List of free Windows software for normal users.

Please note the following points:

  • This list contains the great built-in apps in Windows.
  • Strikethrough text is used to show that something is not recommended. These apps aren't private or reliable enough compared to similar apps.
  • Some apps could possibly infringe copyright or other laws.
  • Microsoft Store Apps may not have all the features of Desktop Apps.




Audio Players

Audio Editors

Music Production

  • MuseScore – Create, playback, and print sheet music for free. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • LMMS – Cross-platform music production software. Repo
  • Mixxx – Free DJ software that gives you everything you need to perform live mixes. Repo
  • Helio Workstation – One music sequencer for all major platforms, desktop and mobile. Repo
  • Sonic Pi – A code-based music creation and performance tool. Repo
  • AudioStellar – Open source data-driven musical instrument for latent sound structure discovery and music experimentation. Repo


  • projectM – The most advanced open-source music visualizer. Microsoft Store
  • Friture – An application to visualize and analyze live audio data in real-time. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • Jamulus – A networked music performance software allowing musicians to rehearse, perform and play in real-time.
  • Figaro – Real-time open-source voice modification program & sound board.
  • Soundux – A cross-platform soundboard that features a simple user interface. Repo
  • Carla – A fully-featured audio plugin host, with support for many audio drivers and plugin formats. Repo
  • Equalizer APO – A system-wide equalizer.
  • Peace Equalizer – A Windows PC interface for Equalizer APO.
  • Real-time Noise Suppression Plugin – Noise suppression plugin based on Xiph's RNNoise.
  • SoundSwitch – SoundSwitch offers you the opportunity to switch your playback and recording devices using simple hotkeys. Repo
  • Audio Band – Display and control songs from the Windows taskbar.
  • MicMute – Control your microphone using keyboard and mouse hotkeys.
  • Mechvibes – Adds sound feedback any keyboard. Repo
  • AirConnect – Use AirPlay to stream to UPnP/Sonos & Chromecast devices.


Video Players

  • Media Player – Media Player is designed to make listening to and watching your multimedia content more enjoyable.
  • Rise Media Player – One media player for everything you own or stream.
  • VLC – A cross-platform media player software and streaming media server developed by the VideoLAN project. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • MPC-BE – A free and open source audio and video player.
  • MPC-HC – A free and open-source video and audio player.
  • mpv – A free, open source, and cross-platform media player. Repo
  • – A modern media player for Windows based on the popular mpv player. Microsoft Store
  • SMPlayer – Free Media Player with built-in codecs. Microsoft Store
  • Kawaii-Player – Multimedia player, media library manager and portable media server with PC-To-PC casting feature.
  • Streamlink Twitch GUI – A multi platform browser for Streamlink. Repo
  • FreeTube – An Open Source YouTube app for privacy. Repo
  • Piped – An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design. Repo
  • Invidious – An alternative front-end to YouTube. Repo
  • – Watch any sub-only Twitch VOD for free. Repo
  • Popcorn Time – A free BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player. Repo
  • MotionMonkey – A semantic video player designed to stream Internet videos from a single query. Microsoft Store
  • Syncplay – Syncplay synchronises the position and play state of multiple media players so that the viewers can watch the same thing at the same time. Repo
  • Metastream – Watch streaming media with friends. Repo
  • OpenTogetherTube – The easy way to watch videos with your friends. Repo
  • WatchParty – A website for watching videos together. Repo
  • Pennywise – Cross-platform application to open any website or media in a floating window.

Video Editors

  • DaVinci Resolve – A color grading and non-linear video editing application.
  • Hitfilm Express – Free video editing software with professional-grade VFX tools and everything you need to make awesome content, films or gaming videos.
  • Shotcut – A free, open source, cross-platform video editor. Repo
  • OpenShot – An award-winning free and open-source video editor. Repo
  • Olive – Free open-source non-linear video editor. Repo
  • Kdenlive – Free and open source video editor. Repo
  • StaxRip – Video encoding GUI for Windows.
  • Natron – Open-source video compositing software. Repo
  • Astrofox – A motion graphics program that lets turn audio into amazing videos. Repo
  • – lets anyone create engaging videos for their audio, perfect for sharing on social media. Repo
  • Kinovea – A video annotation tool designed for motion analysis. Repo
  • Clipchamp – Free online video editor.
  • FFmpeg – A collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata.
  • HandBrake – An open-source video transcoder. Repo
  • LosslessCut – The swiss army knife of lossless video/audio editing.
  • VidCoder – An open-source DVD/Blu-ray ripping and video transcoding application. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • MKVToolNix – A set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files under Linux, other Unices and Windows.
  • av-converter – Convert audio/video files to another format. Repo


  • Kodi – An award-winning free and open source software media player and entertainment hub for digital media for HTPCs (Home theater PCs). Repo · Microsoft Store
  • Jellyfin – A personal media server and client. Repo
  • Universal Media Server – A DLNA, UPnP and HTTP(S) Media Server. Repo
  • Macast – A menu bar application using mpv as DLNA Media Renderer. Repo
  • Webcamoid – A full featured and multiplatform webcam suite. Repo
  • Mini Video Me – A small webcam player focused on providing an easy way to add and control your webcam during recordings.
  • Anime4KCPP – A high performance anime upscaler.
  • DVDStyler – A cross-platform free DVD authoring application.
  • Subtitle Edit – A free editor for video subtitles. Repo
  • SubSync – An automatic movie subtitle synchronization tool. Repo
  • Subliminal – A command line tool to search and download subtitles. Repo
  • Radarr – A movie collection manager for Usenet and BitTorrent users. Repo
  • Mediarepo – A tool for managing media files. Repo
  • Stash – An organizer for your porn, written in Go. Repo
  • IPTV – Collection of publicly available IPTV channels from all over the world.


