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An average user with no technical background can definitely be intimidated by the thought of executing a highly technical process such as to convert OST to MBOX! The process certainly has quite many aspects that can take a turn for the worse for the users who do not have deeper knowledge on the subject. That being said, there is a sound way of getting over this hurdle which is to opt for OST Extractor Pro.

While there are many email conversion tools available in the market but OST Extractor Pro is quite unique in its approach, especially so for the beginners in this segment. The tool has a unique interface that is naturally interpretative. Moreover, the process doesn’t include any difficult expressions that can create confusions in the overall execution. Needless to say, the tool is capable of giving a sensational output too.

It is definitely in the best interest of the users to opt for this tool to convert OST to MBOX!

It can also convert OST to PST, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail as well as EML file format.

convert ost to mbox

What are these easy guidelines that everyone is talking about? Many tools promise easier and lighter paths to converting OST to MBOX but rarely do these tools stand the ground. Rather, these tools fall short on offering even the basic functions pertaining to the task of converting OST to MBOX.

OST Extractor Pro, on the other hand, stands true to its word and offers free-flowing route straight to the impeccably converted files. A simple elaboration of a few of these major guidelines can be illustrated as below:

  • In order to convert OST to MBOX in the traditional manner, one is required to extract the OST database prior to setting foot on the core process. However, this tool simplifies the task by completely eliminating the need to extract the data. This is achieved as the tool scans and extracts the default data files on behalf of the user. This action not only lightens the burden of the user but also speeds up the process to a great extent.

  • Another important aspect that is covered by the tool is the convoluted steps to the final destination. The tool has hardly 5 steps which can be followed without any problems. These include simple choices as per the user requirements. For example, the finalization of files and folders post their upload onto the tool, etc.

  • A simple interface definitely solidifies the whole concept of docile process offered by the tool. Everything is displayed on a single screen GUI and thereby there is a vivid understanding of each and every step to convert OST to MBOX.

  • OST Extractor Pro also offers a 24*7 customer care service to those who wish to convert OST to MBOX. In case, any user gets stuck, the friendly agents come to their rescue in no time.

OST Extractor Pro is a tool that one can rely on with eyes closed. It holds the capability to produce the desired results very precisely and thus live up to the expectations of the users.