NYPD abuse

continued from https://todon.nl/@kete/104723195894267992

“In many of these cases, the city admits no wrongdoing on the part of the police....” In NYC, a lot of the offensive police are “the same cops repeating the same offenses — and no one’s doing anything about it.”

“There is an incentive to [make more] arrests.... the most “active” officers are also the most rewarded. “They’re getting raises basically based on the amount of arrests they make, regardless of whether they are ‘good arrests’.... These officers have so little supervision, no oversight, no accountability.... They do whatever they want.””

Also, “there is a culture of covering up for bad behavior. “If it’s known that a particular officer at a precinct has five lawsuits pending, they’re not going to stage an intervention. they’re going to ... assign his next bad arrest to a different officer”....”

“ProPublica ... recently published a cache of city-dwellers’ complaints to the Civilian Complaint Review Board.... The accounts of abuse by officers echo many found in lawsuits against the city.”