Crwys' public journal

A personal exploration of the path of Druidry

Greetings to whoever may find this!

My purpose in here is to document my exploration of spirituality. I am always tempted to prod out a long and unassailable apology for spiritual pursuits. I will this and trust that if it is something you find interesting, that you will find some utility in what I write. To be more specific about the nature (hah!) of what I will be exploring – the subjects will largely involve modern Druidry.

Given the long, contiguous, and sometimes tumultuous history of that “religion” and the labels surrounding it (including religion) I will also be clear that, given the paucity of original and non-theoretical attestation of historical Druidry, what I am practicing is revivalist (a.k.a. Modern Druidry). This is another charged term, and seems to result in long sets of apologetic gyrations. My position, briefly, is that from the core ideas and the integration of other systems and understandings to that core, a practice – however novel – can be judged by its efficacy. Having been an initiate into various traditions (including taking Buddhist precepts at one point), I can say with confidence that my short work on the path of Druidry has already been productive. I am currently working through the published requirements of the AODA ( and John Michael Greer's primer, The Druidry Handbook.

Views and opinions expressed here are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of AODA, Druids, are anyone but myself really. Much of what I will be discussing here will be further experiments and insights derived from that work, as well as my musings about things that I've picked up along the way.

Thank you for reading.