reactionaries, radicals, capitalism, communism, and mutual aid by David Graeber

“they are referred to as “reactionaries.” right-wing intellectuals are mainly there to react to ideas put forward by the Left.

“the role of a radical scholar is to “... reconstruct stone by stone the institutions which used to unite [people].”

“even capitalism is ultimately founded on communism (“mutual aid”), even if it’s a communism it does not acknowledge; how communism is not an abstract, distant ideal, impossible to maintain, but a lived practical reality we all engage in daily, to different degrees, and that even factories could not operate without it — even if much of it operates on the sly, between the cracks, or shifts, or informally, or in what’s not said, or entirely subversively. It’s become fashionable lately to say that capitalism has entered a new phase in which it has become parasitical of forms of creative cooperation, largely on the internet. This is nonsense. It has always been so.

“Instead of examining how the relations of hierarchy and exploitation are reproduced, refused, and entangled with relations of mutual aid, how relations of care become continuous with relations of violence, but nonetheless hold together systems of violence so that they don’t entirely fall apart, both traditional Marxism and contemporary social theory have stubbornly dismissed pretty much anything suggestive of generosity, cooperation, or altruism as some kind of bourgeois illusion. Conflict and egoistic calculation proved to be more interesting than “union.”

“Those involved in collective projects of sociology of freedom and jineoloji* have indeed begun to “reconstruct stone by stone the institutions which used to unite” people and struggles. mutual aid is invoked in migrant solidarity mobilizations in Greece....

“that old “despiser of law and private property” ... changed the face of science in ways that continue to affect us today. Kropotkin’s rejection of both capitalism and bureaucratic socialism, his predictions of where the latter might lead, have been vindicated time and time again. The only viable alternative to capitalist barbarism is stateless socialism.... To create a new world, we can only start by rediscovering what is and his always been right before our eyes.” thanks to

* “Jineology, the science of women, or women's science, is a form of feminism, of gender equality, advocated by Abdullah Öcalan, the representative leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the broader Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) umbrella.” ( Sep 7, 2020)