A queer woman from South Asia speaks.

I remember the gush of anxiety every time a teacher at the start of school year would utter these words: “Let's go around the class and introduce ourselves.”

I struggle to define myself for me. In school, I made up answers.

What about now? Who am I?

Am I defined by the labels I choose for myself – a queer trans woman? Maybe even where I come from – south Asia?

Am I defined by the education or beliefs I have – an atheist with a degree in business? Or is it my career or my hobbies outside of work – writing code, exploring music, reading the news, and shopping?

Is it my feelings — feelings of unfairness, of deprivation, but also in the same vacuum my desire to accept myself more as I grow up? Feelings of wanting a more just world? The lust to travel and experience new things, hold on to that feeling of the-first-time-I-felt-this and eat good food?

Yes – I do have all of these in my life. Maybe you share some of this with me!

I guess... all I am, is normal. I like this definition, even if just for a fleeting moment.

For the first time in my journey, I hope to write to an audience that doesn't normally interact with trans people. To let you know what I have been through, go through, and how you — as a person with greater privilege than me — sometimes shape my life and my choices.