] Video: “You’re not helping you’re hurting.” Officer in armored vehicle telling EVERYONE to disperse after you can hear them saying shots fired and they don’t want “anyone else to get hurt.” (Tony Atkins)

[2020-08-25 23:57] Video Tensions rising in #Kenosha (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-25 23:56] Video: “All you b****** better come out of that tank” (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-25 23:56] More gunshots fired I have no idea what’s going on. Behind a car (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-?? ??:??] Video: [closeup of Gaige Grosskreutz's bicep injury and police stepping in] (Alex Lourie instagram:@louriealex, (twitter mirror) {Gaige Grosskreutz}

[2020-08-25 23:5?] Video: [video of second shooting incident scene, starts just before Rittenhouse falls, backs away from scene as shooting starts] Multiple gunshots are fired after people chased a guy with a rifle. Rifle dude tripped and fell. He fired his gun at a guy who jumped on top of him. [“Oh my God! Oh my God!”] (Julio Rosas) (bitchute mirror)

[2020-08-25 23:5?] [posted 2020-08-26 00:43] Video (34s): Shots fired in Kenosha on this Tuesday night (Brendan Gutenschwager) (bitchute mirror (34s) ) [longer 1m48s version], (twitter mirror? (1m48s)) (youtube mirror) {Kyle Rittenhouse, stomper 1, Anthony Huber, Gaige Grosskreutz}

[2020-08-25 23:5?] Video: [starts after first shooting, seems to be following Kyle as he runs towards the police] [“I'm going to the police”] [Gaige Grosskreutz's footage? He was filming while chasing Kyle wasn't he? Was he livestreaming? Where is this from?] (Gaige Grosskreutz? uploader unknown) (youtube mirror) (discussion) {Kyle Rittenhouse,

[2020-08-25 23:5?] [posted 2020-08-26 00:09] Video: People are claiming this guy shot the first victim. He’s seen here running away. Absolutely chaos right now. (Shelby Talcott) {Kyle Rittenhouse, Gaige Grosskreutz?}

[2020-08-?? ??:??] Video: AFTER the shooting. Another armed man speaks with us as he too, approaches and is turned away from officers. We actually spoke with this person. (Tony Atkins)

[2020-08-25 23:54] someone has been shot. @RichieMcGinniss just carried him into a car. Directly across street from hospital (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 23:53] Video: Current scene in #Kenosha (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-25 23:5?] [posted 2020-08-26 00:42] Video: this is the victim who was shot with a wound of what appears out of the head right before he rushed out in a truck (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 23:5?] [posted 2020-08-26 00:42] Video: within 60 seconds of the shooting rioters were attempting to light an SUV on fire at a car shop that was operated ironically by one of the rioters who tried to stop them from destroying his property (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 23:5?] [posted 2020-08-26 00:42] Video: as I approached the car being lit on fire multiple rioters were destroying a silver sedan using metal bats (Elijah Schaffer) [slightly longer clip posted 2020-08-26 01:52]: This video was take a few yards away from the shooting where you can see the rioters destroying the vehicles

[2020-08-25 23:53] People are exchanging shots, protesters are screaming that someone was just shot. Police, medics, and fire are all rushing to the scene south of 60/Sheridan. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 23:52] Video: Holy shit gunshots I think (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 23:??] Video: [starts just before shooting, view from behind direction of running] [cell phone in video at 1:00 reads 11:49] RIOTER HAS BEEN SHOT IN THE HEAD (Drew Hernandez) (twitter mirror?) (liveleak mirror from this liveleak article) (bitchute mirror) {Kyle Rittenhouse, Joseph Rosenbaum}

[2020-08-25 23:??] Video: [starts just before shooting with running across the parking lot and continues until after as people gather around Rosenbaum] [“That's antifa man” “Oo he got a gun baby” “Ooo! He shot 'im!” “He shot 'im man.” “He laid 'im out.”] (Regg Inkagnedo, from livestream) (liveleak excerpt mirror) (youtube excerpt mirror) {Kyle Rittenhouse, Joseph Rosenbaum, Joshua Ziminski?, bun woman 1?}

[2020-08-25 23:52] Video: SHOTS FIRED: Police have just said “gunfire ahead” south of 60TH and Sheridan in #Kenosha. This was moments before the shots. (Tony Atkins)