Screenshot and Screen Recorder

Digital Painting

  • Inkscape – A free and open-source vector graphics editor. Microsoft Store
  • Krita – A free and open source digital painting application. Repo
  • Pinta – A free, open source program for drawing and image editing. Repo
  • Drawpile – A collaborative drawing program. Repo
  • tldraw – A tiny little drawing app. Repo
  • AutoDraw – An intuitive drawing tool for everyone.
  • Excalidraw – Virtual whiteboard for sketching hand-drawn like diagrams. Repo
  • OpenBoard – A cross-platform interactive whiteboard application intended for use in a classroom setting. Repo
  • WBO – Online collaborative Whiteboard that is simple, free, easy to use and to deploy. Repo

Image Viewer

Image Editors

  • GIMP – A cross-platform image editor.
  • PhotoGIMP – A patch for optimizing GIMP 2.10+ for Adobe Photoshop users.
  • Paint.NET – Free image and photo editing software.
  • ImageMagick – A software suite to create, edit, and compose bitmap images. Repo
  • PhotoDemon – A portable photo editor. Repo
  • Photopea – Online photo editor.
  • miniPaint – Online image editor lets you create, edit images using HTML5 technologies. Repo
  • FotoSketcher – Turn your photos into beautiful paintings, sketches or drawings in seconds.
  • Polotno Studio – Free online design editor. Repo
  • Milton – A free and open-source infinite canvas paint program. Repo
  • – An online tool which allows you to create beautiful mobile & browser mockups from screenshots. Repo
  • Rembg – A command line tool to remove images background.
  • Cleanup.Picture – A free web application that lets you quickly cleanup or remove objects in any image.
  • BackgroundRemover – A free web application that lets you Remove Background from images and video. Repo
  • – Remove background from images 100% automatically in 5 seconds without a single click.
  • darktable – An open source photography workflow application and raw developer. Repo
  • RawTherapee – A powerful cross-platform raw photo processing program. Repo
  • Filmulator – Simplified raw editing with the power of film. Repo
  • digiKam – An advanced digital photo management application. Repo
  • Imagine – A desktop app for compression of PNG and JPEG, with a modern and friendly UI.
  • Caesium – A cross-platform image compression software. Repo
  • Caesium Image Compressor – An image compression web app.
  • Squoosh – An image compression web app that reduces image sizes through numerous formats. Repo

Pixel Editors

2D and 3D

  • Synfig Studio – A free and open-source 2D animation software. Repo
  • OpenToonz – An open-source full-featured 2D animation creation software. Repo
  • Pencil2D – An easy, intuitive tool to make 2D hand-drawn animations. Repo
  • Wick Editor – A free and open-source tool for creating games, animations and everything in-between! Repo
  • Blender – Free and Open Source 3D creation suite. Microsoft Store
  • FreeCAD – An open-source parametric 3D modeler made primarily to design real-life objects of any size. Repo
  • OpenSCAD – The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller. Repo
  • MeshLab – The open source mesh processing system. Repo
  • Sweet Home 3D – A free interior design application which helps you draw the plan of your house, arrange furniture on it and visit the results in 3D.
  • F3D – A fast and minimalist 3D viewer. Repo


Browsers and Extensions


  • Firefox – Get the browser that protects what’s important. Microsoft Store
  • LibreWolf – A fork of Firefox, focused on privacy, security and freedom.
  • Brave – A fast, private and secure web browser. Repo
  • Chromium – The free and open-source project behind Google Chrome.
  • Tor Browser – A web broswer that anonymizes your web traffic using the Tor network.
  • Min – A fast, minimal browser that protects your privacy. Repo


  • uBlock Origin – An efficient blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean.
  • AdNauseam – Fight back against advertising surveillance. Repo
  • ClearURLs – This extension will automatically remove tracking elements from URLs to help protect your privacy when browsing the Internet. Repo
  • LocalCDN – A web browser extension that emulates Content Delivery Networks to improve your online privacy. Repo
  • LibRedirect – A web extension that redirects popular sites to alternative privacy-friendly frontends and backends. Repo
  • Mailvelope – Browser extension for OpenPGP encryption with Webmail.
  • Violentmonkey – An open source userscript manager. Repo
  • Automa – A chrome extension for automating your browser by connecting blocks. Repo
  • Omni – The all-in-one tool to supercharge your productivity keyboard.
  • Memex – Browser Extension to full-text search your browsing history & bookmarks. Repo
  • Dark Reader – Dark Reader analyzes web pages and aims to reduce eyestrain while browsing the web. Repo
  • Bypass Paywalls – A web browser extension to help bypass paywalls for selected sites.
  • Search by Image – A browser extension that makes effortless reverse image searches possible, and comes with support for more than 30 search engines.
  • Read Aloud – A Text to Speech Voice Reader extension for your browser! Repo
  • Translate Web Pages – Translate your page in real time using Google or Yandex.
  • Screenity – The most powerful screen recorder & annotation tool for Chrome.
  • Marinara – A time management assistant for Chrome that follows the Pomodoro Technique.
  • nightTab – A neutral new tab page accented with a chosen colour. Repo
  • xBrowserSync – Free and open source tool for syncing your browser data between browsers and devices whilst maintaining your privacy and anonymity. Repo
  • Floccus – Sync your bookmarks privately across browsers. Repo
  • Gesturefy – Navigate, operate, and browse faster with mouse gestures! A customizable Firefox mouse gesture add-on with a variety of different commands.




