Donating at GiveSendGo for Kyle Rittenhouse's Defense



select anonymous donation option to reduce doxing risk

it's stated that funds here will be transferred to the fund as per the instruction of Kyle's mother. (see update #1)

Your employer may be willing to match donations if you ask, depending on your employer. may help get around controlling credit card companies.


Insider comment

Jacob Wells, GiveSendGo's founder, told Insider that his team had verified the campaign for Rittenhouse and the disbursement of the funds. He said the organizer asked to remain anonymous. (

That would mean that the givesendgo account is legitimate, and that they really do want all the funds transferred to the fightback fund. If we trust Insider and Jacob Wells that is. I haven't heard about any scandals involving GiveSendGo. The little copyright notice on the site says they've been around since 2014, which is long enough for something or other to pop up.


GiveSendGo linking this campaign in a tweet

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