[2020-08-25 23:??] Video: [starts before shooting and continues until well after, following Rittenhouse as he runs away] [“Cranium that boy he just shot a man”] (unknown) {Kyle Rittenhouse, Joseph Rosenbaum}

[2020-08-25 23:??] [posted 2020-08-26 04:50] Video: Here is the shooting video at the dealership “Car Source” in Kenosha starting with footage moments before the shooting took place down the street. You can hear rioters saying they are “in route to car source” and one rioter calls to “burn inside.” Rioters were about to torch it. [punctuation added] (Drew Hernandez) {Kyle Rittenhouse, Joseph Rosenbaum}

[2020-08-25 23:??] [posted 2020-08-26 00:42] Video: about 1.5-2 minutes before the shooting this woman was destroying a Mercedes on the car lot using a hammer (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 23:50] Video: #BLM rioters are destroying another car shop many blocks away (Elijah Schaffer) [Slight longer clip posted later that night at 00:42]: about 2-2.5 minutes before the shooting rioters were using drones and bats to destroy vehicles on this car lot. I believe the vandalism was going on for about 30-45 seconds before I started filming. [puctuation added]

[2020-08-25 23:??] [posted 2020-08-26 13:21] Last night we saw the 17-year-old #Kenosha protest shooter walk past our camera and up to police. Watch the interaction here between the man and officers as he is turned around. This is minutes before the shooting last night. (Tony Atkins) {Kyle Rittenhouse}

[2020-08-25 23:48] Image: protesters are still here at 60/Sheridan (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 23:47] Video: A group of armed individuals stands guard outside this gas station again tonight. They’ve been cooperative with the crowd as they come through, asking that they simply don’t destroy this property or loot (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-25 23:44] Video: [video of a person with mask down] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 23:43] Video: a young girl removes slabs of concrete from public property and breaks them apart so others can assault police officers. I took a video of her below with her mask down. Masks are often used to bring anonymity while committing & inciting criminal acts. [punctuation added] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 23:41] Video: More teargas fired from the BearCats as police try to disperse tonight’s crowd (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-25 23:36] Image: Protesters are still out here. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 23:34] Video: Local businesses owners on rooftops armed with laser pointed rifles are being attacked by rioters with stones (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 23:32] Image: Police just directly told press to move. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 23:27] Video: #BLM rioters light fires in the streets using a stolen flat bed they took from a construction site (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 23:27] Image: “It’s a crime scene get out of here now,” said the voice over the loudspeaker. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 23:25] Video: A tire fire is going strong at a car lot across the street from the now burned down furniture store in Kenosha (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 23:25] Protesters are continuing south. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 23:24] Police have fired projectiles and tear gas again. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 23:23] Video: Fires are now being lit here in #Kenosha in front of a local automobile tune up shop (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 23:23] Image: Police are again, telling protesters to disperse. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 23:23] Video: A tire fire has been started in the parking lot of a car dealership in Kenosha. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-25 23:22] Image: Protesters are chanting, “Black lives matter,” here at 58/Sheridan. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 23:19] Video: More confrontations between rioters and armed citizens. [“I support black lives matter.” “Burn the police station, don't burn the city. This is our home.”] [large group of protestors appears to head away from the gas station as this video ends] [smoldering not-on-fire dumpster in image] (Julio Rosas) {bun woman 1, Joseph Rosenbaum 0:31?}

[2020-08-25 23:19] Video: [dumpster extinguished 2nd? time] A #Kenosha dumpster was just set on fire. Extinguished by people on the property of a nearby gas station. (Tony Atkins) {fire extinguisher 1}

[2020-08-25 23:19] Image: Protesters are now pushing a porta potty, dumpsters and other objects north towards the police. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 23:18] Video: I don’t entirely know what’s going on but this one guy in particular with a gun looks very jumpy and I feel like that’s not a good combo? Other people are reminding him about “muzzle control” (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 23:18] [rioters] also toppled an outhouse and now the riot area smells like poop (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 23:18] Video: Dumpsters are wheeled out front to try to block the police, met almost immediately with shots of teargas fired from the BearCats (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-25 23:17] Video: [dumpster lit 2nd? time] [rioters] light a large dumpster fire using accelerant and push it towards a gas station (Elijah Schaffer) {Joseph Rosenbaum 13s? Joshua Ziminski 13s?}

