The remaining characters

Words/kanji covered: 侯爵: marquis 流浪: wandering 王族: royalty

This will be a shorter entry due to the holidays! Last time we covered the four women, and this time we'll cover the men.

Julian, Thomas, Mikhail, Harid

ユリアン: 20歳, シノンの開拓民, and トーマス: 22歳, シノンの開拓民. Julian, 20, and Thomas, 22. Like Sara and Ellen, these are “pioneers” from Shinon. Other sources translate this as “settler” instead of “pioneer”, I've learned.

ミカエル: 27歳, ロアーヌ侯爵. Mikhail, 27. 侯爵(こうしゃく) means “marquis”. You recall from last time that モニカ is the 侯の妹 – younger sister of the marquis – and if you guessed that ミカエル is her older brother, you're right!

ハリード: 33歳, 流浪の王族. Harid, 33. 流浪(るろう) is apparently a level 59 word on Wanikani, so I won't see it there for a while. It means vagrancy or wandering. 王族(おうぞく) is common and means royalty. So... nomad of royalty, or royal nomad!

I'm going to choose カタリナ as my character, since her introduction is short. Next time, we'll choose her class and starting weapon. See you then!


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