  • Signal – A messaging app with an unexpected focus on privacy, combined with all the features expected from a modern IM app. Repo
  • Element – Secure and independent communication, connected via Matrix. Repo
  • Session – An end-to-end encrypted messenger. Repo
  • Franz – Messaging app for WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, HipChat, Hangouts and many many more. Repo
  • Hamsket – Free messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one.
  • Jitsi Meet – Free Jitsi Meet instance, provising state-of-the-art video conferencing. Repo
  • Revolt – User-first chat platform built with modern web technologies. Repo

Social Media

  • LBRY – A decentralized video sharing network. Repo
  • PeerTube – A free, decentralized and federated video platform. Repo
  • Glimesh – A next generation live streaming platform built by the community, for the community. Repo
  • Mastodon – Globally interconnected microblogging community. Repo
  • Lemmy – A link aggregator / Reddit clone for the fediverse. Repo
  • WriteFreely – A clean, simple publishing platform made for writers. Repo


  • Streamlink – A CLI utility which pipes video streams from various services into a video player. Repo
  • youtube-dl – Command-line program to download videos from and other video sites. Repo
  • YT-DLP – A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes.
  • You-Get – A tiny command-line utility to download media contents (videos, audios, images) from the Web. Repo
  • Lux – A fast and simple video downloader built with Go.
  • Tartube – A GUI front-end for youtube-dl.
  • Hitomi Downloader – Desktop utility to download images/videos/music/text from various websites, and more.
  • Video Downloader – A video and channel downloader that supports 110 websites.
  • YoutubeDownloader – An application that lets you download videos from YouTube.
  • qBittorrent – qBittorrent aims to be a good alternative to all other bittorrent clients out there. Repo
  • Transmission – A fast, easy, and free BitTorrent client. Repo
  • PicoTorrent – A tiny and minimal BitTorrent client. Repo
  • WebTorrent – The streaming torrent app. Repo
  • – Streaming file transfer over WebTorrent (torrents on the web). Repo
  • Free Download Manager – A powerful modern download accelerator and organizer.
  • Motrix – A full-featured download manager. Repo
  • FireDM – A good open-source internet download manager.
  • JDownloader – A free, open-source download management tool.
  • XDM – Powerfull download accelerator and video downloader. Repo
  • Persepolis – A download manager & a GUI for Aria2. Repo
  • AriaNg-Native – A better aria2 desktop frontend than AriaNg, containing all features of AriaNg and more features for desktop. Repo
  • N_m3u8DL-CLI – A command line tool for downloading m3u8. Repo
  • Twitch Leecher – An extremely fast and easy to use Twitch VOD downloader.
  • SpotiFlyer – Kotlin Multiplatform Music Downloader ,supports Spotify, Youtube, Gaana, Jio-Saavn and SoundCloud.
  • HakuNeko – A cross-platform downloader for manga and anime from various websites. Repo
  • AllTube Download – Web GUI for youtube-dl. Repo
  • Ytmdl – A simple app to get songs from YouTube in mp3 format with artist name, album name etc from sources like iTunes, Spotify, LastFM, Deezer, Gaana etc. Repo

News and Books



  • Okular – A universal document viewer. Microsoft Store
  • Sumatra PDF – A free PDF, eBook (ePub, Mobi), XPS, DjVu, CHM, Comic Book (CBZ and CBR) viewer. Repo
  • Sioyek – A PDF viewer designed for reading research papers and technical books. Repo
  • calibre – An e-book manager. Repo
  • Koodo Reader – A modern ebook manager and reader. Repo
  • Libation – Audible audiobook manager.
  • AudiobookSuite – A WPF application with the goal of providing an easy to use local audiobook library and player for modern Windows systems.
  • Thorium Reader – The best free reading application for EPUB, PDF and DAISY 3 ebooks, audiobooks and digital comics. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • YACReader – Yet another comic reader. Repo
  • Sigil – A multi-platform EPUB ebook editor.
  • PDF Arranger – Small python-gtk application, which helps the user to merge or split pdf documents and rotate, crop and rearrange their pages using an interactive and intuitive graphical interface.
  • PDFsam – A desktop application to extract pages, split, merge, mix and rotate PDF files. Repo
  • Kiwix – An offline reader for online content like Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg, or TED Talks. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • ZLibrary – The world's largest ebook library.
  • Sci-Hub – A shadow library website that provides free access to millions of research papers and books.
  • Library Genesis – A file-sharing based shadow library website.
  • Project Gutenberg – A library of over 60,000 free eBooks.
  • Open Library – An open, editable library catalog.
  • Internet Archive – A non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.
  • Mind Expanding Books – Books everyone should read! Repo
  • Books – Awesome Book Lists.


