Dark and stormy, continued.

Words/kanji covered: 兄: older brother お兄様: older brother, but respectful 大丈夫: all right, in good health かしら: I wonder? 玉座の間: Throne room 声: voice したような: I don't know this and I need help 誰: who

Resuming from the previous day, we pick up at: お兄様大丈夫かしら

お兄様(おにいさま): Respectful phrasing for an older brother. 兄 alone means older brother, and both お and 様 are added for extra respect. You might recall who もにか's older brother is. 大丈夫(だいじょうぶ): All right, in good health. かしら: “I wonder?” This is equivalent to かな, but かしら is used more by women (according to Wikipedia). So that's something I'll need to be mindful of!

So: “I wonder if my respected older brother is in good health” would be an awkwardly phrased English version of this.


玉座の間(ぎょくざのま): throne room! I love this one – the first two kanjis are “jade” and “seat” and they mean “throne” together. 間 means room, so this is “throne's room” – but we'd say “throne room” in English. 声(こえ): voice. したような: I'm having a hard time with this one. From Wikipedia: “Na or naa at the end of a sentence is a variant of ne, implying more reflection.” I'll roll with it. That leaves したよう as the verb of the sentence. However, I can't find this thing anywhere. Machine translation gives me “as if” and “like” depending on how much of the sentence I give it. “From the throne room, like voices...”


First of all: no kanji here! In searching, I find that this is a somewhat common sentence, sometimes written as “誰かいる” – which would mean “is somebody there”? The の ending here is another part of feminine speech. Apparently の in this case can be used with falling intonation for a statement, or rising intonation for a question. I'm guessing that もにか would say this with rising intonation here. Anyway: 誰(だれ): the pronoun “who”. いる: a form of “to be”.

That takes us to the end of the first scene! Next time, we'll listen in on the voices from the throne room, and probably actually meet our 主人公 soon after!

Author: @WolfeReader@freeradical.zone

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