Qua info


Happy new year everyone! We're updating qua.name for the first time this year following the upstream 0.7 release. The official release announcement is here

I've updated the instance to revision 1ff0d7b which is release 0.7 of writefreely.

Many changes are in the admin realm which are irrelevant for our users; see the writefreely blog posting mentioned above for the details.

Relevant user visible changes for Qua:

  • [FIX] not actually visible for users, but relevant. Due to an oversight on our side, creation timestamps for some users were not inserted properly (see issue 60 for details). For the affected users, we have set the creation timestamp equal to their first blog post.
  • [NEW] Use an en dash in the title of posts that are written in German, instead of em dash (#1)
  • [NEW] Blog names starting with a number now have an ActivityPub avatar

Most of the other changes in the 0.7 release are not very relevant for our users.