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Everyone acknowledges Jews can be antisemitic, with the exception of “their Jews,” for whom it suddenly becomes impossible.

I see it used for all sorts of people: Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, Yair Netanyahu, Mark Zuckerberg, Karl Marx, your Jewish friend who said it wasn't problematic to talk about Zionist occupation of the U.S. Congress, and so on. This is one of those things that really does seem to happen all across the political spectrum. It's not even horseshoe theory, because centrists do it as well. Stop. I'm working on a list of Jews who have been indisputably antisemitic, from Josephus to Stephen Miller, but for now, just stop this.

Me: God and Satan are in a gay monogamous relationship, and the Book of Job is really about Satan being jealous of God's admiration for Job and being like “no he's not that fucking great, just you watch, I'll show you he's not the one for you...”

Them: Ma'am, this is a Burger King

Me: The whole story is about the dangers of toxic monogamy.

Them: Are you going to order

By Liz Dye. Absolutely scathing and worth the read:

Leftist 1: I heard company X collaborates with ICE so I'm going to do everything I can to divest from them, and I think it's important to organize other leftists to do the same. We should brainstor—

Leftist 2: There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

Leftist 1: Ah right, true, good point, I'm going to keep consuming company X's products. Anyway, I'm really excited for our reading group tonight.

Leftist 2: Same.

Leftist 1: I'm going to bring some Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Leftist 2: Holy shit, no, not cool, they're targeted by BDS. That's not fucking cool. Self-crit immediately.

If you were fat as a child you probably have CPTSD

We don't set the terms of acceptable debate, language, or beliefs. Even in industries where Jews are overrepresented, like Hollywood, Jews still have to play to goyish beliefs and attitudes, especially antisemitic ones, in order to succeed. Otherwise they'd all still be doing Yiddish theater on the margins of society.

So if you ever find yourself tempted to reply to someone, “Does that mean my Jewish friend is antisemitic?”, the answer is yes, unequivocally.

Any time I see journalists use the word “polarization” to describe what's happening right now in the U.S., I close the tab