  • – An online game marketplace and community. Repo
  • GOG GALAXY – Truly gamer friendly, DRM-free online gaming platform.
  • Playnite – An open source video game library manager and launcher with support for 3rd party libraries like Steam, GOG, Origin, and Uplay. Repo
  • RetroArch – A frontend for emulators, game engines and media players. Repo
  • Minetest – An open source voxel game engine. Repo
  • Warzone 2100 – A ground-breaking and innovative 3D real-time strategy game. Repo
  • 0 A.D. – A free, open-source game of ancient warfare.
  • Widelands – A free, open source real-time strategy game with singleplayer campaigns and a multiplayer mode. Repo
  • Mindustry – A sandbox tower defense game written in Java. Repo
  • Wesnoth – An open source, turn-based strategy game with a high fantasy theme. Repo
  • Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead – A turn-based survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Repo
  • Thrive – A free, open-source game about the evolution of life. Repo
  • Unciv – Open-source Android/Desktop remake of Civ V.
  • SuperTuxKart – A free kart racing game. Repo
  • Xonotic – An addictive, arena-style first person shooter with crisp movement and a wide array of weapons.
  • FlightGear – An open-source flight simulator.
  • Endless Sky – A space exploration and combat game similar to Escape Velocity. Repo
  • osu! – A free-to-win rhythm game. Rhythm is just a click away! Repo
  • Lichess – The complete chess experience, play and compete with friends and others around the world. Repo

File Management

  • 7-Zip – A file archiver with a high compression ratio.
  • NanaZip – The 7-Zip derivative intended for the modern Windows experience. Microsoft Store
  • PeaZip – A free file manager and file archiver. Repo
  • Files – A modern file manager. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • Xplorer – A customizable, modern and cross-platform File Explorer. Repo
  • Double Commander – A free cross platform open source file manager with two panels side by side. Repo
  • Sigma File Manager – A free, open-source, quickly evolving, modern file manager app.
  • Far Manager – A program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems. Repo
  • Czkawka – Multi functional app to find duplicates, empty folders, similar images etc.
  • dupeGuru – A cross-platform GUI tool to find duplicate files in a system. Repo
  • Video Duplicate Finder – A cross-platform software to find duplicated video (and image) files on hard disk based on similiarity.
  • Ant Renamer – A free program that makes easier the renaming of lots of files and folders by using specified settings.
  • File Renamer Diff – A File Renamer App featuring a difference display before and after the change for Windows. Microsoft Store
  • WinMerge – An Open Source differencing and merging tool for Windows. Repo
  • Pandoc – Universal markup converter. Repo
  • File Converter – A very simple tool which allows you to convert and compress one or several file(s) using the context menu of windows explorer. Repo
  • Dangerzone – Take potentially dangerous PDFs, office documents, or images and convert them to a safe PDF. Repo
  • Convertio – Easy tool to convert files online.

Backup and Sync

  • Nextcloud – A suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services. Repo
  • MEGA – A secure, user-controlled end-to-end encrypted cloud storage and communications service with 20 GB free storage space. Repo
  • Sync – A file storage and document collaboration platform.
  • Tresorit – Tresorit is the ultra-secure place in the cloud to store, sync, and share files within your organization and with external partners.
  • Internxt Drive – A zero-knowledge cloud storage service based on best-in-class privacy and security. Repo
  • Rclone – A command-line program to sync files and directories to and from different cloud storage providers. Repo
  • Duplicati – Store securely encrypted backups in the cloud!
  • Kopia – A simple, cross-platform tool for managing encrypted backups in the cloud. Repo
  • restic – Fast, secure, efficient backup program. Repo
  • Duplicacy – A new generation cloud backup tool. Repo
  • Syncthing – A continuous file synchronization program. Repo
  • Cyberduck – A libre FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, Backblaze B2, Azure & OpenStack Swift browser. Repo
  • Ludusavi – A tool for backing up your PC video game save data.
  • ChoEazyCopy – Simple and powerful RoboCopy GUI.
  • Ultracopier – Ultracopier acts as a replacement for files copy dialogs. Repo

