Cancelled my Jewish Currents subscription

I learned my Jewish Currents subscription was going to be auto-renewed, so I called them and cancelled it. I really don't think they've risen to the occasion in addressing the violence against frum Jews or against Jews in general, and their responses have, if anything, fueled antisemitism and enabled the attackers.

While on one hand I'm glad they printed these thoughtful letters addressing the harm done by their response to last year's attacks, on the other, I don't think they've really modified their behavior in response, or taken a second look at the narratives they had been advancing, or at the people advancing them. I think that when it comes to caring about Jews beyond whatever advances the very narrow narrative they are concerned about, they fail as much as any other Jewish publication, if not more. And I'm not happy to have to acknowledge this at all.

Couple this with their history as a Stalin apologist magazine, a picture starts to form. They will acknowledge that much of the Jewish community hated them in the past for being Stalin apologists, and even address that this might've been a shitty thing they did in the past. But they don't learn from it. They don't want to.