On Diaspora Jews having opinions about Israel

If Israelis don't want Diaspora Jews to have opinions on it, Israel should stop calling itself “the Jewish state,” and its leaders should stop arrogating the role of spokesman for the Jewish people.

Of course, they do want Diaspora Jews to have opinions on it. They just want those opinions to be their own. And if they aren't, that's when they start saying, “Who are you to enforce your will upon us?” At which point we would be smart to say, “Who are you to call yourselves the Jewish state?”

We have very serious problems in the Diaspora. We don't like when people like Netanyahu declare Trump to be “a friend of the Jewish people” after Trump incited a mass shooting at one of our synagogues and has repeatedly Jew-baited various opponents of his. As long as people like Bibi do that, we are going to voice our opinions as the people Israel claims to speak for and represent.

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