So anyway, I've been playing solitaire in real, on and off.

If I have some free time to actually game on the job, it'd either be my Arduboy with the whopping three games I've uploaded on it (the collection's called Atomic Puzzle Pack, if you're curious), or my deck of cards I bought at a Flying Tiger store. Both are highly pocketable, but I'm certain our boss will not like me as much as staring into this thing.

Though from the two times she came closer to my table, I don't think she minds me playing cards that much.

After trying to do a few rounds of Klondike, I understood there is one quality-of-life improvement the computerised card games usually have: they draw cards so that the player could actually win the game (with some luck, of course). The IRL Patience isn't always like that: you don't know where the cards are and the possibility of painting yourself into a corner rises by, like, a tenfold, especially when it turns out the ace you've been looking for this whole fucking time was actually at the tail end of the long pile of cards.

Speaking of which, kings are assholes and also why I can't get always rid of the damn pile.

At least real life lets you cheat and not feel too guilty about it. After all, placing all of the cards takes a hot minute, so yo, why let that go to waste? Just flip everything and keep looking into the stock a million times! Really, if you're on your lonesome, who cares.

...oh yeah, and I've been trying to practice this funky way of shuffling the deck. You know, the one where you take both halves of it and just slowly flip the cards one over another. It's kinda difficult to do when what I've got is only 40% smaller than the normal deck, especially when I need to throw both piles into one and there's a few cards that just bumped into each other and can't be pushed further.

TIL cards can bump into each other and not be pushed further.