Jews policing Jewishness in left-wing Jewish spaces

I've gotten way angrier at Jewish leftists over the last week than is probably constructive or helpful, but when I see Ashkenazi Jewish leftists say, for example, that “the Hebrew language is Zionist,” I just have to gag. Like what's the point of this? Yiddish gets a major chunk of its vocabulary from Hebrew and Aramaic; that's why it exists. Yiddish, Hebrew, and Aramaic were and are inseparable parts of the Ashkenazi civilization, which is part of the broader Jewish civilization.

I get a sense of how people come to spout this rubbish. It was genuinely hard when I was rejected by my family, living in DC, on the verge of homelessness and later homeless, feeling utterly vulnerable – but at the same time I finally found a group of people who were saying things that I absolutely did agree with and had been reading about myself and thought it'd be really hard to find anyone in the world who wouldn't think I was crazy for saying them, except they were saying them easily. But then when I say something like, “Hebrew is a Jewish language. I was born with a Hebrew name, as is every other Jew,” they look at me suddenly like I'm crazy, and try to explain to me that Ashkenazi Jews spoke Yiddish, and were German or Russian converts, etc.. And then another one says, “You know, I don't really see you as Jewish, you're one of the good ones,” etc.

I can't say I ever came to agree with them on these things, but I also put up with a lot more of it than I really should have, and I think a lot of Jews just come to ape it because it's either this crowd or that crowd. It is extremely draining to repeatedly have to assert that yes, I am Jewish and it is not OK to compliment me for not being like those other Jews, for not interrupting other people when they talk the way those bad Jews always do. I take no joy in the degree to which I have lost Jewish mannerisms because of goyish violence. It is not a virtue of mine. Cooperative overlap is not inherently worse than the WASPy manner of speaking that is demanded in polite American society.

This is part of why I was excited about the rise in interest in the Jewish left – “oh finally, I don't have to put up with this antisemitic bullshit anymore!” But it just gets brought into a lot of leftist Jewish spaces from outside. Jews policing each other, as always.

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