[2020-08-25 night?] [posted 2020-08-27 00:39] Video: Turns out the man Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed last night in #Kenosha was Joseph D Rosenbaum, a convicted sex offender of sexual conduct with a minor. Here is video I shot of him begging to be “shot” in front of a gas station minutes before his death. [punctuation added] (Drew Hernandez) {Joseph Rosenbaum, bun woman 1, Joshua Ziminski}

[2020-08-25 23:??] [posted 2020-08-26 05:23] Video: [another angle on the confrontations] (Elijah Schaffer) (liveleak mirror from this liveleak article) {Joseph Rosenbaum, bun woman 1, Joshua Ziminski, Anthony Huber, fire extinguisher 1}

[2020-08-25 23:17] Video: Rioters are getting into confrontations with armed citizens who are out here to prevent looting and destruction to businesses. (Julio Rosas) {Gaige Grosskreutz, Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, bun woman 1, Joshua Ziminski, fire extinguisher 1}

[2020-08-25 23:17] Video: [dumpster extinguished 1st? time] Citizens of #Kenosha are fighting back and trying to stop criminal arson (Drew Hernandez) {fire extinguisher 1, Joseph Rosenbaum?}

[2020-08-25 23:16] Video: BLM and Antifa rioters are now lighting fires in the streets here in #Kenosha (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 23:15] Video: Protesters are now moving north back towards the police. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 23:14] Video: Fights are breaking out between protesters, many of whom have guns (Shelby Talcott) {bun woman 1}

[2020-08-25 23:13] Video: Tear gas deployed as protesters are pushed south in (Tony Atkins)

[2020-08-?? ??:??] [posted 2020-08-26 10:47] Images: Screenshots from the discussion taking place on the “Armed Citizens to Protect Lives and Property” Facebook event page in #Kenosha last night. Those on the page were sending updates and calling for more armed people in sections of the city. Via @furbypanic (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 23:13] Video: “make it bigger, make it bigger” #BLM rioters begin lighting the first fires of the night in the streets of #KENOSHA. A boogaloo boy puts it out. [punctuation added] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 23:13] Image: [from dumpster lit 2nd time? same as Tony Atkins 23:19 upload? there must be a significant time-delay with uploading videos? this looks like the same dumpster but it's several minutes earlier than the video uploads] Now there’s a literal dumpster fire, at 60/Sheridan in #Kenosha. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 ??:??] [posted 2020-08-26 11:25] Video (19s): I interviewed the alleged shooter before the violence started. [“If there's somebody hurt, I'm running into harm's way.” “But I also have my med kit.”] (Richie McGinniss) (The Daily Caller youtube upload (McGinniss works for The Daily Caller) (4m29s)) (mirror? tweet by Elijah Schaffer (19s)) {Kyle Rittenhouse}

[2020-08-25 23:09] Image: Protesters are still going here in #Kenosha (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 23:07] Video: Police fire on the crowd from armored vehicles as they move through downtown Kenosha (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-25 23:07] Image: That’s what this rioter took to the gut. [punctuation added] (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 23:06] Video: Rioter took a massive rubber bullet to the GUT (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 23:03] Video: with law enforcement incapable of defending private property. Armed groups have begun protecting the city from rioters. This man claimed they were friends of the business owner & were carrying only lethal rounds. They successful defended the property from the roof. [punctuation added] (Elijah Schaffer) {Kyle Rittenhouse?}

[2020-08-25 23:00] Video: (And woman) Some have come down from the roof. @ElijahSchaffer spoke to one, who said the business is a friend’s and they’re protecting it. They also just offered to help anyone injured from the crowd. One said he is an EMT (Shelby Talcott) {Gaige Grosskreutz, Kyle Rittenhouse}

[2020-08-25 ??:??] [posted 2020-08-26 05:13] Video: CONTEXT: I spoke with the alleged shooter earlier in the night who stated he was there to protect property [“I just got pepper sprayed” “We don't have non-lethal” “I am an EMT”] (Elijah Schaffer) (liveleak mirror, from this liveleak article) (streamable mirror) {Kyle Rittenhouse}

[2020-08-25 22:59] Video: What it’s like to be by the armored police vehicles in Kenosha: (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-25 22:58] Video: Local business owners are armed protecting their business from rioters and vandals (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 22:57] Image: Protesters have dispersed in different directions. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:57] Video: A lot happening right now. Rioters seen breaking up rocks so it’s easier to throw. One rioters breaking a window. Police continue to use armored trucks to push rioters away. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-25 22:54] Video: Multiple armed men are on the roof of one of the car lots that was burned in Kenosha, WI: (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 22:54] Video: Rioters are getting mopped up quickly by Sheriffs in #Kenosha. Rioters are throwing explosive projectiles at vehicles. [punctuation added] (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 22:54] Video: Crowd throwing rocks at the National Guard , National Guard responding with crowd control muntions (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-25 22:52] Video: We just had one of those “put your head down and run moments.” (Manny Ramos)