File Sharing

  • WinSCP – A popular free SFTP and FTP client for Windows. Repo
  • OpenSSH – Windows Optional Features. OpenSSH is a complete implementation of the SSH protocol (version 2) for secure remote login, command execution and file transfer.
  • SFTPGo – Fully featured and highly configurable SFTP server with optional HTTP/S, FTP/S and WebDAV support.
  • LANDrop – A cross-platform tool that you can use to conveniently transfer photos, videos, and other types of files to other devices on the same local network. Repo
  • Sharik – An open-source, cross-platform solution for sharing files via Wi-Fi or Mobile Hotspot. Microsoft Store
  • Winpinator – Send and receive files across a local network. Repo
  • Flying Carpet – Wireless, encrypted file transfer over automatically configured ad hoc networking.
  • miniserve – A CLI tool to serve files and dirs over HTTP.
  • OnionShare – An open source tool that lets you securely and anonymously share files, host websites, and chat with friends using the Tor network. Repo
  • croc – A CLI file-transfer tool. Repo
  • Magic Wormhole – Get things from one computer to another, safely.
  • Rymdport – A GUI for the Magic Wormhole.
  • Tresorit Send – Send big files up to 5 GB securely.
  • Send – Simple, private file sharing. Repo
  • Disroot Upload – Anonymous file sharing services with temporary storage.
  • FileSend – Simple, encrypted file sharing.
  • SwissTransfer – Send files up to 50 GB free of charge.
  • pic.infini – A free and anonymous image hosting service.
  • Snapdrop – A Progressive Web App for local file sharing. Repo
  • ShareDrop – Easy P2P file transfer powered by WebRTC. Repo
  • FilePizza – Peer-to-peer file transfers in your browser. Repo
  • Blaze – A P2P file sharing web app. Repo
  • Wormhole – Simple, private file sharing.
  • I2P – The Invisible Internet Project (I2P) is a fully encrypted private network layer.
  • Freenet – A peer-to-peer platform for censorship-resistant and privacy-respecting publishing and communication.
  • IPFS – A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open. Repo



  • LibreOffice – A free and powerful office suite.
  • Google Docs – Free online document editor.
  • Microsoft Office Online – Collaborate for free with online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote.
  • CryptPad – A collaboration suite that is end-to-end-encrypted and open-source.Repo
  • Grist – A modern relational spreadsheet. Repo
  • Sozi – A presentation tool for SVG documents. Repo

Note Taking

  • Joplin – A free, open source note taking and to-do application, which can handle a large number of notes organised into notebooks. Repo
  • Standard Notes – A free, open-source, and completely encrypted notes app. Repo
  • Cryptee – A privacy focused, encrypted and secure documents, notes, files and photos service. Repo
  • SilentNotes – A simple note taking app which respects your privacy. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • Simplenote – The simplest way to keep notes. Microsoft Store
  • Trilium Notes – A hierarchical note taking application with focus on building large personal knowledge bases.
  • Logseq – A privacy-first, open-source platform for knowledge management and collaboration. Repo
  • Zettlr – A Markdown Editor for the 21st century. Repo
  • AppFlowy – An open-source alternative to Notion. Repo
  • Foam – A personal knowledge management and sharing system for VSCode. Repo
  • Athens – An open-source knowledge graph that helps individuals and organizations solve complex problems by enabling them to capture, compose, and recombine ideas. Repo
  • QOwnNotes – A plain-text file notepad and todo-list manager with markdown support and Nextcloud / ownCloud integration. Repo
  • Obsidian – A powerful knowledge base on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files.
  • Mini Diary – Simple and secure journal app.
  • linked – Daily journaling without distraction. Repo
  • RedNotebook – A modern desktop journal. Repo
  • Leaflet – POSP official notes application, written in flutter, beautiful, fast and secure. Repo
  • Lorien – An infinite canvas drawing/note-taking app that is focused on performance, small savefiles and simplicity.
  • Xournal++ – A handwriting notetaking software with PDF annotation support. Repo
  • Microsoft Journal – A notetaking application that focuses on the inking experience.

Writing Tools

Markdown Editors

  • Notable – The Markdown-based note-taking app. Repo
  • MarkText – A simple and elegant markdown editor. Repo
  • Abricotine – Markdown editor with inline preview. Repo
  • PanWriter – Markdown editor with pandoc integration and paginated preview. Repo
  • StackEdit – In-browser Markdown editor. Repo
  • Dillinger – A cloud-enabled, mobile-ready, offline-storage compatible, AngularJS-powered HTML5 Markdown editor. Repo

Task Management

Clipboard Managers

  • Ditto – An extension to the standard windows clipboard. Microsoft Store
  • CopyQ – An advanced clipboard manager with powerful editing and scripting features. Repo
  • Clipboard Canvas – A tool that helps you be productive, preview multiple files on Infinite Canvas, save storage space with smart Reference Files, and work uninterruptibly with Autopaste. Microsoft Store
  • XClipper – A clipboard manager for Windows & Android which helps to track clipboard activities and makes it easier to interact with them. Repo

Mind Mapping

  • drawio-desktop – An open source technology stack for building diagramming applications. Repo
  • – Free online diagram software.
  • Heimer – A simple cross-platform mind map, diagram, and note-taking tool written in Qt.
  • My Mind – A web application for creating and managing Mind maps. Repo
  • mindmaps – An open source, offline capable, mind mapping application leveraging HTML5 technologies. Repo
  • Wireflow – Flow chart collaboration app. Repo
  • ASCIIFlow – A client-side only web based application for drawing ASCII diagrams. Repo


  • espanso – A cross-platform Text Expander written in Rust. Repo
  • Beeftext – A text snippet tool for Windows. Repo
  • AutoHotkey – A free, open source macro-creation and automation software utility that allows users to automate repetitive tasks. Repo
  • Power Automate – Power Automate allows you to automate web and desktop applications on your Windows desktop by mimicking the user interface actions like clicks, and keyboard input.
  • AutoActions – Application-based actions to change Windows settings ( display, audio) or run any program or action.
  • Mouse Jiggler – A very simple piece of software whose sole function is to “fake” mouse input to Windows, and jiggle the mouse pointer back and forth.
  • Shutdown Timer Classic – Pick a time and let your computer shutdown itself. Microsoft Store


