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Command line citizen

Continuing with series on development of command line tools, this week I'll look into more practical tips for making a CLI app that's nice to use. If you missed the first part where I discussed picking the language for your app you can find it here. Like I mentioned in the first post, what follows are just some of my own opinions, tips and tricks.


I've recently been working a lot with Spring Cloud Gateway. It's been (mostly) a pleasant experience, but I do encounter some annoying quirks from time to time. This is a story about one of them.


Tower of Babel

I've recently been working on a command line tool. You can read more about it in my previous blog post. In the process of writing it I've stumbled upon a couple of ideas and best practices that I'd like to share with you in a series of blog posts. In this first post I'll go over picking the programming language and package manager for your CLI.


Should I use angular, react or insert-framework-of-the-month for my next project?

prospective web developer in 2019

What framework should I use for web development in insert-exciting-new-language?

unsuspecting developer encountering an exciting new language

Web has become the default UI layer in recent years. Most projects grow around either a web or native mobile app. I myself usually start prototyping a new product by cobbling together a web app and hooking it up to a backend service.

However, what if that web (or mobile) app was not the right choice? Can we get away without building it at all? Here are a few interesting results I've come across while exploring this premise.