About me

My name is Luis David Lopez, I am an Embedded Systems Engineer, born and raised in Mexico City but now living in Norway.

This blog is a weird mixture between random reflections and trying to document my journey into hobby electronics, FOSS/FLOSS and privacy friendly alternatives.

You can find me as @lopeztel in Fosstodon and as @lopeztel:lopeztel.hoho.st in Matrix


As I said, born and raised in Mexico City with some twists:

2007-2008 Moved briefly to Canada and started University there

2008-2013 Moved back to Mexico City for personal reasons, got my Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications and Electronic Systems

2013-2017 Moved to the city of Santiago de Querétaro for work

2017-2018 Moved to Germany to start my Master's in Embedded Computing systems

2018-2019 Moved to Norway to continue my Master's

2019 Moved back to Germany to work on my Master's thesis in collaboration with industry. My topic was System-Level Power Modeling for Automotive ASICs

Late 2019-? Moved to Norway for work


In my free time I enjoy running (5-10K), painting with watercolors: both traditional media and digital (that was a recent effort, documented here) and tinkering with electronics, with a recent interest in MQTT and bluetooth.

This is my github

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