  • Scribus – An open source desktop publishing software.
  • TeXstudio – A fully featured LaTeX editor. Repo
  • TagSpaces – An offline, open source, document manager with tagging support. Repo
  • Knowledge Canvas – With Knowledge Canvas, you can import almost any digital resource and use it to build your own personal Knowledge Base.
  • Paperwork – Paperwork is a personal document manager. It manages scanned documents and PDFs. Repo
  • Datawrapper – An open source tool helping everyone to create simple, correct and embeddable charts in minutes.
  • RAWGraphs – An open web tool to create custom vector-based visualizations on top of the amazing d3.js library.
  • Reactive Resume – A free and open source resume builder. Repo
  • Resumake – A website for automatically generating elegant LaTeX resumes. Repo
  • Phone Link – Link your Android phone and PC to view and reply to text messages, make and receive calls, view your notifications, and more.
  • KDE Connect – Enabling communication between all your devices. Microsoft Store
  • QuickLook – Bring macOS “Quick Look” feature to Windows. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • DropPoint – Make drag-and-drop easier using DropPoint. Repo

Health and Fitness

  • Ambie – The best white noise app on Windows. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • f.lux – f.lux warms up your screen at night to help you relax and wind down before bed. Microsoft Store
  • LightBulb – An application that reduces eyestrain produced by staring at a computer screen when working late hours.
  • Eyes Guard – A Windows application for protecting your eyes when you are working with your PC or Laptop. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • Workrave – A free program that assists in the recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).
  • Pomatez – An open-source Pomodoro timer application aimed for simplicity and productivity. Repo
  • Pomotroid – Simple and visually-pleasing Pomodoro timer. Repo
  • Stretchly – The break time reminder app. Repo
  • ActivityWatch – The best free and open-source automated time tracker. Repo
  • Strategr – No-Fuss Time Management App. Repo
  • Nomie – Open-source mood and life tracking. Repo
  • Habitica – A habit tracker app which treats your goals like a Role Playing Game. Repo
  • QMapShack – An intuitive and efficient tool for route planning and GPS recordings visualization.

Personal Finance

  • Money – Personal Expense Manager. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • My Budget – Free, open source offline cross-platform budgeting solution built with Electron.
  • Money Manager Ex – A free, open-source, cross-platform, easy-to-use personal finance software. Repo
  • GnuCash – A personal and small-business finance manager. Repo
  • KMyMoney – A cross-platform personal finance manager.
  • grocy – A web-based self-hosted groceries & household management solution for your home. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • Frappe Books – Free Desktop book-keeping software for small businesses and freelancers. Repo
  • CryptoTracker – Simple yet powerful cryptocurrency portfolio tracker designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Microsoft Store
  • rotki – A portfolio tracking, analytics, accounting and tax reporting application that protects your privacy. Repo


  • LanguageTool – Checks your writing in more than 20 languages. Repo
  • Crow Translate – A simple and lightweight translator. Repo
  • DeepL Translator – A neural machine translation service.
  • Lingva Translate – Alternative front-end for Google Translate. Repo
  • Zotero – A free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. Repo
  • JabRef – An open-source, cross-platform citation and reference management tool. Repo
  • Qiqqa – A free research and reference manager. Repo
  • GCompris – A high quality educational software suite. Microsoft Store
  • Scratch – With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations. Microsoft Store
  • Stellarium – A free open source planetarium for your computer. Repo
  • Celestia – Real-time 3D visualization of space. Repo
  • Avogadro – An advanced molecular editor designed for cross-platform use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science, and related areas. Repo
  • Anki – Powerful, intelligent flash cards. Repo
  • Tabby– Simple timetable desktop app to track your school schedule.
  • Qalculate! – A multi-purpose cross-platform desktop calculator. Repo
  • Orange Data Mining – A data mining and visualization toolbox for novice and expert alike. Repo
  • GeoGebra – Free digital tools for class activities, graphing, geometry, collaborative whiteboard and more.
  • Gramps – Research, organize and share your family tree with Gramps.
  • Scilab – Open source software for numerical computation.
  • GNU Octave – A programming language for scientific computing.
  • BOINC – Open-source software for volunteer computing and grid computing. Repo
  • ZoteroBib – ZoteroBib helps you build a bibliography instantly from any computer or device.
  • edX – Free online courses by Harvard, MIT.
  • Khan Academy – A personalized learning resource for all ages.
  • Coursera – Free and paid courses on a wide variety of subjects from scholastic to technical and more.


