Ladies and Lords and “Pioneers”

Words/kanji covered: 開拓民: pioneer (but I'm not 100% certain) 侯: marquis 妹: younger sister 貴族: aristocrat

Tonight we're going to learn about these eight characters! We'll start with the ladies: Sara, Ellen, Monica, Katrina

サラ: 16歳, シノンの開拓民. So her name is Sara, she's 16, and her other info has something to do with “Shinon”. The kanji after “の” stumps me at first, since neither Wiktionary nor Jisho recognize it. I would rather not rely on machine translation, but in this case I use Papago and it gives me 開拓民(かいたくみん) – “pioneer”. So Sara is a pioneer in Shinon, at least unless someone corrects my translation here.

エレン: 20歳, シノンの開拓民. Ellen, 20, also a Shinon pioneer. Let's dive into these kanji now – 開 means “open”, 拓 means to open land or to clear land, and 民 means people.

モニカ: 19歳, ロアーヌ侯の妹. Monica, 19. The katakana in her description is also a place, but “侯” is appended directly to it. “侯” was hard to type with romaji – I was only able to produce it by typing out 侯の妹(ほうのいもうと) in its entirety. In any case, this translates to “marquis” or “daimyo”, and 妹 is “younger sister”. Monica is the Loanne Marquis' younger sister.

カタリナ: 24歳, ロアーヌ貴族. Katrina, 24. Loanne again. 貴族(きぞく) means “noble” or “aristocrat”.

I'm out of time, so we'll cover the men when I have time tomorrow!


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