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I've got a new design at Redbubble and Teepublic that features Meme Man (the Stonks Guy) with some bloody medieval text saying “BLOOD FOR THE STONKS GOD”, appropriate for 2020. And speaking of capitalism, I've also turned my answer to the ultimate question into COMMODITIES which I've placed at Redbubble and Teepublic for your CONSUMPTION!

Apart from that, I've put the first line of the lyrics to “Zog nit keyn mol...” above and below a Molotov Cocktail, also purchasable at Redbubble and Teepublic. Another recent Judaism-related design of mine says “Benjamin Netanyahu is a great enemy of the Jewish people” in Yiddish; you can find it at Redbubble and Teepublic. Not to mention a Yiddish version of “Bernie can still win 2016”, found also at Redbubble and Teepublic.

If you're looking to tell people in English that you don't speak any English, while telling them in Spanish that you speak fluent English, you can now acquire things that say this at Redbubble and Teepublic.

Finally, it's important that everyone understand that tankies are wannabe cops; if you want to let people know this, I have a design for this at Redbubble and Teepublic. These are far from all of my new designs, though! See my newest Teepublic designs and newest Redbubble designs for all of them.

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There's no “historical Jesus,” there's just a Roman historian who repeated a Christian belief without bothering to look into it.

The “evidence” for him is really bad. Even Tacitus normally cited sources, but neglected to do so in the case of Jesus, obviously not finding the matter important enough to look into. The contempt with which he treats the Christians makes it highly likely he was annoyed by even having to talk about them, let alone research their claims. He was writing about the fire of Rome as part of a longer history of Rome; he wasn't a historian of the various cults who were in Rome at the time.

With regard to Josephus – an extremely unreliable historian due to his being enslaved by the Flavian gens that was waging a war against Judea and then freed in exchange for service as an informant against the Jews – there are two passages that mention Jesus, one of which has been thoroughly discredited (the one that calls him “the Messiah”). The other talks about “James, the brother of Jesus, who was called Christ”. If he's referring to him as a biological brother of Jesus, that would certainly be a strong testament to the idea of a “historical Jesus” who was fundamentally different from the one talked about by Christianity, and therefore cast into doubt everything believed by Christians – but there's no reason to believe this description was literal, since describing someone as “ἀδελφός” in a non-literal sense was completely normal. And if it's non-literal, this is not an attestation of Jesus's existence at all, especially since the passive participle is similarly vague here: did he mean at the time of James, or during the alleged life of Jesus?

So this is the hill I'm dying on: there's no more “historical Jesus” than there is a historical Dionysus. Call me a pretentious weirdo pseudo-historian all you want, but also, look into the claims yourself, and see if they actually make any sense. I dare you.

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English lyrics there, but I still suggest listening to the recording.

I needed to hear this again and I think everyone does.

I wonder how many people really understand that what Hitler destroyed was a whole world, a whole civilization, one that is now literally gone, with only pockets of continued existence. There are descendants of it, and some even practice some form of Judaism, but the Jewish world of Europe is gone, and there is very little in the form of a Jewish world nowadays.

There is a “Jewish state” which defines itself by being the exact opposite of that world, there are Jewish communities and Jewish families that get together to be Jewish for a bit, and pockets of Orthodox Judaism that manage to successfully maintain a Jewish life that reflects something derived from the Jewish life that existed before. But in the past, even secular Jews spoke a Jewish language and lived in a Jewish world. Today secular Jews inhabit a mostly-goyish existence, where success is defined by how goyish you are: the more goyish, the more likelihood of success.

And it wasn't just Hitler who destroyed that Jewish world either. The Soviets played a huge role, as did the Zionists, even if the Zionists might have had idealistic motives for it: stop being victims, speak the true Jewish language, etc.. For traditional Jews, there was no greater honor than being killed for your beliefs, and in the end, this did make the Holocaust a lot easier, even though it's still 100% Hitler's fault, and even though many Jews did fight back.

What exists today reflects only a reaction to the tragic loss of what was and can never exist again. Everything changes, but this is something much different, much sadder: a civilization that never got a chance to change in any natural way, because the overwhelming majority of it was snuffed out.

If Israelis don't want Diaspora Jews to have opinions on it, Israel should stop calling itself “the Jewish state,” and its leaders should stop arrogating the role of spokesman for the Jewish people.

Of course, they do want Diaspora Jews to have opinions on it. They just want those opinions to be their own. And if they aren't, that's when they start saying, “Who are you to enforce your will upon us?” At which point we would be smart to say, “Who are you to call yourselves the Jewish state?”

We have very serious problems in the Diaspora. We don't like when people like Netanyahu declare Trump to be “a friend of the Jewish people” after Trump incited a mass shooting at one of our synagogues and has repeatedly Jew-baited various opponents of his. As long as people like Bibi do that, we are going to voice our opinions as the people Israel claims to speak for and represent.

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I just realized Threadless has the ability to donate a percentage of profits to a pre-set list of causes, so I've set 25-50% of each of mine to go to various causes, which you can see on the individual pages for the items:

I don't know who needs to hear this but Polish Jews are more closely related to Iraqi Jews than to Poles