Choose your Character

Words/kanji covered: 主人公: protagonist 選: choice 性別: gender 男: male 女: female 歳: age

Today I'll get to choose a character – and if time permits, I'll get to set their class and preferred weapon type.

There are eight characters to choose from as your main character – four men and four women. I'm familiar with this screen from the English versions of the game, so let's see how it looks in 日本語:

Character select screen showing four playable woman characters

I'm guessing that some of these words will be useful, so let's start translating!

First sentence: 主人公選んでください

主人公(しゅじんこう): This translates as protagonist, or main character. The three kanjis seem to mean, respectively: main/lord, person, public/official. 選んで(えらんで): According to, this is the “connective form” of the verb 選ぶ(えらぶ), which means “to choose”. The kanji 選 means “choice”. ください: I learned this one earlier from Wanikani! It means “please give me.” I'm surprised they didn't go with 下さい, which is how WaniKani taught this phrase.

All told, it makes sense to read this sentence as “please choose the main character.”

Next, we have 性別(せいべつ): this means gender. 性 by itself seems to also mean gender or sex, and 別 means difference.

For our choice of genders, we have 男(おとこ, male) and 女(おんな, female).

Each character is then listed with her 歳(とし, age), and a very short description. I'll translate the descriptions when I have time later today.


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