Post Ideas

1. Lifestyle

  1. Minimalist Lifestyle? But why?
  2. Health Lifestyle
  3. Green Lifestyle
  4. Workout
  5. Yoga
  6. Day to Day things alternative
  7. Positivity vs Negativity and how to live a positive life!
  8. Less online and more offline
  9. Degadgetify
  10. Books to Read
  11. Power of Music (Lo-Fi, etc...)
  12. Living a Bharatiya Life and adopting practices from Hinduism and others

2. Social

  1. Visits or Donations to Charity
  2. Donation Portal – Daan
  3. Why should we do social service
  4. Karmveer (series on social workers)
  5. Karate and Self-defence
  6. Repair, recycle and reuse
  7. Using & restoring old, used products & environmental benefit
  8. Hindu Traditions and Science or Pseudoscience behind them

3. My Thoughts and current updates


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