Fedora setup: settings

After a fresh install of Fedora workstation I always run through the Gnome settings and change only a couple of things as customization.

In the About screen I change the hostname / device name (default: 'fedora'), in Backgrounds I cange the wallpaper to one of the included nature photos and in Displays I turn on the Night Light feature.

I used to also add and change some Keyboard Shortcuts (like adding Ctrl+Alt+T or Super-key+T for terminal), but I sort of got used to only using the shortcuts that were already set and I have grown accustomed to using a different way for launching applications (see previous post).

Every once a while I'll change something through Settings when needed, but I don't do any customization outside it, like with gnome-tweaks or via the terminal. Basically I just Gnome as vanilla as intended and only add or change stuff when it's absolutely needed.