[2020-08-25 22:52] Video: law enforcement takes an aggressive offensive on #BLM rioters for the first time in 3 days (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 22:52] Video: People in the crowd are launching bricks and officers are deploying crowd control munitions. It’s a battle out here (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 22:51] Video: Unlawful assembly has been declared in #Kenosha (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-25 22:51] Video: Control crowd muntions being used to disperse the crowd from #Kenosha county courthouse area (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-25 22:50] Image: Protesters just rolled a garbage bin towards the sheriffs vehicle, which just pushed it out of its way, now advancing towards protesters. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:48] Video: Police and rioters continue to battle with each other in the streets of Kenosha. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-25 22:46] Video: Things are intensify here in #Kenosha (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 22:46] Image: Police/Sheriff line is moving towards protesters, explosions and tear gas everywhere. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:44] Video: Officers are coming up from the side and just started to deploy crowd control munitions, pushing the group further back down the street in Kenosha (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 22:44] Video: After BLM and Antifa rioters began to throw projectiles. Officers begin to deploy tear gas. Rioters then flee. [punctuation added] (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 22:44] Video: [Police] clear roadway with a large amount of tear gas (Ricardo Torres)

[2020-08-25 22:44] Image: Rubber bullet just wizzed passed my ear. Police are shooting anywhere now. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:44] Images: The scene as protesters refuse to leave the area in front of the #Kenosha courthouse. (Angela Major)

[2020-08-25 22:42] Image: Sheriffs are continuing to move in on protesters. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:41] Images: Sheriffs are completely surrounding protesters, firing off tear gas, too can hear coughing everywhere. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:40] Video: The group is not backing down (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 22:39] Video: The standoff continues in #Kenosha (Ricardo Torres)

[2020-08-25 22:39] Video: a stand-off begins in the streets outside the courthouse. The assembly had been declared illegal and remaining in place will result in criminal charges. [punctuation added] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 22:38] Video: “We do not wish to have any further damage to this community” Sheriffs are making announcements from a tank for the protesters to disperse peacefully (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-25 22:38] Protesters are calling for everyone to sit down here on Sheridan (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:38] Images: Protesters have their own line of shields, directly behind the seated protesters here on #Sheridan (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:35] Image: Police and protesters in a full face off here on Sheridan (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:33] Video: Preliminary shield lines going head to head with police here in #Kenosha. Antifa establishes “shield lines” as a defensive measure to protect from munitions and allow their offensive agents do their dirty work from behind by throwing projectiles. [punctuation added] (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 22:32] Video: A few people with guns just arrived. They’re now strategizing with some people in the crowd about formations. One just said, “we’ll shoot our way out if we have to.” “Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that,” someone responded. (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 22:32] Images: Protesters are now sitting down on Sheridan (including someone with crutches), sheriffs are advancing. Protesters are chanting, “Hands up, don’t shoot.” (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:28] Video: A huge line of officers, along with vehicles, push the crowd out of the park. Now there’s a standoff of sorts, with people on the side of the road and and four armored vehicles in the streets. (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 22:25] Video: After giving multiple warnings to the crowd to disperse because it’s an unlawful assembly, police came out behind the fence and pushed everyone out of the park across the street from the Kenosha County Courthouse. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-25 22:24] Video: Protesters are now moving north on Sheridan, towards police chanting, “Black Lives Matter.” (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:24] Video: One of the vehicles just bulldozed straight through the garbage bin. Officers are beginning to march in an effort to clear the park, which is now closed (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 22:23] Video: [~7m video of some video of protestors/rioters] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 22:20] Video: Officers march in front of the courthouse as more people in the crowd try to stop a vehicle from passing. After this video, one person knocked a light out on the vehicle. (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 22:19] Video: Rioters in Kenosha throw fireworks at the police and the National Guardsmen. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-25 22:19] Video: Rioters in #Kenosha going toe to toe with armored Sheriff vehicles. They are throwing bricks, concrete slabs and other objects at officers and their vehicles. [punctuation added] (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 22:18] Video: Two people stand in front of the vehicle to prevent it from passing (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 22:17] Video (4s): boogaloo boy type militia comes to “protect” the BLM rioters. It’s getting weird (Elijah Schaffer) [longer 37s video posted 2020-08-26 01:22] (related tweet: I have many videos of this group over multiple days from at least 6 different sources) (livelink mirror of 37s video, from this liveleak article)

