New Year's Tarot Reading

“How do I achieve my goals this year?”

  1. VII of Pentacles – Signifier
    • Lord of Success Unfulfilled
    • Disappointment
    • Great deal of work for very little reward
  2. Strength – Answer
    • Control over one's instincts
    • Fire becomes light
    • Solar Power, Red Lion of Alchemy
    • Control over the Id
  3. Justice – Foil/Obstacle
    • Adjustments needed to be put on the right path
    • Make a decision, or it be made for you
    • Faithful Intelligence
    • Karma, Reciprocities
  4. The Lovers – Thoughts
    • Union of opposites
    • Analysis and Synthesis
  5. VII of Cups – Feelings
    • Illusionary success
    • Promises unfulfilled
    • Deception in the face of victory
  6. The Sun – Recent Past
    • Collecting Intelligence
    • Temporary, but ultimately refreshing, Rest
    • Highest form of human intelligence
    • Transformation of Lead to Gold
  7. X of Cups – Near Future
    • Lord of Perfected Success
    • Permanent and Lasting Success
    • Matters settled as wished
    • Happiness inspired from above
  8. II of Pentacles – What You Must Do
    • Lord of Harmonious Change
    • Patterns of alternating energy
    • Organizing dynamic forces
  9. King of Swords – What to Avoid
    • Violent and Aggressively Cutting Power
    • Unstable and can turn from one direction to another
  10. Knight of Pentacles – Advice
    • The aspect of Earth become Intelligible
    • Understanding of Material Conditions

Based on the results of the cards, I am currently in a state of disappointment at my progress, which is perhaps why I asked the question. So in order to achieve my goals this year, I must be passionate and harness all of my talents and skills towards my goals and purpose. I have the strength for it, I just need the discipline to achieve it. In my way right now, preventing me from my goals are the repercussions of my own actions, and things I need to improve on myself before I am able to proceed. I have been thinking about my shortcomings and my achievements for some time now and how to use them to achieve my goals, but still feel as if I've slacked for too long in the face of the opportunities and changes I've been presented and made.

In the recent past, I have had the opportunity to rest, recuperate, as well as bloom and grow intellectually, beyond what I have been in the past. The cards say that I have Permanent and Lasting successes in store for me in the near future, and I am keeping my fingers fucking crossed hoping that is true. Says here I need to go and learn how to make change harmonious, and learn to organize dynamic forces, and avoid out-and-out aggression and lack-of-commitment. And that I need to keep in mind to learn and understand the material conditions that allow for all this to happen.