Download a list of PDFs with Firefox

I failed to download a list of PDFs by Wget, cURL, and Slimerjs. So I used Firefox and shell script.

First, I disable Pdfjs to force Firefox to download PDFs.

I wrote a shell script for opening a URL with PDF file, and then I use xdotool to close the Firefox window. For xdotool command, thank Jon G – Megaphone Tech for his comment at Unix Exchange.


for url in `sort -u eng_pdf_urls.txt | grep -i pdf`
    echo $url
    firefox -P exp1 "$url" &
    sleep 10
    echo CLOSE
    xdotool search "Mozilla Firefox" windowactivate --sync key --window 0 --clearmodifiers alt+F4
    sleep 10

I didn't use headless because I don't know how to close it properly. I tried timeout command but Firefox detected it as an improper shutdown.