[2020-08-25 22:17] Protesters and media have been shuffled away by law enforcement wearing bulletproof vest and jeans (Ricardo Torres)

[2020-08-25 22:16] Image: Protesters remain on Sheridan Rd. despite continued calls to disperse. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:15] Image: The crowd is trying to form a barrier. We’ve seen this in other cities (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 22:15] Video: An armored police truck came up to disperse the crowd. Officer on top fired tear gas and rioters threw projectiles. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-25 22:13] Images: Before police moved in ——> After (Omar Jimenez)

[2020-08-25 22:13] Image: Law enforcement has fallen back to the courthouse but it’s still on the street there are two tactical vehicles still on the Park (Ricardo Torres)

[2020-08-25 22:11] Video: Rioter down in #Kenosha (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 22:11] Video: Backup is here (looks to be from a different area). The crowd is NOT happy, launching all sorts of things at the vehicle (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 22:10] Video: black bloc Antifa with the help of #BLM rioters create street barricade to block armored vehicle from clearing the park (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 22:08] Video: Multiple warnings have been given to disperse from the park. An assault appears to be underway (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 22:05] Law enforcement has cleared the park although protesters are still lingering on sidestreets. (Ricardo Torres)

[2020-08-25 22:04] Image: They're forcing everyone away, including press. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:03] Video: In an almost snakelike fashion, law enforcement push forward on their line and move people out of the park in front of the Kenosha County Courthouse. They’ve declared it an unlawful assembly. (Omar Jimenez)

[2020-08-25 22:02] Image: They’re continuing to march, chanting, “Move back,” in unison. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 22:00] Image: Police and sheriffs are advancing towards protesters, continuously firing projectiles. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:59] Images: Protesters are kicking the tear gas canisters back towards the police, another order to disperse. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:56] Image: Protesters are now pushing their barricade up against the sheriffs vehicle. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:53] Image: Protesters are dumping over a garbage bin, attempting to use it as a barricade (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:52] Image: Police launch more tear gas, sirens are blaring. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:51] Image: Protesters with umbrellas stand in front of sheriffs vehicles. They launched tear gas straight at them, which they picked up and threw back. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:49] Video: [something explosive landing near some people] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 21:48] Image: Tear gas everywhere here in #Kenosha. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:45] Police have deployed more tear gas, directly at protesters. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:43] Police just gave their final warning, saying failure to comply may result in arrest. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:42] 2 more issues to disperse, no one is dispersing. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:40] Image: Police just issued 3 orders to disperse, here in #Kenosha. No one is dispersing. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:39] Video: Officers just moved right up to the fence and put their riot shields up (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 21:37] Image: Law enforcement has. Over several armored vehicles in front of the courthouse. protesters are throwing objects at them. The sting of pepper spray is constant in the air. (Tom Durian)

[2020-08-25 21:32] Another sheriffs vehicle drove through the crowd, protesters threw water bottles, more tear gas released. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:29] Image: Videos aren’t loading but #Kenosha sheriffs drive through the crowd, sending off fire crackers and what appears to be tear gas. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:21] #Kenosha Sheriffs office till protesters but if they do not disperse they are in violation of the city ordinance for the state of emergency that has been declared and in violation of a direct order from law enforcement official (Ricardo Torres)

[2020-08-25 21:18] Video: Officers are quicker to deploy crowd control munitions in Kenosha than other cities I’ve been to. The officer using the loud speaker yelled something about the leaf blower, but I couldn’t quite make it out. (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 21:14] Image: Police are calling for dispersal due to curfew, they’re also now calling out individual protesters, speaking to an “individual with the leaf blower.” (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 21:13] they’re shooting pepper balls at anyone who touches the fence. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-25 21:11] Video: Police fire pepper balls at a man with a shield who threw a projectile at them from the front line (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-25 21:10] Video: Police at the Kenosha County Courthouse shoot pepper balls at rioters using shields that enable their comrades to throw projectiles at a closer distance. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-25 21:07] Image: Right after this picture pepper balls were shot near the feet of myself and two other media member. Protesters were at least 20 feet behind us. (Ricardo Torres)

