Installing Python 3.10 on openSUSE Leap 15.3

Download and unarchive

Download Python-3.10.0.tar.xz; tar xJvf Python-3.10.0.tar.xz; cd Python-3.10.0


I got this error message by running ./configure

./configure: line 10530: PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG: command not found

So I ran this:

docker run --rm --pull=always -v $(pwd):/src

Still configure cannot find g++, so I added CXX=c++ in front of configure.

So this was how I used configure:

CXX=c++ ./configure --enable-optimizations --prefix=/opt 2> elog > log


This step has no problem.

make -j8
sudo make install

Running python

pip3.10 and python3.10 cannot run since it can't find readline.

So I ran this.

ln -s /opt/lib64/python3.10/lib-dynload /opt/lib/python3.10/lib-dynload

Then python3.10 works now.

P.S. Thank every one who provide answers on issue trackers and forums. I should have kept URLs to those. Sorry that I didn't.