A Philadelphia anarchist periodical

Ideas for how to prepare for the next uprising: like the mutual aid organizing of the spring, meet your neighbors and find your allies or accomplices. https://anathema.noblogs.org/post/2020/08/25/volume-6-issue-6/ Source food. It doesn't mention dumpster-diving.

The publication, Anathema, tells stories of people arrested this summer, how to contact some of them, and the lessons learned to avoid the same detection.

It mentions the Canadian ecologist who writes about how he and other scientists believe global warming will wipe out 90% of humans by the end of the century. https://thetyee.ca/Analysis/2019/09/18/Climate-Crisis-Wipe-Out/ my notes – https://todon.nl/@kete/104751375099840289

I can't select text in Anathema.

“other models for sustainable lifeways already exist and are highly functional without necessitating cities, agriculture, or central organization.” (5) “Indigenous peoples currently protect 80 percent of the world's biodiversity....” (5)

Anathema has an article about DIY defunding like burning cop cars. If police only solve 2% of crimes, then their service to most people is truly an illusion that keeps most people pacified.

I'm glad Anathema discusses “the destruction of schooling.”

There's important coverage of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) and its ANSWER Coalition who are not just a nuisance in Philly but wouldn't kick out alt-right fascists at their “anti-war protest in Denver”: peace-policing, “constant photographing”, etc. “we shouldn't wait for the next publicized uprising.... take advantage of the opportunities for attack....” Anathema explains why Philly needs anti-racist activists to make a comeback, and it reviews occupying and gives some advice.