[2020-08-25 21:04] Video: “You’re gonna learn tonight.” Things are getting tense here in Kenosha (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-25 21:02] Video: Rioters are now throwing projectiles at police and the National Guardsmen outside the Kenosha County Courthouse. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-25 21:01] Large objects, fireworks thrown at police (Charlie De Mar)

[2020-08-25 21:00] Image: Gas deployed. Loud piercing siren sounded again to disperse crowd. (Charlie De Mar)

[2020-08-25 21:00] Video: Someone in the crowd just launched a firecracker at officers guarding the courthouse (about halfway in). Officers are responding with some crowd control munitions. (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 20:55] Video: Protesters attempt to take down the fence and law enforcement come out of the courthouse (Ricardo Torres)

[2020-08-25 20:55] Video: Rioters are trying to tear down the fence outside the Kenosha County Courthouse. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-25 20:53] Coverage Thread, Video: [Coverage Thread starts here and goes until a little after midnight] Officers just came out of the courthouse (which now has a fence around it). The crowd is angry (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 20:43] Video: Protesters seemed to have doubled in size and some are holding makeshift shields (Ricardo Torres)

[2020-08-25 20:42] Video: The Black Lives Matter march is on the move in Kenosha (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-25 20:41] Video: An American flag was just burned outside the Kenosha County Courthouse. One woman screams, “Death to America!” and kicks the fence. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-25 20:41] Image: The shields in question. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 20:38] Video: Several blocks have been cordoned off and militarized as Tuesday night in Kenosha gets underway (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-25 20:36] There’s a police drone hovering over the heads of protesters here in #Kenosha. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 20:34] police scanners are reporting the presence of “anti-rioter” groups (militias) w/ long rifles approaching uptown region (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 20:33] Image: Protesters are calling for for anyone with a shield to move to the front, here in #Kenosha. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 20:31] Young woman outside the Kenosha County Courthouse shouts, “Kill the police!” while holding an American flag. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-25 20:29] Video: There seems to be some kind of resurgence, protesters are now marching through the park, and are positioned outside of the #Kenosha County Courthouse. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 20:25] Video: Several blocks are all closed off, sealing off some houses inside the secured perimeter (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-25 20:22] Protesters appear to be dispersing here outside Civic Center Park in #Kenosha. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 20:18] Video: Businesses and shops are boarding up their windows in preparation for night 3 of riots in #Kenosha . Stay tuned for updates tonight. (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-25 20:17] Video: what’s left of the city continues to burn as the sun sets in Wisconsin. This building was here since the early 1900s according to locals. This entire block was completely destroyed except for a small church in a corner. [punctuation added] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 20:10] There is some law enforcement inside the courthouse (Ricardo Torres)

[2020-08-25 20:07] Image: Hundreds of protesters gather in #Kenosha as city comes under curfew. There is a fence around the courthouse and no law enforcement in sight, for now (Ricardo Torres)

[2020-08-25 20:01] Image: Third curfew alert of the evening in Kenosha. Still sizable crowd outside the courthouse. (Tom Durian)

[2020-08-25 20:01] Image: The #Kenosha curfew is now in effect. Will end at 7a. (Tony Atkins)

[2020-08-25 19:54] Image: Protesters have returned to Civic Center Park, still no sign of counter protesters. Organizers said they “sent their people over there cause they don’t want no problems.” Here in #Kenosha. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 19:36] Video: Police backed out of the confrontation after protesters surrounded the vehicle. (Angela Major)

[2020-08-25 19:35] Video: Police are backing up, heading north, protesters are now heading south, cheering, here in #Kenosha (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 19:33] Video: Police approached the crowd, sirens blaring, only to be blocked by protesters here at 52/Sheridan in #Kenosha. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 19:28] Video: Signs reading “Children Live Here” and “People + Puppies Upstairs” on boarded up buildings in Kenosha as residents try to prevent their homes from being burned (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-25 19:14] Image: Organizers with #Konesha based organization, Leaders In Time (LIT), day that they march they are leading is ending at 8 pm, the start of curfew, for safety purposes. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 18:59] Image: Another emergency alert tonight in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Tonight is a “civil unrest advisory.” Yesterday we got a “state of emergency curfew” alert. (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 18:58] Image: A car just tried to drive through the crowd but was stopped by protesters here at 52 st/22 ave in #Kenosha (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 18:51] Video: People are still boarding up windows around #Kenosha. A group of marchers is making their way through the city. (Angela Major)

