Having trouble in executing those OST to PST conversions? Do not linger on with the old sluggish ways of achieving the conversions and opt for the all new revolution in the field- OST Extractor Pro!

The Best OST to PST Converter

Technology has come a long way since the introduction of the first OST to PST converter and it is imperative that we too catch up with the pace of this fast moving world. Gone are the days when the only way to convert OST to PST was by way of highly technical manual operations. A lot many email conversion tools have been developed since then and one of the most impressive amongst them is OST Extractor Pro!

OST Extractor Pro as an OST to PST converter takes only a few clicks to get the job done which is pretty much what suits the needs of majority of the users who fall in the category of ‘technologically naïve users’. Although it makes use of very complex algorithms to break down the conversions, it doesn’t let the users bear the brunt of it.

ost to pst converter

The interface is greatly rationalized or simplified to make it understandable for the greater part of the user-base. Moreover, the simple flow of steps streamlines the entire journey of the users to a further degree.

Any user choosing this OST to PST converter doesn’t have to wait long hours for the final results. The final files can be expected in a few minutes and of course these are of pristine quality. As a final word, choosing this tool would entail ease of use, peaceful experience, and guaranteed conversion of OST files.

An OST to PST converter that has a nominal pricing structure!

Anyone who creates a marvelous piece of technology definitely asks for a great return too. This most certainly holds true for all the markets; however, USL software has made an exception to that rule.

It has created an amazing tool with superior features but has also managed to keep its price low to suit the needs of the users.

There are various licenses in which this tool is available; these vary as per the requirements of the end user. For instance, there is a ‘Standard’ License which is available for individual users who wish to make use of this OST to PST converter for their personal usage on a single system.

As opposed to this, there is an ‘Enterprise’ License which is for larger companies who require this software at multiple locations without any restrictions. There are two more licenses named as ‘Household’ and ‘Business’.

Get the free trial version

What is more is that there is also an option to download the free trial version of this OST to PST converter. The users can simply make use of this version to test all the features. Although, this version limits the files per folder to 10 in a particular conversion, the users do not face any limitations in utilizing rest of the features.

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Grab your copy of this tool now to revolutionize your OST to PST conversion experience!