Updated qua.name to release 0.11.1 of writefreely

I've updated the instance to revision 7926eb2 which is release 0.11.1 of writefreely.

The upstream announcement has all the details on the changes.

As we have been following the develop branch, many of the changes were already active on qua.name before this release. We typically merge in changes from upstream as soon as possible after testing.

The 0.11 release has many interesting new features, I won't list them all here, the upstream announcement does an excellent job of describing them.

There is a new experimental admin option available to silence users. So far, I haven't needed that feature.

There are however quite a few users which register on the site and never use it afterwards as well as a couple of obvious articles that just exist to have links to other sites for gambling etcetera. At some point I will publish a policy where it will be made clear how inactive accounts and commercial postings are handled. The silencing makes the users posts invisible for others but does not affect the user otherwise, i.e. log in is still possible.