Hitler destroyed a whole world

I wonder how many people really understand that what Hitler (yemach shemoy) destroyed was a whole world, a whole civilization, one that is now literally gone, with only pockets of continued existence. There are descendants of it, and some even practice some form of Judaism, but the Jewish world of Europe is gone, and there is very little in the form of a Jewish world nowadays.

There is a “Jewish state” which defines itself by being the exact opposite of that world, there are Jewish communities and Jewish families that get together to be Jewish for a bit, and pockets of Orthodox Judaism that manage to successfully maintain a Jewish life that reflects something derived from the Jewish life that existed before. But in the past, even secular Jews spoke a Jewish language and lived in a Jewish world. Today secular Jews inhabit a mostly-goyish existence, where success is defined by how goyish you are: the more goyish, the more likelihood of success.

And it wasn't just Hitler (yemach shemoy) who destroyed that Jewish world either. The Soviets played a huge role, as did the Zionists, even if the Zionists might have had idealistic motives for it: stop being victims, speak the true Jewish language, etc.. For traditional Jews, there was no greater honor than being killed for your beliefs, and in the end, this did make the Holocaust a lot easier, even though it's still 100% Hitler's fault (yemach shemoy), and even though many Jews did fight back.

What exists today reflects only a reaction to the tragic loss of what was and can never exist again. Everything changes, but this is something much different, much sadder: a civilization that never got a chance to change in any natural way, because the overwhelming majority of it was snuffed out.