Character Statistics (in RS3, in 日本語)

Words/kanji learned: 物理: physics, laws of nature. 防御: defense. 魔法: magic, witchcraft, sorcery. 腕力: physical strength. 器用: skill/dexterous. 素早い: quick, swift. 体力: stamina/endurance 魔力: magic powers. 意志力: willpower. 魅力: charm.

When we select the 装備 option, we're first taken to a screen which shows our characters' statistics. If we had multiple people in our party, this would be where we choose one of them to view their equipment. Since we only have カタリナ in our party, she's our only choice.

Let's review her statistics!

Katarina's in-game statistics

物理防御:3 物理(ぶつり): physics, laws of nature. 防御(ぼうぎょ): defense. カタリナ has a physical defense of 3.

魔法防御:3 魔法(まほう): magic, witchcraft, sorcery カタリナ has magic defense of 3 as well.

Although they aren't written in 日本語, it may be worth talking about some of the other stats here.

HP: hit points or health points, very standard in RPGs. Lose them all in battle and your character falls unconscious (and in this game loses an LP too – see below). They can still be revived – by regular healing spells, in this game – as long as they still have LP. A character's maximum HP will sometimes increase after battle, and their current HP will always be refilled to maximum after battle too. LP: Life Points. Somewhat unique to the SaGa games, this represents a character's life force. This value is fixed for each character and never increases. In this game, LP can be restored by resting at an inn or by using (very rare) LP-restoring items. If a character loses all of their LP, they are removed from the party (but can rejoin later). WP: Waza points. Remember 技 from last time? The W stands for waza (and if they're using ローマ字 for this, I can too). This is a resource used for physical techniques. JP: Jutsu points. 術 points. This is a resource used for magic spells. In most JRPGs I'd think of this as MP.

Now, back to the 漢字:

腕力(わんりょく): physical strength. The space here is unusual, but in this case they're lining up the 力's and the さ's in a column. 器用(きよう): skill/dexterous. Not sure what the さ is doing here. 素早(すばや)い: as an い adjective, it would mean quick, swift. 体力(たいりょく): stamina/endurance 魔力(まりょく): magic powers. 意志力(いしりょく): willpower. Probably functions as magic defense in-game. 魅力(みりょく): charm. It is really hard to see the little 厶 in there!

Finally, there are the weapon icons on the right side. Each character can become more skilled with a category of weapon through continued use. They are: sword (covering both one-handed and two-handed), club/mace, spear/épée, arrows, and bare-handed/martial arts. We learned the words for each of these earlier, but it's worth noting that some of these weapon categories share a ranking – for example, getting good with one-handed swords also increases your skill with two-handed swords, even though they use different 技.

(By the way, this game also has some hidden statistics. I'm not sure if we'll ever run into the words for them in-game. I know them in English as “greed” and “battle/event rank”.)


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