[2020-08-25 18:43] Video: Exit ramps near Kenosha are blocked again tonight by state patrol and DPW trucks. (Ben Jordan)

[2020-08-25 18:33] Image: Protesters marching west here in #Kenosha. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 18:31] Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth says county executive and mayor worked with the governor today to bring more National Guard troops to Kenosha tonight and the coming days. (Vi Nguyen)

[2020-08-25 18:30] Video: A group of groups are clashing near the courthouse. Some are here to protest for #JacobBlake others say they are here to protect the city and businesses from looting. It’s now a peaceful back and forth. (Tom Durian)

[2020-08-25 18:29] Image: A verbal altercation just took place between two men. One claimed that the protesters reactions were not justified, saying, “justice will prevail.” The other firmly disagreed, supporting the protesters. Organizers encouraged protesters to move on, theyre now marching. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 18:29] Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth asking residents to stay home and abide by curfew in effect from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. tomorrow. He says you can protest peacefully if you want. It’s your right. But don’t be part of the destructive force that’s burning community. (Vi Nguyen)

[2020-08-25 18:24] Kenosha authorities bracing for another night of unrest. Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth released a statement saying he knows much of the damage in town is being caused by people coming in from other communities with intent to rob and destroy. (Vi Nguyen)

[2020-08-25 17:20] Image: State of Emergency curfew just announced in #Kenosha (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 17:11] Image: 8pm Curfew alert just went out to everyone in the area for tonight. (Tom Durian)

[2020-08-25 17:11] Link: .@Kenosha_Sheriff David Beth lists some of the different law enforcement agencies assisting w/ the unrest in #Kenosha – as far as Trempealeau, Oneida & Columbia counties. Officials also say they're working closely w/ @ATF_Chicago, @FBIMilwaukee & @USMarshalsHQ. (Lauren Linder)

[2020-08-25 16:45] Word on the ground from some of the sjw “medics” is that a projected 600+ people are coming to #kenosha from out of town tonight (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-26 16:43] Coverage Thread: [starts here, goes until just after midnight] I’m here in #Kenosha for what marks day 3 of protests after 29-year-old Jacob Blake was shot by police while getting into his car Sunday night. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-25 16:43] Link: #Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian and @KenoshaPolice Chief Daniel Miskinis address unrest in the city after shooting of Jacob Blake. They say they've made several arrests & that a number of officers from local & outside agencies have been injured – (Lauren Linder)

[2020-08-25 16:31] Link: To be exact @GovEvers says there will be 250 members of @WI_Guard in #Kenosha tonight (Lauren Linder)

[2020-08-25 16:22] Image: Police casings like these from non leather weapons litter the streets of #Kenosha (Gideon ? (twitter: @GidTruth))

[2020-08-25 15:52] Video: BLM arsonists torched this PO [probation office] building last night in #Kenosha (Drew Hernandez)

[2020-08-25 15:34] Video: “America IS great – when we behave greatly,” Jacob Blake’s mother just said at a press conference. She added that she is praying for humanity and does not think her son would agree with the destruction in Kenosha, Wisconsin: (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 15:18] Image: Family and Attorneys for Jacob Blake are holding a press conference on his condition and potential legal action moving forward. (Tom Durian)

[2020-08-25 14:59] Images: A press conference with the family and lawyers of #jacobblake will begin shortly. Dozens of news outlets from all over the country are here in #kenosha for updates (Gideon ? (twitter: @GidTruth))

[2020-08-25 14:41] Image: BREAKING: Wisconsin @GovEvers issues state of emergency in Wisconsin tonight amid protesting for #JacobBlake. Meaning, National Guard deployed to support infrastructure. I am now heading to #Kenosha for tonight’s coverage. (Tony Atkins)

[2020-08-25 14:28] Video: #BLM & Antifa rioters brutally assaulted a 70 year old man. For trying to put out a fire in his mattress store. He received a broken jaw, black eye, and multiple stitches. The remains of the building he tried to save, now rubble, can be seen in the background #kenosha [punctuation added] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 14:23] Video: Neighbors take it upon themselves to clean the graffiti from a school in #Kenosha. They tell me they don’t want to go on camera in fear of retaliation. (Gideon ? (twitter: @GidTruth))

