A brief chat with 大臣殿, part 2 of 2

Words/kanji learned: そうか: really, I see. 明日: tomorrow. ーまで: until, up to. ゆっくり: well, comfortably. なる: to become. よろしい: good, very well.

This is a shorter entry, just two lines of dialogue from the 大臣, then we're back to exploring.

大臣: 「そうか、そうか。 明日までゆっくり お体みになるのが よろしかろう。」

Not a lot of 漢字 this time around!

そうか、そうか。 そうか: really, I see. I see, I see.

明日までゆっくりお体みになるのがよろしかろう。 明日(あした): tomorrow. Like 今日 from the last entry, the reading is unique but also worth learning. ーまで: until, up to. ゆっくり: well, comfortably. Has other meanings too – but in the context of rest, it's the “well” in “sleep well”. なる: to become. Nominalized here with the の ending. よろしい: good, very well. Conjugated somehow. Until tomorrow, to become well rested, would be good.

Why is that, Mr. Minister? What's going on tomorrow, eh? He thinks he's got a surprise for us, but we'll be ready! Next time, we explore the palace and do one more small piece of preparation.

Author: @WolfeReader@freeradical.zone

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