Warnings about climate change and its consequences have been issued since the 1980s. The oil giant Exxon knew about the negative effects of its industrial sector since the early 1970s through a self-commissioned study. What has politics done about this? They consequently paved the way for every step that contributed to accelerate and intensify the overexploitation of the planet! In view of the now unavoidable impacts, governments only felt obliged to address the issue through a steadily growing youth movement. Planned measures aim to be effective between 2030 and 2050, late enough to have no impact on the political or subsequent economic careers of the responsible politicians. Up to 70 years since knowledge was not only given away, but everything has worsened considerably. Instead of driving the cart head-on into the wall at 300 km/h, it is slowed down to 290 km/h. What a perversion of intentions!

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The greed for profit of the economy is immoderate, which is why dishonest methods of increase have overtaken. On consumer side, greed for one's own overreaching turns off all reasonable action. Consumers know that alleged bargains are overpriced nonstarters. Despite this annoyance, they act as repeat offenders. This is why companies are not afraid of damaging their image. Already with the next offer all lie themselves again in the arms. Which, by the way, is a common behavior. Shameful.

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