Godwin and the Chancellor, part 2

Words/kanji covered: もう一つ: one more 捕える: to catch 男爵: baron いや: no/yuck 閣下: your excellency

Godwin approaches the 玉座 and sits right down on it. Quite bold of him!

Godwin: 「もう一つ、モニカを捕えておくように。」 Godwin and chancellor both: ハハハハハハッ、イヒヒヒヒヒ Chancellor: 「ゴドウィン男爵、いや、ロアーナ侯ゴドウィン閣下。」

My time is short today, so we'll roll with this.

もう一つ、モニカを捕えておくように。 もう一(ひと)つ: This can mean several things, like “one more” or “quite” or “not quite”. 捕(とら)えて: A conjugation of the verb 捕(とら)える, which means “to catch”. The ending える indicates that the verb is in the “る” verb group. おくように: This one gives me some trouble. Jisho gives the おく part as 置く, meaning “to put” or “to place”. Several sources also give ように as “like” but that doesn't seem to fit the sentence well. So we can read this as “One more thing, let's catch モニカ”. I'm almost certainly missing grammatical nuances here.

ゴドウィン男爵、いや、ロアーナ侯ゴドウィン閣下。 男爵(だんしゃく): baron. 男(だん) is a relatively early word on WaniKani and means “man”. 爵 is one we saw earlier and means “baron” but doesn't seem to be a whole word by itself. (Incidentally, here they are using ゴドウィンの名前 – Godwin's name – a bit earlier than the English version does.) いや: seems to be a bit of onomatopoeia. Wiktionary offers up several possible meanings. I suspect that the second etymology is intended, but I think the sentence is more amusing with the first etymology. 閣下: “your excellency” Baron ゴドウィン – no/yuck; your excellency Marquis ゴドウィン of ロアーナ!

This was a fun entry! We should be able to finish this scene on my next update.

Author: @WolfeReader@freeradical.zone

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