Network and Admin


  • Docker – Enterprise-focused container platform for building, sharing, and running any application. Repo
  • Hyper-V – Hyper-V is Microsoft's hardware virtualization product.
  • VirtualBox – A powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product for enterprise as well as home use.
  • WSL – Windows Subsystem for Linux.
  • WSA – Windows Subsystem for Android.
  • wsa_pacman – A GUI package manager and package installer for Windows Subsystem for Android.
  • Magisk on WSA – Integrate Magisk root and Google Apps (OpenGApps) into WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android).
  • Windows Sandbox – Windows Sandbox provides a lightweight desktop environment to safely run applications in isolation.
  • Sandboxie – A sandbox-based isolation software for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows NT-based operating systems. Repo

Remote Desktop

  • Chrome Remote Desktop – The easy way to remotely connect with your home or work computer, or share your screen with others.
  • DWService – Remotely access your devices from a Web browser.
  • AnyDesk – Your Remote Desktop Software for Windows.
  • Quick Assist – A new app in Windows 10 that enables you to receive or provide assistance over a remote connection.
  • scrcpy – Display and control your Android device.
  • QtScrcpy – Android real-time display control software.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop – Use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and desktops made available by your admin.
  • TightVNC – A free remote desktop application.
  • TigerVNC – A free remote desktop software server and client application. Repo
  • Weylus – Use your tablet as graphic tablet/touch screen on your computer.
  • Moonlight – An open source implementation of NVIDIA's GameStream. Repo
  • ZeroTier – A smart programmable Ethernet switch for planet Earth. Repo
  • Tailscale – A mesh VPN alternative that makes it easy to connect your devices. Repo
  • ScreenTask – Share your screen across local devices without internet. Repo
  • Deskreen – A desktop app that turns any device with a web browser into a secondary screen for your computer over WiFi. Repo
  • RustDesk – Yet another remote desktop software. Repo
  • Screego – Screego allows you to share your screen with good quality and low latency. Repo
  • PRemoteM – A modern personal remote session manager and launcher. Microsoft Store
  • mRemoteNG – An open source, multi-protocol, tabbed remote connections manager. Repo
  • Veyon – Cross-platform computer monitoring and classroom management. Repo

Network Monitors

  • Wireshark – The world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer.
  • GlassWire – A network security monitoring tool and analyzer.
  • Fiddler – A Web Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet.
  • NETworkManager – A powerful tool for managing networks and troubleshoot network problems. Repo
  • Angry IP Scanner – Fast and friendly network scanner. Repo
  • TrafficMonitor – A network monitoring suspension window software on Windows platform.
  • OpenNetMeter – A simple program to monitor your network/data usage.


  • SwitchHosts – An App for managing hosts file. Repo
  • Wifinian – A Windows desktop tool to enable user to actively control Wi-Fi connections. Microsoft Store
  • LibreSpeed – This is a very lightweight Speedtest implemented in Javascript, using XMLHttpRequest and Web Workers. Repo


  • Notepads – A modern, lightweight text editor with a minimalist design. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • Notepad++ – A free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Repo
  • Kate – A multi-document text editor. Microsoft Store
  • Lapce – Lightning-fast and Powerful Code Editor written in Rust. Repo
  • Visual Studio Code – A free, lightweight, and extensible code editor. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • VSCodium – A community-driven, freely-licensed binary distribution of Microsoft’s editor VS Code. Repo
  • DevToys – A Swiss Army knife for developers. Microsoft Store
  • Windows Terminal – A modern, fast, efficient, powerful, and productive terminal application for users of command-line tools and shells like Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL.
  • Fluent Terminal – A Terminal Emulator based on UWP and web technologies. Microsoft Store
  • PowerShell – A task-based command-line shell and scripting language built on .NET.
  • Tabby – A highly configurable terminal emulator, SSH and serial client. Repo
  • adb – A programming tool used for the debugging of Android-based devices.
  • – Learn to code for free with millions of other people around the world. Repo
  • The Odin Project – An open-source curriculum for learning full-stack web development. Repo


Package Managers

Disk Imaging

File Shredders

  • BleachBit – BleachBit cleans files to free disk space and to maintain privacy. Repo
  • Eraser – A secure data removal tool for Windows.
  • Permadelete – An easy to use and beautiful app for shredding files and folders permanently. Repo · Microsoft Store
  • Turbo Delete – A blazing fast alternative to the default Windows delete.

File Recovery

  • TestDisk – A powerful free data recovery software. Repo
  • Windows File Recovery – A command-line software utility from Microsoft to recover deleted files.
  • DMDE – A powerful tool for data searching, editing, and recovery on disks.

Disk Usage Analyzers

Hardware Monitoring

System Administration

  • Sysinternals Suite – A bundle of the Sysinternals utilities including Process Explorer, Process Monitor, Sysmon, Autoruns, ProcDump, all of the PsTools, and many more.
  • Process Hacker – A free, powerful, multi-purpose tool that helps you monitor system resources, debug software and detect malware. Repo
  • NSudo – A system management tool for advanced users to launch programs with full privileges. Repo


  • Driver Store Explorer – Driver Store Explorer [RAPR] makes it easier to deal with Windows driver store.
  • FontForge – Free (libre) font editor for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU+Linux. Repo
  • Barrier – Open-source KVM software.
  • X-Mouse Controls – Windows utility to enable or disable active window tracking, raising and also the delay in milliseconds. Repo
  • SharpKeys – A utility that manages a Registry key that allows Windows to remap one key to any other key. Repo
  • OpenRGB – Open source RGB lighting control that doesn't depend on manufacturer software.
  • NVDA – The free and open source Screen Reader for Microsoft Windows.
  • Scanner – An all-in-one scanner app built for the Universal Windows Platform. Microsoft Store
  • WinCompose – A compose key for Windows. Repo
  • PowerToys – Windows system utilities to maximize productivity. Microsoft Store
  • AltSnap – Easily drag windows when pressing the alt key.
  • CompactGUI – Visual Interface for the Windows 10 Compact Function.
  • AltStore – An alternative app store for non-jailbroken iOS devices. Repo
  • Universal Android Debloater GUI – Cross-platform GUI written in Rust using ADB to debloat non-rooted android devices.