[2020-08-25 14:09] Images: Neighbors take it upon themselves to clean the graffiti from a school in #Kenosha. They tell me they don’t want to go on camera in fear of retaliation. (Gideon ? (twitter: @GidTruth))

[2020-08-25 13:48] According to #Konesha fire department 30 businesses destroyed or damaged in Kenosha riots (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-25 13:12] Video: Drone: A birds eye look at the destruction caused overnight near 63rd street in #Kenosha #Wisconsin (Gideon ? (twitter: @GidTruth))

[2020-08-25 day?] Image: A Getty Images photographer appears to have captured a photo Rittenhouse earlier in the day, though he is not identified in its caption. [Image Caption:] Volunteers clean graffiti from a high school near the Kenosha County Courthouse following another night of unrest on August 25, 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. (Scott Olson/Getty Images) (Breitbart) {Kyle Rittenhouse}

[2020-08-25 12:52] Video: More people helping with clean-up efforts in Kenosha this afternoon [Kyle Rittenhouse among them? see video] (Shelby Talcott) {Kyle Rittenhouse}

[2020-08-25 12:14] Video: Multiple building fires still smoldering this morning near downtown Kenosha. Nearly every business is boarded up after two nights of unrest. (Ben Jordan)

[2020-08-25 12:11] Video: There’s a ton of people from the community out here surveying the damage and helping with clean-up efforts. (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-25 11:03] Video: “It’s emotionally hurtful, but we didn’t do anything to anybody. Why did we deserve it?” Near tears, a store owner explains how his family business of 40 years was destroyed by #BLM & Antifa arsonists last night. The city is hurting this morning #KenoshaRiot (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-25 08:57] Video: Speaking to business owners the morning after their businesses have been vandalized and looted. #Kenosha (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-25 08:45] Video: “I just don’t understand why something like this would happen.” A deeply disturbed business owner tells me. As he observes the damage to his legacy. “Our society is just really disappointing.” They destroyed everything he had. A dozen used cars & his offices. Heart breaking. [punctuation added] (Elijah Schaffer)

[2020-08-2? ??:??] [posted 2020-08-24 23:51] Video: This is the moment I mentioned earlier. These armed citizens said they support the protests but not the riots because people are hurting their own community. Later on, as a car dealership was under attack by rioters, one of the armed men stepped in and stopped it. [“How do you want to be described in a caption?” “Armed citizens.”] (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-24 20:23] Image: Emergency alert just went through our phones out here for all of Kenosha County. Curfew is until 7am: (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-24 20:09] Video: Crowd surrounds a woman in car who tried to drive through the street (Jorge Ventura)

[2020-08-24 20:04] Officially past curfew in #Kenosha (Ricardo Torres)

[2020-08-24 20:01] Video: Majority of protesters marched to city hall but some remained at the courthouse (Ricardo Torres)

[2020-08-24 19:53] Video: Seen on my way back into the Milwaukee area. #Kenosha-area exits blocked off by law enforcement as #JacobBlake protesting continues on night 2. (Tony Atkins)

[2020-08-24 19:46] Video: Protesters are continuing to march, back into the center of the city here in #Kenosha. Curfew is in 15 minutes. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-24 19:34] Curfew at 8. (Grace Del Vecchio)

[2020-08-24 19:26] Video: A few people are dancing on top of the now destroyed cars (Shelby Talcott)

[2020-08-24 19:25] Video: BLM march now going through the residential area of Kenosha. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-24 19:25] Video: Over a thousand protesters are in the streets now, chanting “Hands up don’t shoot!” through boarded-up downtown Kenosha (Brendan Gutenschwager)

[2020-08-24 17:23] Coverage Thread, Image: [coverage thread starts here, goes until the 26th about midnight] On the ground in Kenosha, WI for @townhallcom. Currently surveying the damage after the riots that occurred in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake. A lot of buildings are boarded up, including the Kenosha County Democratic Party building. (Julio Rosas)

[2020-08-24 day?] [posted 2020-08-24 19:58] Video: Bird's eye view of the burned out used car lot in #Kenosha, Wisconsin (Richie McGinniss)

well before shooting incident


Kyle's bail has been set to \$2 million in Wisconsin.

He is being held without bail in Illinois. (non-primary source, tweet source)

His extradition hearing regarding extradition from Illinois to Wisconsin is on Friday, Sept 25th. (source)