A brief chat with the 大臣, part 1 of 2

Words/kanji learned: 殿: Mr. (polite language) 御用: your business, your need, official business でしょうか: worried and polite question ending どうしておられる: how are you? ーかな: particle indicating uncertainty 今日: today. お疲れ: tiredness/fatigue, or thanks 御: honorable prefix 様子: state of affairs たった今: just now, a moment ago お休み: sleep/rest/holiday なる: to become / to result in

After depositing our 装備 (and I remembered that word, yo), it's time for カタリナ to step outside and explore the castle! ...almost.

As soon as we leave the room, the 大臣 approaches us. We talk:

Katarina and the chancellor talking in the palace halls

カタリナ: 「これは大臣殿、 何か御用でしょうか?」 大臣: 「モニカ様は どうしておられる かな?」 カタリナ: 「今日はお疲れの御様子 たった今お休みに なられました。」

これは大臣殿、何か御用でしょうか? 殿(どの): Mr., in polite language. 御用(ごよう): your business, your need, official business でしょうか: a very informative answer on Stack Exchange helped me here. So this could be a worried and polite question, or it could be a more assertive/rude rhetorical question. Since I think カタリナ was somewhat surprised to see 大臣, the first interpretation is the one I'm going with. Here, Mr. Minister, what is your need?

モニカ様はどうしておられるかな? どうしておられる: how are you? Jisho was little help here – seems like this is a phrase, and I'm not sure how common it is. ーかな: particle indicating uncertainty How is Monica, I wonder?

今日はお疲れの御様子たった今お休みになられました。 今日(きょう): today. Unusual reading for these 漢字, you just have to memorize them. And this is such a common word, you'll want to. お疲れ(おつかれ): tiredness/fatigue. Can also be used as an expression of thanks, but it's not used that way here. 御(ご): honorable prefix. My keyboard couldn't find 御 by itself but when I combined it with the term below and typed ごようす, there it was! 様子(ようす): state of affairs. たった今(たったいま): just now, a moment ago. お休み(おやすみ): sleep/rest/holiday. The お prefix may be optional? WaniKani taught me this word as just 休み, after all. なられました: polite and past tense form of なる, to become / to result in. Today, in the state of being tired just now, [Monica] has become asleep.

大臣殿 will have a bit more to say next time, and then we'll explore the palace and engage in some NPC dialogue!

Author: @WolfeReader@freeradical.zone

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