Conscienceless quitters

Insurance companies do everything they can to get our money and pay nothing, even if this is their original raison d'être. In the most adventurous way they try to avoid their obligations. No fantasy is too cheap for them, no trick too bad, no pretext too abstruse to steal from responsibility. The suffering caused to policyholders rarely receives enough attention to cause the hardened vultures to give in. They walk unscrupulously over corpses. Although the business model is empathetically based to a large extent, companies lack every human trait. Empathy is only used to capture trusting souls. Too late, the horned realize that they have fallen for a split tongue.

In principle, insurances are a meaningful institution. Their repugnant behavior and possibilities to destroy existences should be finally abolished however – to the emergency by law, if they do not stop their dirty machinations from alone.

A portal, on which all badness of the insurance companies is collected and thus the clenched ugliness is demonstrated, would be desirable. My search for something adequate remained unsuccessful. If I overlooked something, I am pleased about appropriate information. I suspect, however, that such plans are being nipped in the bud by the industry or may already have been.

#Insurance #Greed #Malpractice