Privacy and Security

Encryption Tools

  • Bitlocker – A Microsoft Windows security and encryption feature.
  • VeraCrypt – Disk encryption with strong security based on TrueCrypt. Repo
  • – Encrypt and Decrypt files securely in your browser. Repo
  • Cryptomator – Multi-platform transparent client-side encryption of your files in the cloud. Repo
  • Boxcryptor – An easy-to-use encryption software optimized for the cloud.
  • Gnupg – A complete and free implementation of the OpenPGP standard as defined by PGP.
  • Age – A simple, modern and secure encryption tool. Repo
  • Picocrypt – A very small, very simple, yet very secure encryption tool. Repo
  • cppcryptfs – An implementation of the gocryptfs encrypted overlay filesystem in C++ for Windows.
  • SiriKali – A Qt/C++ GUI front end to sshfs, ecryptfs-simple, cryfs, gocryptfs, securefs, fscrypt and encfs. Repo
  • Kryptor – A simple, modern, and secure encryption and signing tool that aims to be a better version of age and Minisign. Repo
  • Minisign – A dead simple tool to sign files and verify digital signatures. Repo
  • Horcrux – Split your file into encrypted horcruxes so that you don't need to remember a passcode.
  • OpenStego – An open-source steganography tool. Repo
  • StegCloak – Hide secrets with invisible characters in plain text securely using passwords. Repo

Password Managers

System Tweakers

  • O&O ShutUp10++ – Free antispy tool for Windows 10 and 11.
  • Privatezilla – Performs a privacy & security check of Windows 10. Repo
  • ThisIsWin11 – ThisIsWin11 lets you customize Windows 11 all in one place.
  • Optimizer – The finest Windows Optimizer.


  • Windows Defender Firewall – A stateful host firewall.
  • Simplewall – Simple tool to configure Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) which can configure network activity on your computer. Repo
  • Portmaster – Monitor all network activity. Repo


  • Windows Security – Windows 10 and 11 include Windows Security, which provides the latest antivirus protection.
  • VirusTotal – Free online malware detection service for analyzing suspicious files and URLs.
  • ProtonVPN – High-speed Swiss VPN that safeguards your privacy. Repo
  • Windscribe – Free VPN and Ad Blocker. Repo
  • ExifCleaner – Cross-platform desktop GUI app to clean image metadata. Repo
  • Image Scrubber – This is a tool for anonymizing photographs taken at protests. Repo
  • Blacklight – A Real-Time Website Privacy Inspector.
  • Privacy Guides – Protect your data against global mass surveillance programs. Repo
  • PRISM Break – Privacy/security-oriented software recommendations. Repo
  • EFF – The leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation.
  • Awesome Privacy – List of free, open source and privacy respecting services and alternatives to privative services.
  • Personal Security Checklist – A curated checklist of 300+ tips for protecting digital security and privacy. Repo
  • Anonymous Planet – This is a maintained guide with the aim of providing an introduction to various online tracking techniques, online ID verification techniques, and detailed guidance to creating and maintaining (truly) anonymous online identities.

Online Services

Secret Sharing

  • PrivateBin – A minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data. Repo
  • Password Pusher – A dead-simple application to securely communicate passwords over the web. Repo
  • One-Time Secret – Keep sensitive info out of your email & chat logs. Repo
  • Yopass – Secure sharing of secrets, passwords and files. Repo

URL Shorteners

  • Kutt – A modern URL shortener with support for custom domains. Repo
  • – An anonymous URL redirector and shortener. Repo
  • Lstu – A nice and open source url shortener. Repo
  • ZWS – Shorten URLs using invisible spaces. Repo

Survey Tools

  • LimeSurvey – The most popular FOSS online survey tool on the web. Repo
  • Framaforms – Design your online surveys easily while respecting your audience.
  • Framadate – Schedule a meeting or create an opinion poll.

Search Engines

  • DuckDuckGo – The search engine that doesn't track you.
  • Searx – Privacy-respecting metasearch engine. Repo
  • Whoogle search – A self-hosted, ad-free, privacy-respecting metasearch engine. Repo


  • – A quick look into Fediverse networks.
  • AlternativeTo – A website which lists alternatives to web-based software, desktop computer software, and mobile apps.
  • Product Hunt – A website that lets users share and discover new products.
  • Slant – A product recommendation community with the goal of making it effortless to find the best product, app or game for you.
  • Awesome Windows – An awesome & curated list of best applications and tools for Windows.
  • – Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software.
  • Opensource.Builders – A website to find and request open-source alternatives to popular software you already use. Repo
  • Mostly Free Resources for Almost Everyone – A list of mostly free resources for almost anyone.
  • Awesome Piracy – A curated list of awesome warez and piracy links.
  • Piracy Index – This website is a collection of the best digital piracy resources. Repo
  • degoogle – A huge list of alternatives to Google products. Repo
  • Awesome-Selfhosted – A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own servers.

References & Acknowledgements

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