Fedora setup: application launcher

One thing I really like about Fedora workstation as a distribution that it contains the essentials to start using it right away as a desktop OS. It has all the basic utilities you need (like a file manager and a photo viewer) complemented with some software that you're likely going to use (browser, office suite, audio player).

The first thing I change after a fresh install is changing the dock/application launcher in the Gnome desktop environment. With the pre-installed applications I change it to this with a specific order:

  1. browser
  2. calendar/email
  3. audio/video
  4. photo
  5. files
  6. software
  7. terminal
  8. editor

The reason I do this is that I can launch these applications with a keyboard combination of super-key + number. As I use Windows 10 daily for work I use the same order on the Windows taskbar and launch applications with the same keyboard shortcut (windows-key + number). The difference being the actual specific application I use on either computer (for instance nr. 5: Gnome files on Fedora and Explorer on Windows).

With the basic setup this will result in a dock with these applications:

  1. Firefox
  2. Gnome Calendar
  3. Rhythmbox
  4. Gnome Photos
  5. Gnome Files
  6. Gnome Software Center
  7. Gnome Terminal
  8. Gedit

For all other applications that aren't in the dock I'll just use super-key, type the first 2 or 3 letters of the application and hit enter. Visually it will use the Gnome applications view with search and results.

By the way: any desktop OS that doesn't have this application menu launch + search functionality as default with this keyboard shortcut, is broken by design in my opinion.