Leaving the Zuckerverse for the Fediverse (and other platforms) for good

Last Christmas I had a spoken conversation with my brother about a topic, and suddenly I had relevant ads in my Facebook app. This was probably the last straw for me to decide whether I should leave the Zuckerverse, or not.

Obviously, there have been other huge red flags throughout the years, like Cambridge Analytica, Zucc's not too reassuring hearings by American and European officials, and the fact that the Zuckerverse is so deeply integrated into the web by now, that it would appear living without it is futile, suggests antisocial behavior, and a general apathy towards the world we live in. As if not being part of it meant you're not part of the world.

But hey, online social life does happen on a plethora of other platforms, the Fediverse has all kinds of services tailored for all kinds of needs and desires. It's not just the Zuckerverse it can replace, but also the Googleverse, and Twitter as well. And there are other platforms you can choose from.

You can vent your shower thoughts on Mastodon and/or Pleroma. You can post your picture perfect shots on Pixelfed. You can build your friends' and family network on Friendica. You can post your vlogs on Peertube. You can write longer notes, blog posts on Write Freely. There is a service for every need. All these run on their on platforms, on several instances, and you can choose which one you want to register with. You can register with all, and follow yourself back and forth, so you can repost on your other platforms as needed, because they are federated, interconnected, get along with each other.

Yes, the Fediverse is indeed a playground of questionable content, but instances designed for the general public will block and filter that kind of content from the public streams. You can usually still follow them, if that's your thing, but reposting might be restricted, or banned.

For other social interactions there is also Reddit, and for p2p or group chats there is Telegram and/or Discord and/or Riot.

The choice is yours, if you want to take the step away from the Zuckerverse (and optionally, the Googleverse).

Happy Federating!