Our first visit—You and me, part 1

Dear dreamsweetie,

The time we’ve been planning for all these months is finally going to happen! I can’t wait to see you, love. After so many times chatting back and forth, FaceTiming, and whatnot, we’re going to be in each other’s arms this Friday! I can hardly believe it!

Well, as you can imagine, I’ve had this in mind a whole lot recently. I’ve made all sorts of plans...more than we can possibly complete in our first brief visit, I’m afraid. But I’m going to keep the faith… that we’ll have many more visits!

I have some time before my 1 PM class, so i thought I’d just get to work describing how our first visit might start out. . . Day One! I’m so glad you’re arriving pretty early in the day. I know you’ve never shied away from intimate descriptions of our times together in chats, so I thought I’d get into some detail here. Of course, we don’t have to stick to any of this...but if it gets your imagination going, that’s a good thing, right?

And I’m fairly sure that I know what will happen as soon as we get together by the arrivals gate. I’m gonna make sure you won’t regret your decision to come see me! Girlfriend, that first hug, that first kiss...let’s make them memorable. Ooh, I feel a little tingle in my tongue just thinking about our first smooch!! And...not just in my tongue, either! But first things first.

I think we can skip over the next few bits...like putting your luggage in the back, holding hands as I drive you home (we’ll have the place to ourselves, it’s all worked out!) … Do you think you’ll feel shy? Honestly, I don’t think I will be. We can just snuggle on the couch at first, that seems about right to me. And I will want to start out lying on top of you as we start to make out. Honey, I just can’t wait. This is going to be amazing! I’ve pictured this a thousand times, but I mean, damn...feeling your tongue stud moving on my tongue...feeling your nipples start to get hard against mine (I’m not planning on wearing a bra for this, girl). And you’re going to get some love marks on your neck...at least….

But as I straddle you, what I’m looking forward to first is feeling your hen under me, coming to life...as I respond by grinding hard against your boner. This will be my very first test drive, baby...now that I’m all recovered from bottom surgery. I’m really glad you’re gonna have your hen still for this first time!! A little farewell party for us girls.

Babe, I’m already getting wet just writing this letter to you...here, smell in this circle… a little preview…

And my thoughts race forward a bit. I know your left boob is your favorite, and I’m going to be giving it my full attention, you know I will! As my hand slips down to caress you through your panties...And I’ll lift my skirt up for you to touch me for the first time. You’ll be the first ever, you know. That’s pretty special, if you ask me! Just like you! Babe, touch me… touch my ass. I don’t think I’ll even care about getting to bed with you this first time. Right there on the couch, with the picture window wide open...you’re gonna feel my hand on your hen as I guide you into my brand new pussy. I just won’t be able to wait! You won’t mind, love, will you? ;–)

I wonder how many times we’ll be able to get together at my place, or even yours, before you have your GRS? I don’t know if your family will be there for you at the hospital but I hope I can be there, holding your hand….we can try and figure that out while you’re at my place, over breakfast! Oh god I want to kiss you!!

And later on, well I know you’ve seen some pictures, but I’m going to give you a full guided tour to my new pussy. You’ve gotta eat me out, OK? I know you’ll say yes...if your mouth isn’t too occupied at the time! I love my clitty, you know I’ve always wanted one and this came out so cute!! Pussy, too, of course...doctor Craig is a real artiste! I kind of wish you’d had the chance to sample me before the big change, but it’s really okay. This is more like the real me, anyhow.

Oh, wait, I forgot to mention one really important thing: babe, I’m so in love with you, you know that though! :D

OK so I feel like it’s time for a little sharper focus, I’ve got like 45 minutes before class. I’ve got this great skirt for today, and some brand new tights. And I bet you can’t guess what cute cartoon character is on my T shirt? Obvious, I know, but that’s what I’m gonna wear when I pick you up, too...I’ll send you some pics before class!

So here’s how I see us getting ready for bed. We’re gonna need a nice long sleep after what I’ve got planned, lady! So we’re all showered and clean after dinner and whatever sweat we’ve worked up during the day, and it’s about ten thirty at night. I’ll be wearing my favorite nightie, you know which one! And since I don’t know what you’ll be wearing, I’ll have to make up something for you so I can get into more detail...I know! You can wear that hot burgundy piece of lingerie, I love that!

Well, then. To business! I’ll be on my bed, open to you, and I’ll call you over to get things rolling. I’m sure I’ll have some suitable things to tell you as you come over, you’re so adorable! Anyway, I am sure we’ll want to have some chat and kissing at first, that’s always a good start. Well, as we do that, I’ll grab your ass and pull you tight against me. You know how much I love that booty, girl! And because I’m just so ready, I’m gonna ask you to lie down on your back so I can get a good taste of your big ol’ hen! But first...hickies on your thighs… that’s important. I’ll lick your asshole, too, I’ve been dreaming about that. As I start sucking on your thighs and licking your balls, I’ll going to start fingering you...just one at first, but I bet I’ll be able to get three in there fairly soon. I have a bit of a surprise to share with you once we get past that stage, babe; just let your imagination wander! Now I know it’s possible after all your titty skittles, you won’t be able to penetrate me, but don’t you worry about that. I know how to make you real happy...imagine my tongue sliding up from your balls and slowwwwwly up all the way to that little flap that feels so damn good… watch out, I might give that area a little nip! But I’m not gonna hurt you, sweetie! Just for fun. I’m grabbing your ass and getting you all the way up into my mouth, my throat...that’ll feel nice, won’t it? And I won’t mind a bit if you end up cumming right up in me… I’ll swallow every little drop! And then we’ve gotta kiss, so you can taste yourself… that is, if you want to! Oh, I forgot to mention the moment when I told you to get out of that sexy lingerie! Whoops! :D

So that’s how we can start out. We can try a little bit of everything, babe...and that’s just the first night!

I’ll write you tomorrow, my little coochiepie, and keep the story going! I hope you liked it!

I love you, write me back, baby!

~Your slutty little girl~