ClassicPress instead of WordPress

I don't know why I just stumbled across it now. But I'm very relieved that there were others who had a longing for a clone. Many people might want a well-functioning, easy-to-use, mature, proven and versatile blog system, as Wordpress used to be until version 5. It's very reassuring that some of the competent developers were also very much against the grain with the scrap that was now being offered, and they decided that a self-managed offshoot would be less painful than automatically surrendering itself to the gang of Wordpress developers.

All my blogs were converted within a few minutes. Without sperenzias or hidden complications. Only the precautionary intervention in the functions.php of the activated Theme weeks ago turned out to be a blockade. But if the functions were briefly commented out or deleted, the change went smoothly.

Now switch to ClassicPress!

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